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Sky Chasers Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Collect More Coins and Unlock New Ships

Sky Chasers is Lucky Kat’s new title for iOS devices, and it invites you to experience your inner child as lead character Max. You are flying around in a cardboard box, and it’s in this box where you will enjoy all those adventures, following the storyline and exploring different worlds. In terms of its graphics and music, there’s an old-school charm to the pixel art and music used in the game, and in terms of mechanics, Sky Chasers also promises “unique enemies, puzzles, and challenges.” You can also enjoy the game’s “retro”-inspired soundtrack, adding to its old-school arcade gaming look and feel.

Basically, the premise of this game is simple, and learning it is quite easy – just two presses on your screen and you’re good. However, mastering the game is difficult, which is why we’ve compiled some Sky Chasers tips and tricks that can assist you in unlocking more ships and lasting longer/going farther in the game.

1. There’s No Rush At All

You aren’t exactly going by any time limits in this game, and the same applies to the fuel you’re allowed to use. The only time you’ll be using a lot of fuel is when you’re using your thrusters quite often. That means you’ve got the luxury to take your time in going through the levels; taking it easy can help you avoid the different obstacles in the levels, while rushing through them may end up being your last mistake before the game is over.

2. Collect Coins When You See Them

Aside from giving you more currency that could help you unlock and buy new ships, collecting coins can also refill a small amount of fuel on your ship. This is crucial, as it could help you go far if the checkpoints are quite a distance away from each other. Blue diamonds, in addition, are worth 100 coins, so go gather them if you see them.

3. Don’t Spend Your Coins Frivolously

It’s a good idea to save up your coins so you can buy a new ship, and with each new ship, you will usually be able to take advantage of a higher fuel capacity. That means you should refrain from using your coins just because you have some on you; if the option to watch ads or spend coins (see below) upon reaching a new checkpoint comes up, always watch the ad.

4. Some Coins May Hide A Secret Area

On some occasions, you will notice some oddly-situated coins. Feel free to collect them, as they’re not necessarily a trap; fly into the wall after collecting the coin and chances are you’ll be taken to a secret cave that contains a ton of diamonds in them, hence more coins for you in a hurry.

5. Watch Ad Videos For Fuel

In the event that you do run out of fuel in the middle of a flight, you will crash land at the exact point where you were. That would bring up the option to watch an advertisement video so you can continue from where you left off. Otherwise, you will continue from the last checkpoint you had passed. You can keep on watching ads as long as they’re available, so you can theoretically go very, very long if the game is serving up a lot of ad videos.

These would be our tips and tricks for Sky Chasers. In case you know more hints for the game, please drop us a line.