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Punch Club Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Train Your Fighters Properly

TinyBuild LLC’s Punch Club is a new fighting RPG that puts you in a rather unique situation – the backdrop here is not a magical, fantastical world, but rather the tough, mostly realistic inner city streets. The game’s premise is that your father had been brutally murdered right in front of you, and you’re a fighter out for revenge as you climb up the ranks in the Punch Club. (No relation to Tyler Durden’s similar-sounding club, we believe?) In here, you will have to “train hard, eat chicken, and punch dudes in the face” as you go through the storyline and figure out the boxing management elements.

Getting to the top and vindicating your father’s murder is the main goal, but getting there will depend on how you choose to climb the ladder in Punch Club – will you do it the honest way, or take the “more ridiculous, shady route?” That’s something to ponder on, but first, you’ll need to train hard. And this list of Punch Club tips and tricks will help you out in the training facet of the game.

1. Be Prepared For Changes

Yes, you probably know how this goes. Change is constant here in Punch Club, and while you would normally want to meet your fighter’s needs in all areas, random changes outside the ring will throw a wrench into your plans. On some occasions, you may actually end up with a more disciplined strategy, but sometimes those things will creep up on you and break your comfortable routine. Get ready for these surprises, because they will be coming to you in spades.

2. Save For Training Gear

You can’t expect to train right if you don’t have the right equipment – make sure you’re setting up a lot of training equipment in your garage and buying it whenever you can afford it. You may have to pay a premium, but investing in training equipment can help you train faster and better.

3. Train First, Earn Later

We suggest training quite a while before you start accumulating cash, as you’ll likely be confronted much easier if you’ve got a lot of money on you. Beating up people who try to rob you of your cash will help you unlock more events, while earning even more coins that can help you buy more equipment and unlock more abilities.

4. Train One Stat Per Day

The operative words here are “per day.” You want to train at least one statistic per day, otherwise your skills will deteriorate. And when it comes to unlocking abilities, the best ones are the abilities that will prevent your base stats from reaching a certain level.

5. Make Your Fighter More Balanced

You can definitely focus on one statistic as the game advises you to do, but you don’t want to have a fighter with one extremely gaudy stat and everything else below average. Train up one statistic and focus on it, then work on another one so your fighter doesn’t feel one-dimensional.

And this makes our list of Punch Club tips and tricks complete. If you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to share them with us, so we can update our guide.