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Punchy League Tips & Cheats: 4 Awesome Tricks You Need to Know

Pygmy Tyrant’s iOS title Punchy League offers an interesting twist on fighting games. According to the developers, this is what happens when a T-Rex, a Pyromaniac, and a Unicorn team up to form a fighting league of their own. Single-player mode is endless, and you know how popular these games are nowadays, while you can also play in two-player mode against your friends or other players from around the world. The game boasts of 40 different characters with various difficulties, sound effects, and backgrounds, epic boss battles, and about 70 in-game objectives.

Think about the quirkiness of this game – you can have a T-Rex fight a unicorn or two characters of different fighting styles fight each other. Not often do you see a fighting game of this kind in the endless/casual genre. However, the developers also warn that this title is easy to learn, but hard to master, so here are some Punchy League tips, tricks and cheats that could allow you to fight longer than usual.

1. Beware Of The Obstacles

As one final reminder, Punchy League isn’t as simple as two characters fighting it out in the ring. Each opponent has their own unique movements, and they also have some obstacles they can use against you. These would turn red when they are poised to attack. An example would be the spikes on the land mine, which is signaled by a red light as they appear, but signaled by a green light when they retract.

2. Earn More Coins By Punching As Many Obstacles As Possible

While using the same punch, try to take out as many obstacles as possible. This combo mechanic is the best way for you to earn more coins while you play. But once again, you should keep your eye out for those obstacles, and vary your punches if needed in order to keep you alive. It sometimes pays to work with shorter punches for greater accuracy. Longer punches, unfortunately, can pose a bit of a challenge due to their lack of accuracy despite being traditionally stronger.

3. How To Use The Computer AI’s Signature Punch

Challengers will usually launch a light, yet effective punch that starts hitting you with the same hand after it moves forward. You too can do it on your end by quickly tapping left, right, left, right while you’ve got one arm extended. This allows you to hit your opponent while finding the right position, and also sets up a long, strong punch that could knock them out.

4. Know The Characters

There are 40 characters in Punchy League, and each has their own difficulties, as well as special abilities and in-story enemies. These are rated Easy, Medium, Hard, or Insane. They also have different career progressions, if you can call them that. For example, you can select the Quarterback, which is rated as Medium; once you select him, the game will have you fighting off the missiles launched by the tank when you first start the game.