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Celebrity Street Fight Tips, Cheats & Tricks for Better Fights and More Credits

Ever wondered how some of the most annoying and/or controversial celebrities will perform if they duke it out in a street fight? Kai Network’s Celebrity Street Fight (iOS, Android) allows you to explore these possibilities. Not surprisingly, it’s inspired by MTV’s Celebrity Death Match, though it’s updated for today’s celebrity landscape, with a lineup quite heavy on “social media stars,” but also including the likes of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Jersey Shore’s Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino. The game allows you to ultimately fight for the gold championship belt, and while you’re at it, you’ll be pulling off all sorts of devastating moves and using different types of equipment to get an edge.

If you’re looking to take your social media star or celebrity to the top and have him or her win that big CSF belt, we’ve got a few Celebrity Street Fight tips, tricks and cheats for you to try out.

1. Be Creative With Your Moves

Aside from the standard attacks, there’s a plethora of other moves you can pull off while controlling your celebrity. You can do a power punch or power kick by holding the punch or kick button respectively. Want to try something reminiscent of Street Fighter’s Hadouken move? Do it like you did on Street Fighter – down, forward, punch/kick – and you’ll be launching a combo move that could stun your opponent.

2. Fight Your Enemy Into The Corner, But Don’t Get Backed Into One

In order to launch a flurry of moves, you want your enemy backed into a wall. That makes it easier for you to land a quick succession of moves, especially head shots, which do more damage than body shots do. Conversely, you should also avoid a situation (and we don’t mean the guy from Jersey Shore) where your character is the one with his/her back to the wall. In order to fight yourself out, hit up/forward diagonally so you can leap over your foe. You can even hit a punch or a kick on the way down, preferably aiming at their head.

3. Don’t Use Your Weapons Early On

Weapons are cool, but they’re best used in more difficult rounds, and not the easier ones. Add to your arsenal of weapons by paying for them with credits, but leave them stashed for the latter fights. As these fights can become difficult in a hurry, you want a wide range of weapons to choose from when the going gets rough.

4. How To Get Free Credits

Winning a round will earn you some credits, but you can get them with little effort simply by watching an ad video. You’ll have the option to watch these videos after a round, and after viewing them, you’ll get 5,000 credits free of charge. The “More Credits” button allows you to watch another video for another 5,000. Keep on doing this until there aren’t any ads to show and you’ll be piling up those credits quickly.

5. You Can Also Watch Ad Videos For More Lives

Yes, it is possible to watch ad videos for other things, and that would be to get more lives after you’ve run out. And as a bonus tip, you can get free weapons by contacting your chosen celebrity via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) to get one for free.