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Power Fishing Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Become an Ace Fisherman

With more or less a year as an Android game developer, Purple Ocean released Power Fishing to add to its catalogue of unique free-to-play games. Though the previous releases FIND PET! and Star Tree were not as successful, Power Fishing promises to raise a different wave as it has already earned over 50,000 installs in less than a month after its launch. With so many fishing games on the Google Play Store alone you might wonder what makes Power Fishing unique and special to make you want to give it a try.

As most other fishing games are either purely arcade or purely simulation, Power Fishing showcases a lot of arcade action when you are actually trying to catch some fish but tosses in RPG and strategy elements when it comes to leveling up your character and upgrading your gear and the latter when it comes to raiding and other players’ fisheries as well as defending your own. Packed with amazing graphics and tons of content, it’s really a great game to try even if you’re not particularly a fan of fishing games. Be careful though, as Power Fishing may hook you into hours after hours of addictive gameplay.

Power Fishing starts the game by letting you choose either a male or female character as well as register a nickname for your chosen character. Take time to actually think this through as it is pretty expensive to change these later on. With each and every fish you catch, you gain experience and level your character up increasing stats that make you stronger and better suited as you move forward through each area with greater challenges.

As the tutorial closely guides you through the initial attempts at catching some fish as well as the basics of equipment management and most upgrading involved, you will easily be able to revisit each item quickly as several in-game icons and shortcuts make it easy to find yourself around. Considering that you will be receiving an abundance of in-game rewards as well on your first day in the game; be sure to check everything with a red indicator on it. As some of the mechanics may still be a bit confusing especially for first-timers in a fishing game, our Power Fishing beginner’s guide will surely help in giving a clearer idea of what to do to progress in the game faster and better.

1. Understand The Basics Of Fishing

As you will be spending most of your time catching and generally wrestling with fishes in Power Fishing, it is important to know how to best go about every line you throw as well as everything you do while the fish is on the line. It looks very easy considering that you have only one button to control everything, yet the precision requirements may be a bit high for some people.

For starters, before you throw the line in there’s a moving power bar which indicates how strong your throw is. The better you do here, the higher the chance that you will catch a big fish, which rewards more experience points. It may take a while for you to consistently get great throws but a good way to get this right easily for starters is by counting in sync with times the bar reaches maximum. As you may experience pressing a little later than you counted, you can make adjustments as you see necessary.

power fishing tips

Once the fish gets hooked, there’s a bar at the top of the screen stretching all the way from left to right. Pressing the action button moves the slider to right and releasing it moves the slider to the left. At this time, you will see a lot of blue bars appearing at the top and your goal is to try and raise the slider to that point then release the action button. Be careful not to move the slider to either end of the bar as that will end your attempt and the fish will escape. Keep in mind that once the fish gets caught on your hook it continuously receives damage. Moving the slider across the bar at the top provides boost whenever you reach the blue receding blocks in time. As a general tip, try to keep the slider at the middle of the bar so you can freely and more efficiently move left or right depending on where the blue block appears.

If your Fishing Rod has a special ability, it will activate from time to time while you are trying to catch a fish. You will know this when you see the green block at the top bar in the screen much the like the blue ones so be sure to make every effort to reach this whenever it appears as special abilities like Smite can deliver a huge blow to the fish’ hp. When successfully activated, you will see a couple of circles slowly moving outward on the action button and half a second later, a bigger circle moving inward. Press the action button when both circles meet to hit the fish with your special ability. You can normally get items after successfully doing this too so be sure to practice on this a lot.

The life bar of each fish can be determined by the yellow circle surrounding it. Over time, you will know when you are about to make a catch when the yellow circle loses its color, don’t look at it that much though as you may on the buffs at the bar above. Be extra careful when you see a crown at the top of the yellow circle as that indicates that the fish is premium specie, making it much more difficult to catch than the other fishes in the area. The distance between you and the fish can be determined as well by the number you see below the top bar. Bringing it to zero means you have successfully made a catch. Depending on the length of your fishing line, seeing the numbers in red means that the fish is far enough and is about to escape.

2. Collect Fishes In One Area At A Time

In Power Fishing, there are currently 4 regions with 4 regular fishing areas and 1 boss battle in each region. You can catch 12 different fishes in each area and completing it gives great rewards. As you also need to reach a certain level before moving on to the next area, be sure and try to collect all the fish in one area before moving on to the next. Surprisingly enough, it’s strangely easy to encounter all available species in each area and it’s as if you will almost always encounter something you’ve never encountered before until you finally complete your collection.

