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Chasecraft Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Unlock Everything

UIL Media, a new mobile game developer, recently launched Chasecraft for both Android and iOS. Not just another endless running game, Chasecraft offers its fair share of mining and crafting elements on top of the all too popular Minecraft-inspired graphics. Though at first glance the overall game design looks like it’s only aimed towards kids, the challenges the game offers can push every gamer’s reflexes to the max. Even if you are not a fan of Minecraft or Unspeakable, this endless running action game is worth checking out.

In Chasecraft, you play as popular Youtuber Unspeakable’s friend in a Minecraft-inspired world composed of five separate islands. After having your home raided and destroyed followed by your friend being kidnapped by the evil Mummy King, you must continue to gather resources and craft the necessary materials to rebuild your home, your equipment, as well as the means to travel to the other islands and chase each of the bosses to save Unspeakable. As gathering resources requires you to run through an endless three-lane path loaded with a variety of obstacles, as well as chase down the enemy bosses, your quick dodging, jumping, and sliding skills as well as your power ups will help you run farther and collect more of each item you need.

Chasecraft provides a brief tutorial on the basic controls you need to know to avoid, jump over, and slide under each obstacle that comes your way in your running adventure. The tutorial also guides you true the initial crafting sessions and prepares you well enough to know what you need to do to progress on your quest. Though the game is simple enough for you to be able to play it on one hand, there are challenging mechanics on top of the reflex requirements that may prove to be somewhat difficult without the proper guide. Whether you are new to endless running games and the concept behind Minecraft or just looking for a clear idea on which structure and path you should build first, our Chasecraft tips, cheats and strategies can help you progress through each stage in the game and fully rebuild your island home.

1. Identify What You Will Run For And Mine First

The tutorial practically ends once the Mummy King takes Unspeakable and you receive the recipe to craft the popular Unspeakable Minecraft Skin. To be able to do so, however, you will need to gather enough ingredients and craft the resources you will need to rebuild the Cloakroom and unlock costumes you can wear with any run you make in the game. Although the costumes do not provide buffs or enhancements whatsoever, unlocking the Cloakroom and crafting different skins as they become available makes the game a bit more enjoyable and in a way diminishes the routine cycle that may wear you out the longer you play wearing the same skin. Additionally, this is the easiest structure to build as it requires only materials from the Dark Forest so you might as well get it over with as soon as you can. Be sure to attack the Wolf King in the southeast area of the map as he drops Fur, which is an epic resource needed to craft ropes which are basic ingredients to make each skin that you will unlock. Defeating each of the bosses the first time will earn you the recipe to craft their respective skins.

Once you have completed building the Cloakroom, the next structure you would want to work on is the Workshop. The Workshop unlocks upgrades for your mining tools which make gathering items a lot faster in the game. This is perhaps one of the most essential structures you need to build in order to progress the game faster. As you will be spending a lot of your time gathering resources, you should definitely consider building this structure as top priority. In addition to the usual resources you farmed from the Dark Forest, you will need to gather Clay from the Misty Swamp as well as Attack that area’s boss, the Green King in order to acquire some Blaze Powder.

chasecraft guide

After you build the workshop and unlock the upgrades for your tools, you will need gold more than ever to be able to fully upgrade all of your tools and reap the most rewards from your succeeding runs. As you may have already gathered a few Long Grasses from your Misty Swamp Runs, you have a good idea of how much more you’ll need to build the next structure, the Treasury. As the Treasury holds the key to unlocking the Gold Multiplier ability, it is best to focus on building this before proceeding further to the other areas in the game. Once unlocked, upgrades will be available for the power up as well so be sure to spend a bit of extra gold for making upgrades as well.

With only 3 more structures at your home base waiting to be rebuilt, your aim now is to fix the trolley on the left side of your home to unlock the third stage in the game, the Abandoned Mine. It may take you a while to gather all the resources you need to be able to accomplish this as it requires practically every resource you have collected from before in the first two stages and the epic resource dropped by the Green King. Keep at it though as you need to collect a lot of gold as well for the recently unlocked upgrades at your home base.

As soon as you have gathered every requirement and finished fixing the trolley, be sure to make a few runs at the mine for some coal and metal as well as attack the newly available boss, the Skeleton King for his epic resource drop, silver. These will be the new ingredients needed to craft the metal and silver ingots needed to rebuild the Forge. The Forge unlocks the Armor which is a very important power up if you want to plow through the stage and be invulnerable to all obstacles within a certain period of time. Although crafting power ups require spending diamonds, they most definitely boost up your games a lot and help make it easier for you to gather resources a lot faster.

