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Minimon Masters Tips, Tricks & Strategy Guide to Build a Powerful Team

We’re featuring yet another Pokemon-inspired game, and this time, it’s called Minimon Masters, an Android and iOS game from PATI. It comes with 80 different heroes and 240 different Minimons, and while the game’s titular Minimons do have some similarity in concept to the original Pokemons, the game offers enough unique qualities for it to stand out on its own. It features different game modes, including Adventure Mode, Envoy’s Story, Tower of Heroes, Raid Festival, and Arena, and mainly allows you to get tactical, as you form your own party with “five different attribute combinations.” You can customize your own characters with skins and items, and, of course, collect Heroes and Minimons alike.

We’ve told you about the game, and now, here’s what you can do to build a powerful team while learning the basics. Check out our exclusive list of Minimon Masters tips and tricks and you’ll be starting out in this game with a leg up over everyone else.

1. Conserve Your Holy Water

Holy Water is the game’s energy unit, and for each mission you undertake, you’ll be spending two units each of Holy Water. Be sure to keep an eye on how much Holy Water you have left, as you wouldn’t want to run out at the wrong time, with no energy to complete the tasks that have to be done.

2. Join A Guild

Now, this is something that you will really have to do if you want to get the proverbial leg up in Minimon Masters. The benefits of joining a guild are quite plentiful; meeting new friends from around the world is one of them, but the more important benefits would be getting guild perks, which would really be useful as you progress on in the game, as well as the other guild members having your back when you need help. Just be sure to have their back as well if they’ve got a favor that needs to be done!

3. Grind With Auto Repetition

Looking for a good way to grind for experience and other cool stuff? Take advantage of Auto Repetition, as this feature allows you to automatically replay levels you’ve already completed. This makes grinding fast and easy, but bear in mind that it would only work once you’ve reached Level 20.

4. Keep On Evolving Your Minimons

Your Minimons would need to be evolved in order for you to stay at par (at the very least) against the competition. Evolution is done by merging weaker Minimons with stronger ones, and while the Minimon you’ll be sacrificing (the weaker one) will be gone forever, you will at least have a stronger character, and likely a whole lot of spares.

5. Collect Your Daily Rewards

You can collect your daily rewards by tapping on the mailbox, and while they won’t expire at all, as it seems, it would still be best for you to claim them right away, as you never know when they’ll come in handy. And speaking of benefits of logging in daily, you can also get free summons from the shop, which may allow you to summon a rare hero.

Rewards for achievements, on the other hand, expire after a certain period of time, so make sure you redeem them within the given period of time.

Know more tips and tricks for Minimon Masters that we have’t listed in this article? If so, please share those tips with us!