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Bubblegum Hero Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Unlock More Stuff

Blowing perfect bubbles may not seem all that heroic but once you realize how difficult it really is, you will understand the inspiration behind Bubblegum Hero! Available on iOS and Android devices, the goal of Crimson Pine’s new mobile game is to simply blow bubbles from gum that are the optimal size. Making them too small will not earn you enough points. On the other hand, if you make them too big, they will blow up in your face. Making perfect bubbles consecutively will give you multipliers, allowing you to get more points. Keep in mind that the difficulty level increases as your score goes up. Choose your bubble-blowing champion from an assortment of characters, including a sumo wrestler, a chef, and even a granny! There are 15 characters and funny animations to unlock, as well as over 30 different bubble gums with different characteristics. You will need the help of our Bubblegum Hero tips and tricks in order to unlock them all!

1. Know When To Let Go

When you start the game, you will see your chosen hero with a yellow circle in front. The circle will move in and out of the screen, making it a bit more difficult to catch. Your goal is to blow a bubble that is exactly the same size as the circle. To do that, just tap and hold on the screen to blow your bubble, then let go when it is the right size. Getting it to the right size will give you a perfect combo booster. Going over by a little will still earn you points without the combo. If you go over by a lot, you will end up blowing up your bubble.

If you are feeling a bit fancy, or you just want a more realistic experience, you can choose to blow into your device’s microphone. Of course, just as in real life, this is will be more difficult to control than your finger. Perform this at your own risk. It can be a lot of fun, so try it at least once.

2. No Need To Rush

There is no need for you to hurry when blowing bubbles. You can observe the behavior of the yellow circle for a while if you want. This will help you get a good idea on how to time your bubble so that it will fit perfectly into the circle. This is an important thing to remember once your score is higher because the circle will be moving a lot faster. Don’t get intimidated and just take your time in order to make the perfect bubble.

3. Choose The Right Gum

There are several different types of gum. These have assigned points for speed, perfect, range, and cash rank. Take note of the different characteristics of each gum and choose the one that best suits your goal. If you are trying to get more money, choose one with a high cash rank. If you are running after high scores, however, you can pick one with high perfect rating.

Another choice you need to make in the game is picking the right hero. This does not have as much of an impact on the gameplay since all heroes ideally have the same characteristics. The minor differences lie in their animations, making it seem like some of them are slower, or faster, compared to others. Try out different heroes in order to find the one that best suits your pace.

4. Get More Coins

You will need a lot of coins in order to buy all the gums. Unlocking all the gums is not optional because you will only be able to move on from one location once you have bought all their gums. You will earn coins as you play, so there really isn’t much to it other than playing a lot of games. Just keep buying gums as soon as you have enough coins in order to progress in the game.

5. Complete Those Quests

Bubblegum Hero provides several quests for you to complete. Some of them are minor quests that get completed as you play the game. Others require you to play in a certain way in order to complete. These are the ones you need to pay attention to because you won’t be able to complete them unless you know what you need to do.

Some quests will require you to execute a certain number of perfects in a single game, while others will have you reach a specific combo multiplier. There are also some quests that will ask you to play using a specific character or type of gum. The game will automatically set up the character or gum you need for the quest, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

6. Take Advantage Of Ads

If you encounter a quest that you don’t feel like doing, you can always just skip it by watching an ad. Watching ads can also come in handy when you run out of quests to do. You will be able to unlock more quest through video advertisement offers. Just make sure you are connected to the internet for this to work.

The game also has a few more ad offers on top of the ones for quests. If you are in need of in-game currency, just accept the numerous ad offers that will pop up as they will reward you with plenty of coins. You also get to watch an ad in order to buy a new gum at a 50% discount. One last use for ads in the game is to watch one after you lose a game. Doing so will give you the chance to continue where you left off. Of course, it is a good idea to do this only after losing a particularly good run. There is no point wasting time watching ads if you ended with a low score. It would be easier if you just started over.

Blowing bubbles has never been this challenging! Make sure you remember everything you learned from our Bubblegum Hero tips and tricks in order to succeed!