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Food Truck Chef Guide: 5 Tips, Cheats & Hints to Build Your Food Truck Empire

Food Truck Chef is an immersive cooking game from Nukebox, that lets you prepare dishes from all meridians. No matter what’s your favorite food, you will be able to prepare it, sooner or later. The game puts you in the boots of a food truck chef, instead of being a chef at some fancy restaurant, and we think this is better since you will be able to see lots of different places and move through interesting and different environments.

As with other similar games, the goal of Food Truck Chef is to serve all your customers in a timely manner while making perfect orders and while preventing your food goes wasted. You must be quick and accurate while taking orders because one mistake could ruin you completely. As you progress through levels and unlock new worlds, the game becomes tougher and tougher so you must take care of your resources because every time you unlock a new world you have to improve your kitchen appliances to keep earning enough money and keep being successful.

But, there’s a way to stay efficient while having enough diamonds to improve appliances and unlock new worlds, all you have to do is keep serving those orders, keep your focus high, and spend diamonds only when it is needed. We played Food Truck Chef and discovered many ways to save up on diamonds and earn lots of gold. Stay with us and find out what to do in order to keep your resources high and your customers happy, it is possible.

1. Do Not Improve Everything

When it comes to upgrading kitchen appliances, you must be very careful on what you spend your money at. As long as you can keep up with customers’ orders and have enough time to prepare all dishes, there’s no need for an upgrade. Only when you discover that you can’t keep up with orders, it is time to think about upgrading.

And once you decide to improve an appliance make sure it will actually make your life easier. For instance, you want more slots on the BBQ grill because you just can’t keep up with orders after a few levels. But, do not upgrade the grill to its fullest right away. Just unlock an additional steak slot and see will that be enough to improve your order time. Basically, unlocking additional slots on different appliances (like more space in your bread oven, or more cups on your beverage machine) is the right way to play the game, but do that only when you notice that customers’ demands cannot be fulfilled on time.

So, instead just improving everything, think about it before you decide to spend money on an upgrade, especially if the upgrade asks for diamonds on top of coins. It is imperative to spend diamonds just on necessary upgrades because they are hard to earn (you get a couple when leveling up, and that’s it) and if you don’t plan on spending real money on them, save up as many as you can. As for beverages, it is enough to have two slots unlocked. You will be able to fulfill all orders, and they will refill pretty fast.

Also, never, ever buy upgrades that automatize food preparation because they might shave off lots of time needed for cooking but they are just too expensive because they cost lots of diamonds. If you buy one, you can count that you won’t have enough diamonds for future appliance upgrades. We bought an automated sauce machine for pasta and regretted about five minutes after. Yes, it makes the game much, much easier but it is just too expensive unless you are ready to pay real money for buying diamonds.

Next, do not upgrade exterior objects (like tables, speakers, and such) unless you notice that, even if you serve orders on time and always receive tips, you just can’t earn three-star ratings. In this case, upgrade objects that give you higher tips, and improve tip time.

Next, in order to unlock additional slots of some appliances, you will have to buy previous upgrades, but that’s okay since those usually give you higher food prices so that you will earn more. And last but not least, it is possible to finish all levels in one world without upgrading all appliances to the fullest. If you can keep the customer demands and can serve orders on time, there’s no need for an upgrade. We managed to beat all levels on the first two worlds without unlocking all pans and plates on the pasta street, and without unlocking all three slots on our grill on the BBQ street. Yes, you will have to be fast and focused, but it is better to be fast and to try harder than just to spend all of your diamonds on upgrades.

2. Always Have Something Cooking

No matter if there are no customers, or if you manage to deliver all orders on time, always have something cooking. This way you will always have food and will deliver orders faster. Just make sure that all your appliances are working all the time. Cook sauces, grill some meat, bake pizzas or bread.

This is an excellent tactic for levels when you are just swarmed with orders. Instead of waiting for a dish to be ready you will have the dish even before someone orders it. Also, be careful not to burn food, because if you do a few coins will be lost every time something gets turned into charcoal.

And always have some food prepared in advance, just waiting to be served. This is excellent because you can serve a steak, pizza, or bread and after just a couple of seconds you will have a new one prepared and ready to be served. This makes levels easier, tips higher, and faster order deliveries.

3. Do Not Spend Your Hard Earned Money On Cruise Royale

Food Truck Chef features a slot machine that can eat all of your savings in a minute. Use only free spins, and do not spend coins on it. We tested in and found out that, after you get a huge prize the first time you spin it, prizes are very rare to get and they are quite cheap. Getting diamonds is next to impossible (we spent like 10,000 coins on spins and never, ever got a single diamond) so it is better just to skip Cruise Royale.

4. It Is Best To Clear All Levels On A World Before Unlocking The Next One

Each world features 40 levels, and if you just start playing it and shortly after you unlock the next one (as soon as it becomes available), you will soon be left without any coins and diamonds. Instead, play the current world and beat all of its levels before moving on to the next one.

You see, you’ll need to upgrade your kitchen appliances for each new world so if you just start playing all of them you won’t have enough money for buying upgrades. Also, you will earn less money because your kitchen won’t be able to deliver dishes as fast as customers want them. And, in the end, you will get broke and will be forced to either start from scratch or start buying coins and diamonds for real money.

But if you play one world at a time, there will be plenty of money and diamonds once you beat level 40 (that is, if you listened to us and made just necessary upgrades) to upgrade all necessary appliances and external objects in the new world.

And this is important, to have lots of diamonds and money before entering a new Food Truck Chef adventure because each new world has higher upgrade prices, so it is better to save up money than to just pay for it to unlock and start playing it. If you do that, you won’t earn enough money for upgrades, you will have to buy upgrades for two food trucks instead of just one, and you won’t be able to beat tougher levels.

So, play just one world, beat all levels, and then unlock a new one and start playing it. You will have plenty of money for upgrades, so you won’t have to replay levels in order to improve kitchen appliances.

5. Watch Ads And Get More Coins

But only if you earned lots of money on a level. Do not do this early on because your prize will be pretty humble. For instance, you get thirty percent more coins for watching ads. If you earn 300 coins, that’s less than 100 additional gold, and that’s just too low. Watch ads once you start making 500+ gold per level, which is valuable enough to watch those 30-seconds video ads.

Ok, folks, that’s all. We hope you enjoyed our Food Truck Chef guide and we hope it contained enough of helpful tips and advice. We had enjoyable times with the game, but only when we realized that we shouldn’t upgrade everything and that we shouldn’t unlock new worlds before completing all levels on the current one. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!


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