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Mighty Battles Ultimate Guide: 12 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Destroy Enemy Bases

Mighty Battles is an immersive multiplayer battle arena shooter game from Hothead Games, where you face other players in an intense mix of MOBA and tower defense action. You have to be strategic in your plays and always have a response to other players’ moves.

The game features gorgeous graphics that depicts the greatness of battles quite well. Units look extremely detailed, and you can guess what the enemy sends your way instantly after you get to know all the units. Explosions are packed with colors, and everything lights up once the clash begins.

Mighty Battles offers lots of different activities that garner you cash and gold, but if you want to be competitive, you must choose your battles and not run into every encounter the same way. Patience during the opening turn is crucial since launching your forces as a response to the enemy’s advance can turn the tide of the battle your way, making you the one who controls the game and your opponent’s moves.

The game has a battlefield made out of two attacking lanes, so be careful not to spawn all your units in just one lane. Combining your troops and sending them racing towards the enemy base on both lanes is better than just stacking them all on one route towards the enemy base.

Mighty Battles features lots of different units that can be combined in many ways on the battlefield. Remember that there are lots of different combinations can lead you to victory and that you can’t just make an army out of the most expensive (and powerful) units and hope for a winning streak. Mighty Battles is a game of chess where every move is important and where math can give you a bigger advantage than having lots of high-level units.

The main and only source of income during battles are grunts, infantry units that give you gold when destroyed. You receive two gold coins for each destroyed grunt, and since there are six grunts in total coming towards your base during each wave, you can have a maximum of 12 gold for troops summoning. Having a squad that can maximally utilize 12 gold coins per wave is vital. You want to gather a squad made out of cheap and expensive units since sometimes brute force is better than guerilla warfare.

Fortunately, Mighty Battles comes with a number of different units making it possible to create a squad capable of adapting to many play styles. But remember, you can’t beat them all so if you lose a game or two that doesn’t mean your squad is terrible, that just means there isn’t a perfect squad.

In order to become powerful general for your troops you have to invest time. Sure, building a powerful squad without spending real money takes some time, and can be a bit tricky, but it is absolutely achievable. Of course, you can always go ahead and spend some money, in case you want to speed up the process.

We played the game for dozens of hours and gathered lots of useful advice and tips that can help you in your quest of destroying as many enemy bases as possible and earning lots of cards, cash, and gold. Stay with us and find out how to become the ultimate commander in Mighty Battles.

1. Don’t Experiment Too Much

Since Mighty Battles offers lots of different units that can be freely combined in squads you probably think that experimentation with different crews is the key to building an unbeatable army. Well, that could be true, especially during start where you (and your low-level enemies) are limited to just a couple of different units.

When you start, feel free to experiment. Most of your units are level one or two, and you can combine them freely while searching for the right squad formula. But later on in the game, when you receive lots of new cards (units can be upgraded, but only when you collect enough cards needed for leveling up a unit) and have to spend more and more cash on leveling them up (each new level asks for more money), it is better to stick to the winning formula than to experiment.

It is best for your squad to have five or six reserved spots (there are eight spots in total) with other three being replaceable. This way you will have a strong, high-level core, and once you unlock new units (or receive enough cards to level them up), you will be able to replace a unit or two.

Constantly changing your whole squad means you will have to level-up lots of units (and there just isn’t enough cash to level all of them) and to be short on cash constantly. And once you finally collect enough cards to upgrade some of your strongest units (a chopper, tank, or some legendary unit) there won’t be enough cash to do that. So, instead of constantly removing and adding new units to your squad, try making a stable squad core (made out of five or six units), with a couple of spots being open for experimentation.

2. AI Battles Can’t Give You An Estimate Of How Good Your New Squad Is

While Mighty Battle offers battles against AI that should serve the purpose of testing your new squad, AI can be too easy to beat, not giving you a good estimate of the power of different squads. AI battles are useful for realizing is your new combination playable, and if you are able to combine enough units to ensure victory, but if you really want to know how good your new army is, play against other players.

The best way to test your new squad is battling against your clan buddies, so make sure you enter a clan after you reach level 3 (there are other clear advantages of being in a clan, but more on that later). You see, human players can surprise you, can utilize many different strategies, and battling against different live players can show you advantages and drawbacks of your squad so you can know what to change.

And do not decide to switch units after just one battle. If you lose (and especially if you lose without even scratching enemy base), just play a couple of more games. Maybe the enemy had much stronger units, maybe you had some misplays, or maybe your combination of troops is just inefficient against that one enemy.