Running through the Abandoned Mine as well as the other stages and making rounds of attacks against both the Green King and the Skeleton King will gradually earn you enough resources to craft what you need to either rebuild the Tesla Coils or the Boat leading to the next island. Considering that the Tesla Coils is easier to build and it unlocks a useful power up as well, you should aim to open it up first. The Gold Magnet, especially when fully upgraded practically sucks in all the gold you come across with on a stage run within a certain number of seconds. With the increasing gold requirements you need to do proceed further in the game as well as to do upgrades, you can never have enough gold until you have made it through to the end of the game. Adding the Gold Magnet to your arsenal as well will make it relatively easier for you to gather the necessary ingredients to craft what you need to fix the Boat leading to the last area of the game, the Hot Desert.

The Hot Desert, being the fourth and final area in the game is the most challenging one as obstacles seem to pop up more here than anywhere else. You can find and gather Quartz here which is needed to craft Glass which you will use to build the Mummy’s Bridge to get to the Skeleton King, rescue Unspeakable, and finish the game as well as rebuild the Library later on. You can also gather Cactus here to craft Needles needed in making the final unlockable skin in the game, the Mummy King’s Skin. With 20 pieces of Quartz and 2 pieces of Blaze Power needed to craft just one piece of Glass alone, it will definitely take a long while to gather all the necessary resources to finally open up the last boss battle. Don’t fret though as you have practically unlocked most structures and upgrades at this point. This means that your mining and gold earning capacity at this point should be far greater than it was when you first started the game.

Finally building the Mummy’s Bridge brings you to the last boss battle and beating him the first time will not only save your friend Unspeakable but also show you a quick comical ending. As you earn Bones, which are the final epic drop from the Mummy King chase, you just know that there is still something left to do after the last battle.

Only the Library remains to be rebuilt at this point in the game and again, being the last structure left in your home base to be unlocked, it may take several trips on all areas as well as a couple or more boss battles to finally gather all the needed crafting materials for this one. Since you practically finished the short story of the game at this point, you can take it a bit easier and just enjoy each run as it goes. Once you have rebuilt the Library and unlock Mine Rush, you will have the last power up to complete your arsenal of abilities to use on your subsequent runs. Perhaps the only things you need to focus on now is maximizing upgrades, if you still haven’t done so.

Now that you have a complete outline of which structures and unlocks to go for first, you can identify which area to run in depending on your progress in the game. Knowing where to run is half the battle so will now focus on tips and strategies in making the most out of each run you make in Chasecraft.

2. Look As Far Ahead As You Can

Like in most endless running games, it’s primarily instinct that makes you keep an eye on your character and the immediately visible obstacles ahead of you. Most especially if you are new to this genre, you probably look at your character on screen with every swipe of your finger to see if he dodges, jumps, and slides following your basic controls. While this may help you through the initial part of each stage, it won’t be long before you are overwhelmed with the ever-increasing number of obstacles that may pile up ahead of you making it very difficult, if not impossible, to avoid.

chasecraft tips

This is why you need to focus more on as far as you can see ahead of the track and plan ahead the sequence of moves you need to do as each obstacle comes closer. Don’t let the fear of making mistakes stop you from looking ahead and refrain from looking directly at your character as you swipe to one direction after another. This is most especially important in Chasecraft as the stages here seem to start at practically the expert levels of other endless running games. The randomness of each obstacle sometimes make an inescapable death trap so making the right choice and the right move ahead of time can save you from constantly falling victim to those instances.

3. Prioritize Distance Over Loot

It’s very understandable to want to grab as much as you can with every run since you are basically running to farm ingredients and gold anyway. While doing so is actually easy at the start of the run, it becomes increasingly more challenging fast the farther you go. Focusing on getting resources and gold will surely make you lose track of the perils and obstacles ahead as you may instinctively be inclined to move to a side lane for resources even if there are obstacles on it and the middle lane making it very difficult to switch to the safe lane if it happens to land on the other side of the screen.

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In combination with the previous tip to keep your eyes ahead on the track, focusing on obstacles and planning how to avoid each of them may make you lose out on some available resources and gold. Surely enough though, you won’t be missing all of the resources and will still manage to grab a lot of stuff as you go, so don’t pay that much attention to how much of each item you are getting.

Keep in mind as well that the further you go, the higher your mining multiplier will grow too. As such, running farther ahead will multiply the amount of resources you acquire so if you really want to farm resources fast, then you should aim to push farther with each run rather than grab a lot of items and lose sight of obstacles causing you to end runs faster.

4. Switch Lanes While Jumping Or Sliding

As the tutorial provides swiping to each direction to give you a basic idea on how to avoid obstacles, you may not know that you can actually swipe left or right while jumping and sliding. Considering that there are numerous instances when you really have to be quick on your feet to avoid a series of obstacles, you don’t have to wait for the jumping or sliding animation to actually finish before switching to the next optimum lane. It may take a while for you to get used to this but once you can perform it instinctively, you can definitely improve your runs.

