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Potato Corner Craze Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Get High Scores and Earn Coins Faster

With close to 50 free applications released on the Google Play Store, Immersivemedia Inc. recently released Potato Corner Craze, a delightful casual simulation game that offers the simplest of game mechanics, making it rank among the top free games of the Google Play Store in the Philippines within just a few days after its release. As a promotional game to celebrate the brand’s 26th anniversary, the game is perhaps one of, if not, the first of its kind to actually let you win physical rewards after playing the game long enough to earn sufficient in-game coins. As it provides a good test of concentration and time-management skills, Potato Corner Craze is simply a game that any person can enjoy, even without the additional freebies.

Potato Corner Craze puts you in the shoes of a one-person food stand crew that has to cook and serve flavored French fries to as many customers as you can within 89 seconds. You need to perfectly follow a standard procedure on how to go about each order as well as think and act fast to ensure that no customer waits too long in line. You earn 1 coin for every 5 customers you serve and earning a total of 179 coins qualifies you to redeem one full Giga-sized (second to the largest) flavored fries at selected Potato Corner outlets. As the game becomes more challenging the longer you play, expect multiple customers to appear at the same time or one right after the other. Failing to serve the customer on time will make them leave disappointedly and result in you missing an opportunity to gain a point. Don’t worry though, as all the successive games you play and every coin you earn gets added to your total score and total coins earned. Successfully serving 4 customers on the first try and another 4 on the next one, therefore, will still net you a total of 10 points and earn you a total of 2 coins.

There is a short and easy to follow tutorial that you can always go back to if you miss or forgot the procedure you need to follow as you take, prepare, and serve each order to the eager customers. If you want to find out more about where and how to redeem your Giga Fries as well, the tutorial provides a link to where the needed information can be found. Although there’s hardly anything that the tutorial may miss, as far as gameplay is concerned, playing Potato Corner Craze may not be as easy to play for some people as others. If you are struggling to get high scores and earning those coins to redeem those highly coveted Giga Fries, our Potato Corner Craze tips, cheats and strategies can help you stay longer in each game, earn more coins per playthrough, and earn those coins faster.

1. Memorize The Procedure

There are basically 5 steps you need to go through from preparation to serving each customer and it is of utmost importance to know it by heart before you even proceed to play. While playing after some time will definitely help you memorize each step, staying away from the game a little too long may make you forget some of the steps as easily. Additionally, when customers begin to pile up, the pressure may lead to confusion which will result in you making one error after another, ending your current run.

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To make it easier for you to memorize each of the 5 basic steps, consider a keyword for each and then memorize those keywords in the correct sequence and make it your guide as you play the game. For example, you can consider the highlighted word in each step listed below and keep that in mind as you play the game:

a. Tap on a Giga Cup to prepare the service
b. Tap the bag of fries to start frying
c. Choose the flavor that the customer requests
d. Tap the shaker to shake the fries
e. Tap the customer to serve their order

Procedurally thinking about these highlighted words will more efficiently keep you on track of each step while playing without losing much concentration on what you are actually doing and what’s happening in front of you. Be sure to practice this even if you choose different keywords and you will definitely see an improvement in your run.

2. Ignore The Distractions

Like many casual games in the market, the typical set-up is that the objective is clear and simple, and at first glance it would seem very easy, yet actually playing the game tends to make it all seem a lot harder than expected. As it usually is, there are a lot of things during the game that seems helpful and needed but detracts your attention from where your focus should be really on.
For one, the 89-second countdown timer in the upper right corner of the screen gives you an idea about how much you have to serve customers and earn as many coins as you can. Look at it too often or too long and you are bound to make mistakes in the game. Additionally, keep in mind that looking at it won’t change anything and paying attention to it won’t help so you might as well just look at the lower half of your screen.

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Another big distraction that could mess up your game is the receding color on each customer’s speech bubble. While it indicates the time you have left to prepare and serve the customers’ orders and prevent them from walking away with a sad face, being too conscious about it can build up pressure that can trigger you to try and work faster and make mistakes. This especially happens when two or more customers are on the screen and you are continuously trying to catch up to each of them, one after another. To be more efficient, just take note of their order like you normally would and proceed on to following the 5-step procedure.