3. Don’t Spend Your Gold On Opening Battle Crates

The main Mighty Battles game mode is ranked multiplayer and for each victory you are rewarded with one crate that can be bronze, silver, or gold, or it can be one of those valuable crates that can be bought for gold (but don’t expect for those to drop often, one in every few days is the usual frequency). You have four crate slots, and there’s waiting time before you are able to open each crate.

Now, more valuable crates need more waiting time before they open, with the game offering you instant unlock in exchange for gold. Never do that because this way you can end up broke in minutes. It is much better just to wait for crates to open and to visit the game every couple of hours in order to check out timers.

It is much better to save your gold and spend it on crates that are available in the Mighty Battles game store. You see, battle crates (in most cases) give you way fewer cards and cash than store ones, so be patient and save up your gold.

4. Join A Clan As Soon As You Reach Level 3

Aside from your troops, your base can also be leveled up. You earn new levels by upgrading troops so reaching level 3 and beyond can take some time, but it is worth it since you unlock new game modes and clans. And as soon as you reach level 3, join a clan.

Clans give you lots of advantages, but don’t just join the first one you find. Before deciding which clan you want to be in, do some research. Since clan members can ask for, and donate, troop cards entering a clan made out of members who just want to take while not being prepared to donate cards won’t give you anything.

So, before joining a clan in Mighty Battles, check out if its members are ready to donate (you can see the number of donated cards next to each clan member), and if they are, be sure to give donations yourself. By being in a generous clan, you will be able to get those couple of cards needed for upgrading a powerful unit, and you will be able to receive experience along with cash for donating unit cards.

Of course, when you manage to reach a high badge number, you can exit your clan and search for a new one that welcomes only high-ranked members, but again, look for clans who are generous. It will make the game much easier because crates are the only way of getting new unit cards, so being in a friendly clan can give you that small card advantage needed for upgrading a couple of units and reaching new heights in ranked play.

5. Don’t Rush, Make Your Opponent Be The First One To Send Troops To Battle Instead

Rushing with units in Mighty Battles is a ticket to a losing streak. Really, it is the least effective strategy and won’t get you far. Instead of sending troops as soon as you collect enough gold, try waiting; try making your opponent be the first one to launch the assault.

And instead of watching as your combatants get killed by a clever defense laid out by your opponent, you will be the one laughing the last. Just look closely at the enemy base, and send answers as soon your opponent launch their troops.

For instance, if you see a large vehicle on the other side, spawn your Brick on the lane, or send an air strike, while at the same time launching a counter-offensive on the other lane, preferably with some fast, high-damage unit. And when your opponent sends lots of infantry, try killing the troops with your base gun while sending a powerful unit down the opposite lane.

6. Do The Math While Constructing Your Squad

As we already said, each wave of grunts carries a total of twelve gold, so make your squad be able to utilize that number in the best possible way. You want to aim for at least two unit launch per wave while keeping a couple of gold pieces for the next wave, or for defensive purposes.

Combine low-cost and high-cost units; there isn’t a winning squad made out of just cheap ones, or the one made just out of high-priced behemoths. But, you want to have more cheap units than expensive ones; in a case when enemy sends lots of units on both lanes.

7. Use Your Base Gun

Your base gun can be really powerful, and if used correctly it can mean a difference between a victory and defeat. In Mighty Battles, the base gun fires automatically, which is awesome. But the gun also uses automatic aim, which isn’t so good.

Instead of letting the game-deciding which object to shoot at, you should aim with the base gun most of the time. The gun is great for killing infantry units, and can really do some damage, so much that you won’t have to send counters, except when the enemy sends a whole legion of infantry.

Also, the gun shoots attacking units by default, so make sure to aim at grunts as soon as they appear, so you kill them fast and get gold needed for launching a counter-offensive. Make sure to hit epic units with the gun as soon as they appear, so you kill them fast.

On the other side, the gun is lousy for small airborne units like drones, so instead of shooting them with your gun, just summon any unit to destroy them while your base gun focuses on more important objectives.

8. Some Must-Have Units For Every Squad

Mighty Battles features lots of different units, and some are more powerful than others, but there are a couple of ones that can fit into almost any squad.

Brick is practically irreplaceable. He is extremely suited against all kinds of vehicles and should be a part of every single squad. Brick is the perfect answer to any vehicle, and he doesn’t cost too much, giving you enough spare gold to launch a counter-attack. If you want to have a relatively cheap anti-vehicle weapon, place Brick in your squad.

