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PPKP (iOS) Guide, Tips & Cheats to Take Down More Monsters

Aside from having one of the shortest names in mobile gaming history, PPKP boasts of a no-nonsense beat-em-up gameplay that players have not seen in a while. Available on Android and iOS, the game has absolutely no dialogue. While the absence of words may take a bit of getting used to, it’s actually pretty easy to figure out what’s going on with pictures alone. Now that’s some unique storytelling. The basic plot is simple. The city is in ruins and you just need to beat up all the bad guys in order to earn enough money to rebuild. Before you jump into the game, make sure you read on first because we have quite a few PPKP tips and tricks that can help you out!

1. Use Your Opponent’s Weakness

There are several combinations of punches and kicks that you can use whenever it is your turn to attack. You are free to use any attack up to four times each turn. Of course, it is better if you utilize these attacks strategically in order to kill off your enemies faster. Find out which attacks are strong against certain types of opponents. Once you memorize these things, you will be able to wipeout enemies faster by choosing the correct types of attack.

2. Master Your Blocking

In this game, it will be you against a whole bunch of enemies. You want to minimize incoming damage as much as you can in order to survive. A great way to do this is to perfect the timing of your blocks. When you perform a block at the exact moment your opponent attacks, all damage will be nullified and your character will counterattack. If you block too early, you will still be able to mitigate damage somewhat but blocking too late will not help you at all. Practice your blocking in order to negate all incoming damage!

3. Smash Up The Car

After beating up a few enemies, you will eventually come upon a car that you will need to smash up in order to get its parts. These parts are needed for repairing the city so don’t feel too guilty about vandalizing a perfectly good vehicle. Just set your device down and rapidly tap on it with your fingers to break it apart quickly. If you want more parts, you can just play two more standard rounds to refresh the car. You can also change the time on your phone to fool the game into refreshing the car.

4. Start Rebuilding The Right Away

There is more to rebuilding the town than just completing the game’s storyline. Building structures will help you gain access to various services that can be useful in helping you get stronger. See that monk in the bottom right building? He sells combo attacks for a living. You get one free punch-dominant combo from him so you can just buy a kick-dominant combo to even up your attack options. Get the rest of the combos from him once you can afford to do so. The door in the corner of that shop also offers spells in exchange for gems. Check out the spells for sale and see if you like any of them. You don’t have to buy any spell unless you want to, though, since gems are pretty hard to collect.

5. Easy Gas Up Option

Gas is used as a form of energy in this game. If you run out of gas and you can’t wait for it to regenerate, you can always buy more using gems. Of course, you wouldn’t be here if you wanted to spend real money just to buy energy here’s the trick to getting more gas for free. Just as changing the time on your phone refreshes that smashed up car quickly, it will also trick the game into thinking enough time has passed for your gas to regenerate. Moving up the time an hour will fill up your gas reserves and it will stay full even if you turn back your phone’s time.

6. Buy Some Energy Drinks

The food shop offers a variety of items and you are free to buy whichever tickles your fancy. The shop’s energy drink, however, comes highly recommended. It adds one attack per turn during battles which allows you to deal more damage. The first energy drink increases your attacks to five, and the third energy drink increases your attacks to six. Yes, that means being able to dish out combos six times in one turn!

7. Don’t Start With Combo Attacks

Once you have unlocked six attacks from purchasing the energy drinks, make sure you avoid starting your turns with a combo. Using a combo will end your turn regardless of whether or not you still have attack energy remaining. Make sure you throw in a couple of punches or kicks first and then use the combo that you want. This ensures you are able to use all of your attack energy in each turn. Don’t get carried away with the initial kicks or punches, though. You don’t want to end up with less than four energy or else you will not be able to execute that combo.

8. Upgrade The Shops

Upgrading shops takes a bit of work so make sure you take time to do it whenever you can. First, you will need to purchase everything there is to buy in the shop. For the food shop, that means buying the third energy drink. Once a shop’s stocks have been sold out, some guy will appear beside the building. He will ask you for some building materials in order to upgrade the shop. He will use the materials you give him and you will gain access to a new set of items for sale.

