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Prepare To Slay Fearsome Beasts In Dragon Project

Dragon Project, the latest game from goGame and COLOPL, is serving up a whole lot of monster slaying fun. If you’re seeking an exciting multiplayer adventure full of high-stakes battles, and rare armor to craft and collect, Dragon Project will fit the bill nicely.

Dragon Project transports players to the fantasy world of Heiland, a sweeping landscape full of horrible monsters. It’s up to you to eradicate them. Take these beasts on to receive crafting items, which you can then turn into rare armor and weapons that will help you take on even stronger enemies. The game features real-time multiplayer, allowing you to team up with your friends to take down monsters together.

As you head out to explore, you won’t be hindered by clunky controls and mechanics. Dragon Project uses COLOPL’s innovative one-touch controls, allowing you to complete any task in the game with just one finger. And any monster hunter worth their salt will need to do a little research, which is why Dragon Project also features the handy goWrap feature, giving players quick access to guides, social media, and tech support.

You can join in on the action right now on the App Store and Google Play. Happy hunting.