Paratroopers are an excellent way to damage enemy base directly. They start shooting as soon as they appear, and since paratroopers are airborne for a couple of seconds, that means they can’t be damaged during a short period of time; perfect for finishing off your opponent in a tight game or chopping off parts of their base HP during each wave.

Be sure to have at least one infantry unit, and by infantry we mean squaddies or their upgraded version (rocket squaddies) available when you advance to the second league. They are weak, but when upgraded a couple of times, and when launched in combination with other infantry they can be deadly force. Try summoning them after your enemy spent all of their gold, so they can’t destroy them.

There are other super-effective units that can find their way inside most squads (but that aren’t one hundred percent picks like the ones above). Chopper is pretty effective against most other vehicles and is fast with a high chance of reaching the base and wrecking some chaos. Then we have epic (violet-colored) units that are extremely powerful, just make sure to have just one or two since they can be expensive to launch. Drones can be a nice way to damage the base after opponent spends all of his or hers gold since they cost just two coins, are extremely fast, and are hard to destroy by the main base gun.

Also, when picking your first epic unit, make sure to take Hydra. It can destroy enemy base by itself, and it costs ten gold, giving you a chance to send drones the other lane for some extra damage. The second choice should be Ember since she is the walking death for infantry units. She isn’t as powerful as the Hydra but is great for mowing down a whole legion of infantry. Big Bertha looks overpowered but isn’t a good choice. The vehicle costs twelve gold, and once you send it, you won’t have any resource to answer if your opponent sends a force on the opposing lane. Also, it is pretty slow.

9. Don’t Upgrade Units Just For XP

As we said before, your base gets upgraded as you level up more and more units. And while it is advisable to reach level 3 as soon as possible in order to join a clan, getting to level four can wait. Instead of leveling up each applicable unit save up cash for upgrading those units that are inside your main squad.

Upgrading each unit will make your army weaker; it will strip you out of all your cash and will make higher ranked leagues impossible to reach. You should save up cash for those cards you use the most, and for those, you plan on including in your squad. Those that aren’t seen as usable should just be left on level one. Even when unit costs a small amount of cash to upgrade, skip it since that cash will probably give you a chance to level up some powerful unit later.

10. Watch Ads To Get Cash, Not To Cut Wait Time For Opening Crates

Video ads can be watched in exchange for in-game cash, or for shortening the time needed for unlocking battle (and free) crates, and we strongly urge you to use ads just for getting cash. It is better to stack on cash (which will always be in shortage once you level up your main units a couple of time) than to wait a bit less in order to open the next battle crate.

You can watch around five ads every five or six hours, and for watching the ad, you get between 50-200 cash. That means you can earn up to a couple of thousands of in-game cash every day, meaning you will have enough money once units become expensive to upgrade further.

11. Combine Your Attacks

Every time you launch a new attack, make sure not to send all units down just one lane. In Mighty Battles, sending units down just one lane is a quick way to lose every battle. Always try to combine your units, wait for the opponent to launch an attack first and then send your units down the opposite lane while at the same time launching an answer to your opponent’s attack. This could be a bit of tricky, making it important to stack on gold during the first wave and to send units only if opponent decided to attack your base.

Then, when you have some gold, send you units in a couple of waves. The first wave should be launched a bit before a new wave of grunts starts marching towards your base, and the second wave should be on its wave after your enemy sends units.

Combine airborne attacks with ground ones, and be sure to send infantry down one lane, and vehicles the opposite one since a right placed air strike can mean a quick defeat.

12. Have At Least One Defensive Card

Mighty Battles comes with attacking cards, but there are defensive units and power that can save your life. Every squad should have one defensive card, but the choice of which one to pick is up to you. If you use lots of infantry units, then it is good to have bombing run, minigun or rocket launcher in order to destroy vehicles.

If you like to spend all your gold at once, then it is smart to include base shield in your arsenal. The power stops enemies from damaging your base, giving you time before the next wave of grunts launches that will give more gold. If you like your units big and powerful, having a unit shield can be extremely useful.

Lane stalker is great against enemy armor, and the good old MG turret is an all-rounder, making it a nice addition to squads that combine infantry and vehicles since it costs just three gold and can be useful when your opponent launches some weak armor or infantry at you.

Okay, folks, that was all! We hope this guide helped you in becoming a better commander in Mighty Battles, and we hope you will see many victories in the game. We tried to collect every piece of helpful advice and put it inside the guide, so don’t be lazy and read it whole; it has some cool tips that may go under the radar if you’re not careful with your reading. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!