9. Level Up Your Gear

The shop at the top left corner of the map is the equipment shop. This is where you can purchase weapons and armor for your character. Buy the upgrades for your gear as soon as you can. You will get additional 3 points each for attack and defense. On top of that, the upgraded gear will also level up as you use them. You can check out how much experience your equipment has gained by going to your character’s house. Each level adds three more attack or defense to your character. As you can see, getting these upgrades quickly is a must if you want to get the most stats from them.

10. How To Level Up The Shield

Once you have the upgrade for both sword and shield, you will notice that the shield tends to lag behind in terms of level. The reason for that is it needs to be able to block in order to get some experience. Unlike in RPGs where lazy team members get rewarded with equal amounts of experience despite not doing anything, the shield will only get experience if it actually does its job. If you want to level up your shield, and of course you do, then you will need to successfully block repeatedly. A good way to do this is to enter the endless mode where you will be able to do a lot of blocking.

11. The Parts Exchange Shop Is Useless

At the top of the top-left shop, you will see a guy who exchanges building parts with other building parts. While it may sound useful in theory, since you will most likely get parts that you don’t need, it is actually pointless. Instead of spending time exchanging parts with him, you can just go and tear apart another car for parts. You can just wait for cooldown or spend a measly 30 coins to reset it. Plus, trading parts with him on a menu is boring compared to the stress-relieving benefits of wrecking someone’s car.

12. Watch Out For Golden Guys

When you are playing in the non-endless levels, you will sometimes encounter a shimmering enemy. Be extra careful when you play against this guy, and make sure your blocking timing is on point. He deals a lot more damage than other enemies but he practically has zero defense. Take advantage of this by landing a couple of perfect counterattacks. You will get six times the amount of coins from him once you beat him. Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

13. Prioritize The Restaurant’s Level

Everybody likes eating food but that’s not the reason why you should upgrade the food shop quickly. Upgrading your food shop means you can buy better food. For example, at level 3, the restaurant will offer sushi. Even though sushi costs 10 gems, it is worth the investment because you will get 80% fullness and a whopping 130 upgrade points each time you buy it. At level 40, the food shop will offer root beer in its menu. The root beer only gives 25% fullness but it also gives 30 upgrade points. The points you get from these food items will help you get even stronger for the battles to come.

14. Talk To The Secret Agent

When exploring the city, you will notice a guy who looks like a secret agent, standing next to the jewelry store. You can try to talk to him repeatedly but he won’t say or do anything if you are just starting out. Try badgering him once you have rebuilt the city completely, or when you have defeated all the bosses. When one of those two criteria have been met, you may be able to get him to talk. He might even give you the option to start over with a boost. You would want to talk to him if you want some way to continue playing the game with incentives.

15. How To Eliminate Ads

As of this writing, the game isn’t offering any way to remove the ads by paying. The popular ad-for-bonus system is also absent from this game. What you will get is the old and annoying pop-up ads that tends to disrupt gameplay. The only way to continue playing without these ads is if you turn off the data capability of your device while playing. The cool thing about that is you don’t have to worry about data charges while you play. The developers might come up with better options in the future but for now, the game is still fun to play despite the popups.

16. Restore The City For Rewards

Since the whole point of the game is to restore the city, it only makes sense that you get something out of it with each step you take towards restoration. If you want to make a quick buck, just hop on to the helicopter and go to the city menu. Tapping on one of the bulldozers will allow you to restore a part of the city by using the building materials that you have gathered. The mayor will show you his gratitude by showering you with coins each time you restore a chunk of the city. The amount of coins you get depends on how expensive the restored part of the city is. This tip hits two birds with one stone. You get to earn some coins while inching your way towards story completion.

17. Unlock New Characters

There are six more characters that you can unlock in the game. You can check them out by going to the door on the top of the white building behind your house. The new characters cost gems but don’t worry, they are more than just pretty faces. Each new character has his own boost that will help you in the game. For example, the dragon character is a great purchase if you are in need of coins as he gives you a 20% boost in coins. Read each character’s description and decide which character works best for your playstyle. It may take a while to save enough gems to unlock them if you are a free player, but it will definitely be worth the investment.

Rebuilding the city is a challenge but you can do this easily if you just follow the PPKP tips and tricks listed above!