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Land Sliders Cheats & Hints: 4 Tips You Never Heard Before

We’ve already given you an in-depth look at Land Sliders, which is Prettygreat’s quirky answer to Crossy Road, right down to the rhetorical questions in the game description. Just as a refresher, you’d want to ignore those questions of whether you’re hungry for burgers, wanting to use a UFO to pick up cows, or whether the Tooth Fairy exists. This is a casual title where you can grab as much “Swag” as possible with any number of characters, including such weird choices like a toilet. Yes, that’s right, you can play as a toilet, among other unusual characters, and we told you in our first Land Sliders strategy guide how you can get more Swag. Still, those tips mainly focused on the general side of things.

We’ll still be keeping things on the general side, but since you may need more Land Sliders tips and hints, we’ve got them for you right after the jump.

1. Hold Your Thumb Down For Slower Movements

Sometimes you will need to slow it down a bit, even if Land Sliders mainly focuses on sliding. Hold your thumb down on your phone or tablet’s display and use it as a joystick of sorts, allowing for deliberate and precise movements. This is a great way to get around spikes or narrower passages without getting hurt.

2. How To Change Direction In Mid-Air

Another evasive maneuver you may want to master is the process of shifting direction while you’re mid-air. Practice is the key to mastering this move, as are all the others we’ve taught you, and it would be best to try this out in lower, simpler, and safer levels. One way you can practice is by sliding off a cliff and swiping in the opposite direction while your character is in mid-air. You get a few split-seconds of recovery time after you see the exclamation point, so use this time to change direction as you please.

This trick is best used when evading enemies or when crossing bodies of water that may come about as peculiar or hard to traverse.

3. Enemies Do Run Away When You’re Invincible

When you do get invincible in this game, almost all enemies will notice it right away and run towards the opposite direction. This is the case for all enemies except turtles, so prepare yourself for a chase the moment you get the hot sauce bottle. They may be tough to catch and kill, and if they prove to be too elusive, you can try luring them into the water or off a cliff – they’re not that smart, even if they know when to run for their lives.

As a reminder about what hot sauce can protect you from, it can protect you from enemies and spikes, but you’ll still get killed if you hit the water or fall off a cliff.

4. Finish Runs In One Go If You Could

Land Sliders only has a few issues with its gameplay, but the biggest one is a really major issue. Apparently, the game doesn’t stay too long in your iPhone or iPad’s memory, as you may have to start from square one after you leave the game in the middle of your run. This may force you to finish what you started and go through runs in one fell swoop, instead of quitting the game or even locking your phone in the middle of your run.