There’s no need to look at those emoticons too. You already know that each customer will leave happy if you hand them exactly what they ordered. If mistakes have been made, then there’s nothing more you can do about it and checking those emoticons won’t help at all.

3. First In, First Out

Considering that the mechanics of the game are quite simple, expect that each customer in the game will have simple needs as well. Taking into account a bit of business and customer service logic and real-life scenarios, you would absolutely want to take care of whoever comes first. Although in real-life there may be people who are less patient than others while waiting in line or may have special needs instantly making them top priority in some establishments, in Potato Corner Craze it’s just your just your consistently friendly set of customers that practically has the same amount of patience and the same level of needs. So you can either keep your eyes out for who appears on the screen first or, better yet, which customer shows the color-coded speech bubble first.

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Whenever there are instances that require you to choose between two customers who made their orders at the same time, either one is the right choice, just be sure to actually not take a lot of time deciding between them.

4. Go Fast But Not Too Fast

As important as it is for you to cycle through each step and deliver the orders to the waiting customers, there are certain times when waiting on your part is required to proceed to the next step. So be sure to keep a close eye on some animations in the steps as determinants on when to move on to the next one. For instance, tapping on the bag of fries will show the fries move instantly on the strainer but then you would have to wait for the smoke animations to finish, as indication that the fries are already cooked before you proceed to choosing the flavor that the customer ordered. Likewise, you have to always make sure that the shaker finishes its shaking animation before you serve the flavored fries to the customer who ordered it.

Given that Potato Corner Craze offers the simplest and most basic of gameplay mechanics, these little details are what actually makes the game more challenging than what people typically anticipate especially if you don’t pay much attention to them. As a result, going too fast and moving on to the next step without ensuring that the current procedure hasn’t completely finished yet can very much mess your game up and even disrupt your succeeding cycles as it can start from one simple mistake that can lead to hordes of others.

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Another common room for error while you’re rushing to serve multiple customers is actually tapping the wrong customer. For one it can be due to your own fault for actually clicking on the wrong person, but there are instances when the oncoming customer would stop right on top of the other, making you click on him or her accidentally. While keeping a close watch on the actual booth and all your wares, be sure to utilize your peripherals in monitoring activities in front of your food cart.

It is also possible for you to accidentally tap on the wrong flavor while preparing the fries, probably when you are panicking. Unless you are fortunate enough that another customer actually makes that order, your only option is to throw it away using the trash bin on the lower left corner of your screen.

Lastly, having an instinct to smash away with clicks on the fryer or the shaker isn’t going to make it cook and shake faster so be sure to keep calm and don’t tire yourself out doing that. Subconsciously clicking multiple times on anything in the screen isn’t going to help you in anyway. On the other hand, it may just cause the app to lag or make you accidentally tap on something you are not supposed to.

5. Be Ready To Pick The Flavor As Much As Possible

Although we outlined each step in the game from A to E, being able to efficiently cater to each customer requires a little more preparation ahead of the line. As such, consider B, tapping the bag of fries to start frying, as the last stage of the 5-step procedure in each cycle so you can readily choose the right flavor as soon as the customer orders it. As you start to play the game then, be sure to do steps A and B while the customer is still walking to your food cart, and ready yourself to immediately choose the flavor of his or her choice. As soon as you hand the flavored fries to a customer, you can quickly tap on the cup and fries and start cooking for the next customer. Don’t worry, as there won’t be any overcooked fries served in Potato Corner Craze!

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With the overwhelming response that the game received from thousands of fans who downloaded and played Potato Corner Craze and earned themselves enough coins to redeem their rewards, their system underwent maintenance pending redemption of prizes until further notice. If you enjoyed the free-to-play game to this point, then you can just always continue even though you can no longer exceed the maximum coins capped at 179. If you’re in it for primarily or solely for the fries, however, don’t feel bad about the maintenance as they have many channels within which they can provide you with updates. BE sure to visit or their page on Facebook for the latest updates.

And that about covers everything we have for our Potato Corner Craze tips, cheats and strategies. Be sure to stick with the tips and tricks provided and you’ll be sure to earn 179 coins in no time! Have you discovered additional tips on top of what we have provided in our guide? Be sure to inform us through the comment section below!