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Popular Wars Cheats, Tips & Tricks: A Complete Guide to Become Mega Popular

Ever wonder what it would be like if all your Instagram followers literally followed you around in real life? Wonder no more! Lion Studios’ brand new game Popular Wars is a unique take on the popular .io format where you amass followers in order to become the most popular guy in town. All you have to do in Popular Wars is go around the map in order to attract more followers. Once you have a big enough entourage, you can go face to face with other players. Steal their followers and show them who the fans love more!

You start off with just a handful of fans, but you can quickly gain hundreds if you play your cards right. Make sure you have more followers than anyone else on the map in order to become unstoppable. If you find yourself getting trampled by someone else’s followers, don’t worry! Check out our Popular Wars cheats, tips and tricks to ensure your victory!

1. Start Out Slowly But Surely

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When you start out in Popular Wars, you won’t be able to move anything. You will need to find some stray followers in order to increase your size. As you grow bigger, you will be able to move more objects. This will allow you to gain access to more people. When you become a lot bigger, you can just break through stuff and demand loyalty from cowering fans. Don’t fret too much if you’re slow in the beginning. It will definitely become easier as you get more people following you around.

2. Trample Your Enemies

What good is having a lot of people around if you can’t start a stampede? If you see an enemy who has a smaller group than you, do not be afraid to trample them with your followers. You can steal some of their fans away if you manage to catch up. The better thing to do is to completely run them over, though. If you manage to eclipse their circle of followers with yours, you will be able to eliminate the other player from the match while stealing all of their fans. Of course, if the other person has more followers than you do, run away as fast as you can. They will most likely chase you down and try to eliminate you.

3. Practice In Solo Mode

It takes a while to get better in Popular Wars. One of the ways to improve is to memorize the map layout, so you know where to find more followers. Exploring the map would be difficult if you have enemies chasing you down. The simple solution is to play a few Solo games first. In Solo mode, you will have the entire map to yourself. Your only goal is to find every single follower out there. While trying to achieve this goal, you will have more than enough time to take note of key areas that you can target once you play the Multiplayer mode. Feel free to return to multiplayer games when you feel you can confidently find the key areas in the map while running away from other players.

4. Stay Alert

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If you have played .io games before, you would know that there will always be players who are just waiting for an opportunity to strike. When you are actively chasing a target, make sure you always keep an eye out for other players. If you blindly chase someone, you might end up accidentally running into a bigger player, with both you and your target ending up as food. Stay alert at all times. If your target has managed to get too much of a head start when running away, it might be safer to just give up and try again later on.

5. Watch Ads For More Coins

Whenever you complete a game, you will be rewarded with coins. The amount you earn depends on your rank, so you would want to get the top rank as much as possible. An alternate way to earn more coins, however, is by watching video advertisements. You will be asked to watch an ad at the end of each round. Agreeing to do so will allow you to spin for a prize afterwards. What’s even better is that you can spin multiple times by watching more videos. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can just keep watching until you have enough money to unlock new skins.

6. Customize Your Character

When playing multiplayer games, it is always nice to set yourself apart from the competition by showing up in new skins. In Popular Wars there are several character skins, facial expressions, and circle colors for you to choose from. All the circle colors are available from the beginning, but you will have to unlock the character skins and expressions. Some skins can be unlocked by simply purchasing them with coins. Others are a bit more difficult to acquire since you need to accomplish certain goals first in order to unlock them.

We have listed some of the tasks you need to complete in order to get new skins. Keep in mind, however, that the skins are purely cosmetic and will have no impact on your performance in the game. Most of the skins you can unlock through tasks can be acquired with enough practice. Just keep playing the games and you will eventually be able to unlock them all. There are more skins that can be unlocked through various means, and they will most likely be available when you reach certain milestones in the game. Just keep on improving in order to discover them all.

– Achieve VIP Rank
– Achieve Superstar Rank
– Achieve Worldstar Rank
– Achieve Icon Rank
– Achieve Legend Rank
– Grab a chair 10 times in Classic Mode (Chun-Li Costume)
– Log in for 7 consecutive days
– Gather 700 followers in Classic Mode
– Destroy 10 Walls in a single game in Classic Mode (Ash Ketchum Costume)
– Eliminate 5 players in a single game in Classic Mode (Donuld Trump Costume)
– Hit 50 trees over multiple games (Soldier Costume)
– Reach the four corners of the map in a single game in Classic Mode
– Get first place in Classic Mode (Business Suit Costume)

Becoming the most popular guy in town is easy, especially if you follow our Popular Wars cheats, tips and tricks above! In case you know some other tips for the game, feel free to drop us a line in the comment area!