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Flipflop Solitaire Tips & Cheats: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

Flipflop Solitaire is a unique take on the classic Spider Solitaire game. Zach Gage’s new iOS-exclusive game provides all the favorite features of the old-school card game, along with the ability to stack cards in either ascending or descending order. You can play a card up, down, or both in a single stack. This is where the term flipflop comes in. The catch is that you can only move a stack of a single suit. The game comes with one to four-suit versions, but you can also unlock the five-suit and 1-suit extended modes if you feel like challenging yourself some more. While the flipflop mechanics makes the game seem easier than the original spider game, it can actually be more complicated. You will need to pay attention to the cards you play, and come up with a good strategy to win. Don’t forget to read our Flipflop Solitaire tips and tricks to master the game!

1. Practice In Single Suit Mode

The game’s mechanics can be confusing if you jump into it without any practice. The best way to familiarize yourself with the rules is to practice in the single suit mode first. Instead of playing the game the same way you would a spider solitaire game, try to practice using the flipflop rules on purpose. You should intentionally stack the cards in both ascending and descending order, so that you can get used to using this in your strategy. Keep in mind that you can only move cards that are stacked in increments of one. That means if you have a stack that has 2,3,2,4,5,6 cards in it, you can only move either the 2,3,2 cards, or the 4,5,6 cards, but not the whole thing. Play around with the cards in single suit mode to learn everything that can and cannot be done.

2. Find The Hint Button

One of the good things about Flipflop Solitaire is that you do not get penalized for asking for help. That means there is no impact on your accomplishments if you decide to use a hint while playing. That is why you should freely use the hint button as soon as you get stuck. This will show you all the available moves on the current board. Of course, the decision to make the best move will still be up to you, so think carefully before you decide. Don’t feel too bad about using the hint feature. Remember, the game will track how quickly you finish a round. Using the hint will help you make better completion times.

Another feature of the game is the Undo button. This however, will be recorded by the game. If you do end up using the Undo button, however, you can feel free to use it as many times as you want. The game will only take note if you used Undo or not during a round. That means it doesn’t matter if you use it once, or a dozen times, the record will be the same.

3. Go Back To Basics

If you find yourself struggling to solve a game, try to think about classic solitaire strategies. First, try to unblock all the face-down cards before you draw from the pile. Drawing from the pile will put cards on top of each stack, making it more difficult to reach the face-down cards later on. Take note that you will not be able to move a stack once it has 20 cards in it. This will give you even less room to move around if you keep drawing from the pile. Lastly, you will want to get the Aces as soon as you can. Aces can be placed into the foundation, allowing you to start removing cards from the board, giving you even more space to solve the rest of the deck.

4. Stack Cards From The Same Suit

Even though you have the option to stack cards from different suits, this can make it more difficult for you down the road. Remember, you can only move a stack that has cards from the same suit. You may be able to plop down cards early because you can stack different suits, but you will have trouble moving them all late in the game when it matters the most.

5. How To Play The Bonus Modes

As we mentioned above, the game comes with the basic four modes where you play with one, two, three, and four suits. You can unlock the two other modes by spending $2.99 through an in-app purchase. If you want to play these modes without spending, however, you can do so by watching ads. You will need to watch a total of five advertisements before you can get one free play of the bonus modes. You won’t be able to watch the ads consecutively as they only appear once every three games you play. The only way to complete the freeplay reward card is to keep playing games until you have seen enough ads.

If you want to be able to watch the ads more quickly, you can just keep choosing new game on purpose in order to start another game right away. Keep in mind that this will affect your win-loss ratio because choosing to start a new game before you can finish an old one counts as a loss. Try this trick at your own risk.

The two modes play almost the same way as the basic four, only they are a bit more difficult to complete. In the five-suit mode, you will have five suits instead of four. It is the hardest mode in the game since the more suits you have, the more complicated it will be to stack them all properly. The extended single suit mode is a little easier. It is just like the single suit mode but with additional 13 cards. Since they are all the same suit, you can easily move stacks around without any problems.

Playing classic card games with a twist is a lot of fun, especially if you use our Flipflop Solitaire tips and tricks to help you win!