While the first two areas are very easy, you may begin to feel the real challenge sink in somewhere within the area when you encounter the premium specie that lies within it. As each area offers greater challenge, continuous unsuccessful struggles can tell you that you should spend more time on the previous fishing area to level your character up and become stronger. In any case, catching the same fish over and over means that you can level them up more and evolve them, so there’s really no waste in spending some extra time on earlier fishing areas.

3. Choose And Upgrade Your Equipment

power fishing equipment upgrade

At the start of the game, you can most likely make do with whatever Fishing Rod you have equipped. As you get more and more Fishing Rods though, take time to look into each. If you can, test each one out to determine which of the Fishing Rods available suits your fishing style the best. As an example of a tough choice, the Wooden Crunchy Fishing Rod of Ravage is most likely the only one in your inventory with the Smite ability while the Wooden Mighty Fishing Rod boasts superior attack power. As early as you can decide on which one you will be using so you can focus immediately on leveling that Fishing Rod up and evolving it. You will also be getting some accessories that provide different stat boosts as well as buffs. Be sure to equip one that works best with your chosen Fishing Rod and aim to get that accessory over the others when given a choice.

You can level equipment up by getting the same equipment again. Though the game shows the progress bar as experience, it actually means 1 of the same equipment. Once it becomes available, you need to spend 20 emeralds for each level up. At level 5 you can evolve each gear for 100 emeralds. There are ways to get more copies of equipment from the shop by spending some gold or some precious rubies. At the early part of the game, though, events will sufficiently give you what you need so you might as well save your currencies for later on in the game.

4. Level Up Your Fish

One of the competitive aspects of Power Fishing is raiding fisheries of other players. For you and your fishes to reduce the probability of falling prey to raiding fishermen, be sure to level each fish up as it becomes available. Each level up results in an increase in the fish’ stats, so be sure to level each fish up and check up on your fishery every once in a while. For convenience, check for the red triangle indicators on the upper left side of each fish icon and click on them to initiate their growth. You will also receive rubies every time one of your fishes reaches level 5.

power fishing leveling up

You also need to ensure that you have the best of the best fishes registered as your guardian fish. As registered guardian fish are the ones that typically engage in battle during a raid, be sure that you constantly check to see if your strongest fishes are among your chosen guardian fishes.

5. Accomplish Missions And Claim Rewards

One of the great things to enjoy in Power Fishing is the existence of Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Missions to accomplish for rewards on top of the immediate rewards you get whenever you do almost anything in the game. There are also events and challenges which gives you additional rewards as well for meeting certain milestones and achievements. As you may naturally be able to accomplish a lot of these quests without even being aware of each requirement, be sure to still look into it from time to time. It’s very important to clear the daily missions as achieving 100% on this rewards you with a Fishing Rod Summoning Ticket which will boost your favorite Fishing Rod further in the game.

power fishing missions and rewards

Remember that claiming your rewards on any tab within the Mission Icon doesn’t automatically add those items to your inventory. Instead they wind up on your mail so be sure to click on the envelope icon on the top right of the screen whenever there is a red indicator on it. Claim rewards soon as most of them don’t stay in your mail forever and will expire after a couple of days.

6. Participate In Fisher Raids

While you constantly manage your fishery by ensuring that each fish in it is as strong as it can be hoping that it will be enough to withstand raid attacks from other players, you need to spend some time on the offensive as well. As you can get some emeralds here on top of other materials and RP which determines the amount of gold and rubies you can receive as a weekly reward, be sure to spend time on this while taking a break from progressing through each normal fishing area.

power fishing fisher raids

You have a maximum of 5 attempts to raid fisheries of other players but additional attempts are continuously gained over time if you have less than 5. As you will do battle with three fishes in shifting patterns, be ready for a struggle as this can be a lot more challenging than your normal fishing. The rewards you get will depend on the number of fishes you catch but being able to grab one will already result in a success.

