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Push & Pop Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Improve Your High Score

Push & Pop is Rocky Hong’s take on the block arcade puzzle genre. This new mobile game showcases simple, yet thoughtfully put together stages filled with glowing neon lights and contrasting shadows. It also has a highly addicting synth wave music that will help keep you immersed in the game. The mechanics are simple. Your character is made up of two blocks and you need to make it push the other blocks on the board until they form a straight line. Once you create a full line of blocks, they will disappear, leaving you with more score blocks. A new block will appear every time you move so if you don’t clear out those blocks in time, you will soon be trapped and it will be game over. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Push & Pop tips and tricks for some help on getting high scores!

1. No Need To Rush

Push & Pop gives you very limited space to begin with so it wouldn’t be wise to just randomly push blocks around in hopes of clearing them somehow. What the game does give you is unlimited time to consider your next move. So, instead of wishing for luck, analyze the board carefully and see which next move will be the best. Always have a purpose for each move while still anticipating where the new blocks may pop up.

2. Pick Up Blue Blocks

After clearing out a line of blocks, you will notice small blue blocks will appear in their place. Pick up those blue blocks because they are the actual score blocks. You do not actually get points for clearing the big blocks. They are just obstacles that need to be cleared in order for you to pick up score blocks. Be careful when a glowing block appears. You will need to clear its line first in order to release it, and then you will have to bump into it to claim it. It will clear out the two lines intersecting it which is great for clearing the board but it can be bad for any lines you may have been trying to set up.

3. Prioritize Corners

Keep in mind that you need to fill an entire line before you can make the blocks disappear. That means you will need to fill in the corners eventually. The problem with filling it later is when you have too many blocks on your screen, it will often be difficult to maneuver into the corners. You will end up getting trapped just trying to reach it if you wait too long to fill it in.

4. Know When To Revive

The game gives you the option to revive by watching an advertisement. Before you get excited and accept the offer, keep in mind that there are only a limited number of revives available per day. If you didn’t really do well during your game before it ended, it would be best if you just started over instead. Use the revive option only when you have gotten a good score and would like to continue your streak. Of course, if the day is almost over, you are free to use up all the revives you want since it will reset the following day.

5. Pick A Good Board

The board you start with is randomly generated every time you play. The good thing about this is that you can actually just quit if you don’t like your starting board. If you are aiming for the top score, it is best if you pick a board that already has a good layout. Just keeping closing the game and starting a new one until you get a layout that is perfect for you.

Clearing out blocks in a limited space can be very challenging but with the help of our Push & Pop tips and tricks, reaching high scores will be a breeze!