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Harvest Slots Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 4 Easy Hints You Need to Know

Harvest Slots is an Android and iOS game by Netherfire Entertainment, and we’d say this title is a combination of farm simulators and casino gaming. Instead of planting wheat and other crops or purchasing new supplies, you actually play for them, playing the slot machine in hopes of gathering more of these items and fulfilling orders. Through the orders you fulfill, you could earn coins or gems, and you’ll eventually be able to make bread and other goods through machines. The game’s description adds that it lets you “experience the endless possibilities of living off the land,” if that means something.

We admit it can be a bit daunting to play a hybrid game, meaning a game that combines two totally different genres of gaming. However, we’ve come up with some really cool Harvest Slots tips, tricks and cheats that could ease you in if you’re playing it for the first time.

1. Get More Chips, Coins And Gems, Here’s How

Harvest Slots have three different types of currency. Your main currency is chips – you’ll use chips to bet on the slot machine. Coins and gems are your premium currencies, and you will primarily use them for upgrades or buying crops and other items. And now that you know what these currencies are, here’s how you can get more of each.

Gaining more chips is easy – each time you level up, you earn a ton of chips, and if you do well in the slots, you can easily win five times (or more) the number of chips you bet. Leveling up is easy – all you have to do is keep betting in the slots! You can also take advantage of the special bonus (seen on the bottom right of your screen) to get more chips – think of this as a “getting to know you” limited-time reward for new players. You earn more gold by completing orders, as well as completing daily tasks. Lastly, you earn gems mainly by leveling up or completing the daily tasks.

2. Complete The Daily Tasks

Daily tasks are sort of like this game’s equivalent of quests – the first one will have you do something different for each day in the week so that you can get a cute little dog to help you with your farming. With each day that passes in the week, the rewards get better, so make sure you follow through on these tasks and see them through the end, otherwise you’ll have to start at square one.

3. Upgrade Your Storage If It’s Almost Full

Orders start out simple and small, but as they grow bigger, you may find yourself needing some storage space in your farm. If you notice your storage bin is almost full, then it’s high time you upgrade it; any surplus goods can be sold at the store (located to the left of the slot machine lobby), but if you’re just starting out, you might not get a lot of coins in return for selling your excess goods.

4. Connect Your Game To Facebook

Even if you don’t like the idea of playing Harvest Slots with friends, there is a benefit to connecting your game to Facebook. It simply allows you to save your progress, which could come in really handy in case you have to delete the game or change devices.