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Prize Claw 2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats To Get More Coins and Rewards

Indeed, there will always be room in the world of mobile gaming for simple, literal arcade games like those that allow you to “claw” a prize for yourself. Prize Claw 2, from the aptly-named Game Circus, is available for Android and iOS devices, and its features include awesome powers and effects like lightning, explosions, and tornadoes, thousands of Prize Claws with their own abilities, and of course, a whole lot of prizes you can win by clawing the right way. There are different machines to collect, “limitless” missions, and advanced game physics that take you back to those classic arcades, and by that we mean those during the time when they weren’t fully dominated by video game machines.

This game sounds pretty much straight-to-the-point in terms of its objectives, but there’s more to this game than just grabbing prizes with a claw. Check out our list of Prize Claw 2 tips and tricks for some real success in the game.

1. Go For The Bonus Power-Ups / Capsules

The first, and most general tip we can advise you when playing Prize Claw 2 is to go for the bonus capsules. These serve as power-ups that can increase the amount of rewards you earn, such as the magnetic claw, which can increase those rewards by three or four times. Be prudent, however, when collecting bonuses, as you run the risk of the coins running out due to all those grabs. Instead, you can use your coins to grab animals if you’ve already got a preexisting bonus.

2. How To Get More Coins And Gems – The Basics

Coins are the lifeblood of Prize Claw 2, and if you want to earn more of them for free, you might want to check out the offer wall. Some of the special offers may be a tad frustrating, but they’re worth it, as some can give you up to 2,000 coins for completion. Watching advertisement videos is another good way to earn coins.

As for gems, which are the game’s premium currency, the same methods would also earn you some gems without paying real money. Ad videos, however, aren’t as lucrative as the offer wall is when it comes to gems. Still, we’d definitely prefer watching videos for freebies, as you really don’t need to do anything except watch.

3. Get The Passive Bonuses

You can also get some all-important passive coin bonuses in the game if you’ve got certain animal collections. One example would be the pony collection – collect them all and you’ll get a boost to the number of coins you can redeem per two hours. And if you repeatedly collect all the ponies, that will increase your passive boost even more.

4. Redeem The Daily Reward And Spin The Wheel

The daily reward for logging in may also include coins and/or gems, and in some cases, you might even win a rare claw. The Wheel of Fortune, on the other hand, will cost you 25 gems per spin, and if you’re lucky, you could win those 25 gems back, plus double, or even triple.

These would be our tips and tricks for Prize Claw 2. Do you have additional hints for this new Game Circus title, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide? Let us know, if you have any other tricks for the game.


Saturday 17th of December 2022

How do you get the special ball? I tried different claws but nothing works. That ball is not magnetic