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James Bond: World of Espionage Cheats, Tips & Guide to Defeat the Villains

Leave it to Glu to launch another high-profile mobile game based on one of the world’s most popular franchises of all time. The company’s Android and iOS title James Bond: World of Espionage is a multiplayer strategy RPG that allows you to play as Agent 007 himself and take on a number of missions. In this game, you can seduce beautiful allies, drive fantastic cars, and execute foul villains, sending James Bond and other spies to different locations all around the world. Overall, you’re out there to save the world from destruction and build a solid M16 faction with some of the world’s top secret agents.

Talking about the game’s mechanics, there are also some elements of card collecting, while it is quite interesting that Glu decided to focus on RPG elements, as well as time management. As this is quite an in-depth title that may take some time to learn as compared to other games, we hope our list of James Bond: World of Espionage cheats, tips and tricks will help you rise up the ranks early on.

1. Patience Is A Virtue

It can be very frustrating, especially at the beginning. But you have to wait a while in order for Energy, Stamina, and Health alike to regenerate. Of course, you can always pay some money to make those stats regenerate in a snap, but if you’re not willing to spend real-life cash, you are going to have to wait. That’s where your time management skills would come in.

Before quitting the game for several hours, always check the timers. Try to determine when each of the three stats would be sufficient in order for you to take on another mission or continue the one you’re on. It doesn’t have to be a totally accurate estimate, but just as long as you have an idea of things, you’re in good shape. Use this estimate to determine when you should start playing again, and if it does help, set your reminders, maybe an alarm, so you know when exactly to return to the game.

2. Focus On The Energy Meter

Of all the three stats we mentioned above, Energy may be the best one to focus on when it comes to ensuring a longer gaming session. With lots of energy, you can handle more missions in one go. And if you’re starting out in the game, this energy can help you zip through the easier missions and get faster to the point where things turn around and you can hire better agents and earn more money.

3. Use Weaker Cards To Upgrade Stronger (And Identical) Cards

As we said, James Bond: World of Espionage has some card collecting involved. And you may sometimes end up with two of the same agent card, albeit with one being stronger than the other. Sacrifice the weaker card so you can upgrade the stronger card – it’s vintage deck-building mechanics here, and it does come into play in this game.

4. More Tips On Managing Your Energy

Leveling up allows you to reset your energy bar and fill it up immediately. The intelligent thing to do is to set things up so that you level up just when your energy is almost gone. But what if your energy is sapped before you can level up? Try playing PvP missions to farm for XP – it won’t be much, but less experience points is better than none at all.