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Power Hover Cheats: 3 Stunning Tips & Tricks Every Player Should Know

Power Hover is a new iOS-only action mobile game about hoverboarding robots. While the game’s description doesn’t really flesh out the story behind it, we do know that it is a back-to-basics runner type of a game, where you can beat multiple levels that come with numerous obstacles, as well as take part in challenging boss levels apart from the standard ones. Summing up the story in a nutshell, your goal is to go after the stolen power, and bring it back to make the village happy.

This is a fresh new title, so we don’t really have too many Power Hover tips and tricks for you just yet. We shall keep things simple and talk you through the things you have to remember about the game if you’re a beginner.

1. Play It Smooth

When controlling your hoverboard, easy does it. Don’t press on the left and right buttons too hard just because you’re trying to avoid obstacles, or trying to make up for a mistake you had made earlier. Instead, you should take it easy when hitting the left or right buttons, as hitting them too hard may cause you to careen into an obstacle, ending your run.

2. Choose The Most Trouble-Free Path

We might as well warn you here that it won’t be easy to accumulate lives in this game. And it’s very, very easy to want to go for all of the batteries in the levels. But you have to remember that your ultimate goal is to survive each level; that means taking the safest path, which won’t have you collecting as many batteries as you want, but at least giving you the best chance of survival.

3. Replay Levels To Get Batteries

Now, you don’t need to fret if you won’t end up with a lot of batteries your first time around. What you should do is to memorize where the batteries are found during your first play-through of a level. You can come back to that level and focus on getting the batteries, without having to waste any of your lives needlessly.

And this makes our collection of Power Hover cheats complete. If you are playing this game and managed to come up with some other hints, please let us know, so we can extend our list of tips!