5. Stay Behind The Boss As Much As You Can

Boss battles are actually runs in the game that are not endless as chasing the boss ends after a certain distance. Unlike regular runs as well there are no other resources in the stage to distract you from avoiding the obstacles ahead. However, the epic resources and diamonds being dropped by each boss make it very important for you to stay behind him as much as you can. It can happen that you won’t get as much as you could from the run because of missing out on the resources that the boss drops along the track if you always tend to stray from his path as the run will still end regardless of how many drops you were able to collect.

chasecraft hints

By saying, “As much as you can” though, we mean to stay behind him while still keeping an eye out on the upcoming obstacles. Feel free to follow them from right behind but know when to stray away. Considering that every boss in Chasecraft exhibits a lot of crazy epic dodging skills to avoid impossible obstacles, you have to learn and accept that you can never stay behind them 100% of the time.

6. Watch Ads To Speed Things Up

There are plenty of instances in the game where you can spend diamonds to speed things up or to get more rewards. For these things however, you have an option to watch a 30-second video ad instead of spending those hard-earned diamonds. It may seem long but you can actually consider it as short breaks from the game to rest your eyes and fingers. Perhaps the best one here is being able to continue where you hit an obstacle on your run and being able to proceed as far in the stage as you want by watching an ad each time you fail. As this practically has no limit, you can reach great amounts of multipliers in one go and probably grab more than what you need from one area.

Another way of speeding up your resource gathering errands is aiming to always get the x2 multiplier at the end of each run. Though you can occasionally get this at your first spin, you will definitely not land it all the time. So instead of spending 5 diamonds for a re-spin, just watch a short ad instead. Depending on how far you have gone through the stage, the value of grabbing the 2x multiplier becomes that much important. So if you spent about 30 minutes on a run the 2x multiplier can net you an hour’s worth of play time which means a few 30-second video ads for retries on the spin will be a more than fair trade-off.

how to speed things up in chasecraft

As each of the stage bosses go into hiding for 30 minutes after you attack them, you can also trim down the waiting time to zero just by watching an ad. Since there will be times when a single run even with a 2x multiplier at the end will not be enough to give you the amount of epic resources you need, you will surely encounter situations when you would want to attack the same boss consecutively. This also works well if you’re always craving to earn more diamonds as you can never have enough of premium currencies in any game.

Lastly, as you begin to rebuild your home base and the means to get across to other areas in the game, it takes time to finish the construction. Watching ads to trim down the timer by 30 minutes each helps a lot especially if you’re in a hurry to progress your game.

7. Spend Your Diamonds Wisely

how to spend diamonds in chasecraft

As most things in Chasecraft can be relatively be easy to obtain without spending diamonds, you should rather save them for power ups as there are currently no other means to obtain them. While each of the available power ups can help you in your adventure early on it’s definitely better to fully power them up first before you craft them with diamonds and use them. Although they are seemingly cheap with prices only ranging from 2 to 5 diamonds per piece, always relying on them without earning that much on boss runs may deplete your saved diamond earnings that you may need in the future. There are actually no right or wrong ways of spending them on power ups so long as you know what you need more on each run and equip the necessary power up in bulk to ensure maximum efficiency. Towards unlocking everything and finishing the game though, you may want to save your diamonds for one great long run for breaking records.

8. Make Your Mark

So what happens once you’ve unlocked everything and finished the game? Should this be the time to finally put the game down and move on to the next one? Of course not! As we initially focused on unlocking everything in the game and reaching the quick and short ending, we just moved the bare essentials out of the way so we can focus on one final goal in mind, making our mark on the leaderboards! As each area has a separate scoreboard from one another, this is the point in time where we would want to at least land a record-breaking run on one of these areas. For starters, perhaps the area with the lowest top score would be a great choice. While looking at the scores have a mindset as well of the score you would want to reach and the place on the leaderboard that score would put you in.

chasecraft leaderboard

As you may have hoarded a lot of diamonds at this time and with no more pressure to farm for more of any other resource, the best move now is to craft as many armors as you can in preparation for that record-breaking run. After choosing the stage where you want to leave your mark, proceed to do the run, initially try to save the armor for until you know that it’s going to be very difficult based on what you’re seeing ahead. Keep in mind that you need to activate your armor power up in time before hitting an obstacle as activating it a tad bit late will make you hit the obstacle while your late activated armor counts down towards empty. Keep in mind that there are infinite retries by watching ads, but if you are the type of person who loses his momentum if you wait 30 seconds to continue with your game then go ahead and spend 5 diamonds. Remember that you can also pause the game at any time if your eyes or your hands are getting tired. With some skills and a whole lot of patience and persistence, you can surely reach a score worthy of making it to a good spot on the leaderboards.

Reading through our entire Chasecraft guide will surely get you to unlock everything in the game with much greater ease. Hopefully after doing so, you will strive to get your name on the leaderboards as well. Did you notice the intriguing structures northeast of your home base? It pretty much hints of a future update. With that and as we wait for Unspeakable to finally put in his score at the leaderboards, this is all we have for you for now. If there are some things we forgot to mention in our Chasecraft guide, or if you discovered relevant tips and strategies to add to our list, be sure to let us know!


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