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Mad Aces Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Mobile game developer Bulkypix calls its brand new arcade title Mad Aces one of the fastest, toughest, and most exhilarating runners. In this fantastic new game you can control one of the titular Mad Aces as you fly around a dangerous space, blasting into or avoiding spiked bricks, and discovering “new ridiculous characters.” In terms of its mechanics, Bulkypix says Mad Aces is not a “press-X-to-win kind of game,” but one that tests your skills and reaction. It is an “endless” type of game where your main objective is to score the most points, and the graphics (and also the mechanics) do remind us of old-school video games from decades past.

Going far and scoring high in endless games is usually easier said than done, even if the goals of such games are much simpler than the goals of others. So if you’re looking to top your highest score and go farther into the game, do check out our compilation of Mad Aces tips and hints.

1. You Have Two Ways To Deal With Spiked Bricks

Mad Aces tells you in its description that you can either ram into the spiked bricks or dodge them. Dodging them may be the first instinct of most, but you also have the option to hit them with your fireball and destroy the bricks. But there’s a caveat to using your fireball – it comes in very, very limited supply. You’ll start the game with one solitary fireball, and while you can add more by flying into the crosshair-like power-up, it’s not a guarantee you’ll collect a lot of them in the game.

2. Use The Fireball To Extend Your Run

Yes, we’re still talking about the fireball in here, because we’ve noticed that there are a lot of gamers who find dodging bricks second nature, to the point that they forget all about the fireball. But what if you absolutely need to use the fireball to extend your run? What we would suggest is to make it a point to use your fireball if you have enough on you, so you can remember that you have it when you really need to use it.

3. Collect More Power-Ups To Improve Your Score

As we mentioned above, the crosshair power-up allows you to add to your fireball count, thus giving you enough fireballs in the event you have to deal with huge batches of spiked bricks. That’s a typical life-or-death situation like what we had touched on above. But aside from the crosshair, you need to collect other power-ups when you see them, as they can help you increase your score and extend your run. They’re also very useful, as the shield power-up, for instance, allows you to smash into blocks and destroy them.

4. Collect All The Coins

If you see coins, then go grab ‘em as well, as these can be used to purchase new characters. The new characters appear to play in the same way as the default one, but unlocking a new character could really help break the monotony.

This is our list of Mad Aces tips and hints for now. If you know some more tips for Bulkypix’s Mad Aces, don’t hesitate to let us know, fellow gamers!