7. Prepare Well Before Attempting A Boss Battle

Although you can begin to engage in a boss battle after reaching a certain level, it doesn’t automatically follow that you can succeed in one immediately, a little far from it actually. At least, you can take a peak and pay the fish boss a visit once it becomes available. Only one successful attempt can be made free of charge within the day and you can get as many as 3 treasure chests depending on how much damage you dealt on the boss. If you fail to get in at least 30% damage, you will fail the challenge but will be able to retry as many times as you wish. Keep in mind the boss has a random buff that changes daily so each battle may be different from one day to the next.

power fishing boss battle

Performing a great cast out here is more important than regular fishing as it increases critical damage percentage instead of the usual catch size. As the boss fish is stronger, it will be more difficult to control the slider across the top bar so be sure that you are ready for it. Likewise, being able to perform a perfect hit with your Smite is essential in winning a battle here.
After your first attempt, you can very much identify if you can succeed in the same boss battle on your succeeding attempts by checking how far or how close you are to at least raking out a 30% total damage on the boss. If it’s more of the former, spend more time on your usual adventure and level your character up further to prepare yourself on your next attempt. Additionally, you can acquire more equipment and upgrade some of it while on your adventure too.

8. Spend Your Rubies Wisely

There are a number of ways for you to earn rubies as well as countless ways for you to spend them. Similar to many games with premium currency, saving your rubies in Power Fishing for something big later on in the game. While there are no expensive items in the game that requires tons of rubies to acquire, it is still best to only spend rubies on stuff that you can’t acquire any other way.

For one, spending rubies to increase the hp and defense stats of your fishes in the fishery is perhaps the best option. By clicking on the produce button on the fishery, you can see the defense management window where spending rubies grants an additional 5% increase in a stat. You should consider this as an investment instead of an expense as this will make you less vulnerable to raid attacks from other players. In turn, you can maximize emerald production without the fear of it being stolen by other players.

how to spend rubies in power fishing

Next to that, purchasing costumes is also a good investment of your hard-earned rubies. For 200 rubies each, costumes are not entirely cosmetic in the game as each one provides stat boosts as well. As currently, there is no other way to acquire these, you may want to grab at least one early on for that critical increase in stat.

While spending or rather investing in permanent items or items that you can’t acquire any other way are the suggested ways of utilizing your rubies, you can also spend some rubies on the 5+1 Premium Fishing Rod Gacha to be able to enhance your current equipment. As spending gold for regular ones seem fruitless, the premium one can actually help you become stronger faster.

9. Use Your Earned Potions

Checking under the “Others” tab on your bag of items will show you potions and accessories you have gathered on your adventure. Focusing on potions, you can categorize them mainly by the duration of their effect as indicated by their appearance. If it’s a potion in a jar, the effects are permanent which means that you should consume them immediately. Potions in soda cans, on the other hand, have temporary effects lasting for only an hour and should be save for when they are truly needed. As you can only initially hold a maximum of 60 items in your entire inventory, you can choose to consume a potion with temporary effect once you begin to reach a full inventory status. Be sure to make the most out of it and tackle higher level areas that would otherwise be more difficult to progress in with your normal stats.

power fishing potions

Just a reminder as well, the importance of successfully catching all species of fishes in an area becomes more evident as the main reward for accomplishing the task is a potion that grants a permanent stat increase. Push for those completions as far as you can so you can acquire more stat boosts early on in the game.

10. Check The Pull-Out Menu From Time To Time

power fishing menu

With all the content that Power Fishing has it seems fairly understandable to miss the pull-out menu on the left side of your screen. As these may contain additional rewards via the Fish Book and equipment available for crafting under the Craft Icon, be sure to check this out from time to time. The fish book doesn’t just showcase and reward you each set of fishes that you have caught, but there are rewards to be earned as well from themes and other items you have gathered on your adventure. You can also check for Rankings, Notices, and Attendance here as well as add some friends you can compare levels and RP with.

11. Make An Effort To Log In Daily

It’s common for a lot of online games to provide rewards for daily attendance in the game. What’s not so usual to see is gaining better buffs for continuous attendance to further boost your performance in the game. Considering therefore that you may not be able to play every day, be sure to at least log into the game to register an attendance and claim rewards later on. Considering that the percentage increase in catching big fishes can go up to 5% by logging in for 10 consecutive days, this will most definitely be a great help in boosting the experience points and rewards that you can get when you’re actually catching fish in the game. Additionally, each daily reward is pretty decent, especially on the seventh day of each week.

Well, that about covers all the basics you need to know to progress fast and efficiently enough in Power Fishing and be on your way to become an ace fisherman. If you play enough following our guide, you can surely catch up on most players that started the game ahead of you and be a recognizable figure in the world of Power Fishing. As the game potentially still has a lot of upcoming updates, we may revisit it sooner or later to give you another set of Power Fishing tips and tricks. For now, if you have additional tips or strategies we may have missed in our guide, feel free to enlighten us by letting us know through the comment area below. Keep reeling them in till then!