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New Romance of the Three Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Dominate the Battlefield

Based on one of the most popular novels in Chinese Literature and much beloved by many people in East Asia, the characters and story of Romance of the Three Kingdoms has been further spread across the globe through numerous game adaptations spanning over 3 decades. With practically hundreds of video game titles related to it, the most popular by far is the is the video game series of the same name developed and published by Koei Tecmo, most particularly, its biggest hit which is Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI.

Recently, BBGame HK, with license and coordination with Koei Tecmo, adopts Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI and has brought it to Android and iOS with the release of New Romance of the Three Kingdoms set to continue on the strategy game perfection that the popular series has ceaselessly achieved. Along with the series’ most popular generals, there is also a story for both fans as well as new players to the title and genre to revel in. There are lots of things to analyse and explore in the game and while it all may seem a bit overwhelming at first, spending time with each game mode and feature will get you hooked on it moving forward. Regardless of whether or not you are a fan of the series or a strategy game lover at that, New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a great game to try out especially if you want new experiences on mobile games.

There is a fair amount of tutorials included in New Romance of the Three Kingdoms and the guide on which tasks you should accomplish always stays with you. As you keep on venturing through different battles while continuously developing your city, you will be discovering more about the game on your own and some are left for personal exploration as well. The basics will surely cause no problem to follow even for a complete and total beginner. As strategies and tactical planning is involved however, you need to think through a lot of activities you do in the game and while you are completely free to go through with your progress as you feel, there will always be more efficient ways to go about managing your city, strengthening your generals, and winning over challenging battles ahead.

If you are a bit stumped and have very little idea on how to go about your city’s growth and development as well as raising and strengthening your army or if you feel that you know what to do yet still want to find better ways of going about everything, then our New Romance of the Three Kingdoms beginner’s guide will help you through your initial set-up, as well as help you on your way to becoming a dominant force in the game.

1. Always Multitask

Ahead of most real-time strategy games, what can make New Romance of the Three Kingdoms’ pace faster when it comes from developing your city is having 2 building cues to start with. As this has been the typical progress-limiting game mechanic in most strategy games, having 2 available building cues from the start of the game can make progress through it fast at no extra cost. You can also earn a third building cue if you reach VIP 3, but as far as building construction and upgrade is concerned, having two should keep you busy enough.

new romance of the three kingdoms guide

Although initially you should follow the suggested task on the lower right of the screen, there will soon come a time when you must stray a bit off what is being suggested most especially since you can do so much more while waiting for that particular task is asking you to do. For one, since you can do 2 upgrades at the same time, there is no need for you to wait for 1 construction to Finish and move on to the next one. While the construction timer is counting down, feel free to initiate other activities you can engage in to maximize efficiency. As far as construction and upgrading of buildings are concerned, what you can appreciate in New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is making this task easier than in most strategy games. You can simply click on the Building Icon at the left side of the screen and readily choose which one you will initiate construction with. Prerequisites mostly only relate to your Hall as all other structures can only be upgraded to the same level as your Hall’s.

If you notice the activity icons on the left side of the screen, you will identify that Building is only one part of what you should be constantly doing. Next to that is Campaign which is basically refers to groups or teams in your army. While you will initially start with just one army for deployment, you will easily be able to unlock the second one and following your inherent desire to speed up progress and keep nothing idle, you can organize another set of generals and troops to form a second team. With your first (stronger) army, you would want to cleanse the surrounding area from rebels that litter around. Once you can defeat the lowermost level, be sure to try and attack the next higher level. If your team is not strong enough to launch an attack against stronger rebels, the game will notify you and you can go back to searching for lower ranked enemies. Once you have another team, you can deploy them to gather resources from various spots close to your city. Be careful though as nearby enemy players can attack your army outside of your city even if your city shields are on.

With each battle you engage in, it’s almost a guarantee that some of your troops will be injured and will not be able to join in on the next battle. As such you should constantly heal them up at your infirmary to ensure that you will always be at full power when you engage in battle. Additionally, you should constantly recruit soldiers at the Barracks as well especially since you will continuously grow your army to have more teams that require constant replenishment of troops.

To ensure therefore that you are at peak efficiency, you should keep a close watch on all of these activities in-between progressing story quests and other activities. It may seem like a lot to take in for starters, but within a day or two, you will surely get the hang of it and make it a part of your routine in the game.

2. Progress Through The Plot (Story Mode) As Far As You Can

As a basic progression determinant in most games that have one, story-related missions and battles provide essential experience for you and your troops as well as basic items you need to further strengthen your heroes, in this case generals, and your army. As you battle your way through the story chapters, take note of the recommended army strength as it may determine how successfully you can accomplish the mission. While it is okay to complete it even with just a one-star rating, successfully achieving all objectives for a three-star rating can earn you additional rewards as well as unlock the Blitz mode which instantly finishes a stage when you need to farm items and experience points quick. Be sure to open the treasure chests you unlock after earning 3, 9, and 15 stars in a particular Chapter.

new romance of the three kingdoms tips

Once you face a stage in any chapter where the recommended troop strength is above what you have, then you should begin focusing more on strengthening your army, particularly your generals.

3. Choose Your Best Generals For The Main Army

As you will engage in a lot of strategic battles, you need to prepare your army well and in order to do that you must choose from among the generals you have which are should lead each team of troops. As you go through the initial Plot chap0ters, you will be rewarded with some generals to lead your army in battle. Later on, however, you will have access to summoning more generals to join your growing army and you will most likely have more than enough that you would have to choose the best from among them.

Primarily, the point of deciding which ones to pick rests on the rarity of the generals in your roster as these determine their overall strength in terms of stats and skill sets. From the most common to the rarest, the colors of generals are Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Red. Be sure to take note of each of your general’s skill sets as well as you will need to have a good idea of what each does on important battles where you can’t rely exclusively on auto battle. Once you have chosen your preferred generals, it’s time to make them stronger, even just little by little.

new romance of the three kingdoms cheats

The first and most basic way to raise a general’s stats and BR (Battle Rating) is to give him experience points to level him up. Although you can earn experience points with every battle you engage in, you can further boost a general’s growth by clicking the upgrade button on the general’s window and consuming EXP Books to give your preferred general some experience points. As you should exercise caution as well in using your limited resources, you may opt to split giving experience points only to your main team and members that you feel will be a part of the main team for a long time, like maybe Orange Rarity and above would be a good starting point.

Next to that, equip your generals with gears that you have. As you may never have enough equipment to arm each of your favourite generals, prioritize the ones on the front rows (melee fighters) as they will be receiving more damage in combat than the archers. To farm gears or gear shards, continue to hunt and battle rebels outside the city. You can also upgrade each piece of equipment and the max upgrade level is dependent on your account level. Don’t worry about wasting equipment and upgrades on the wrong general as you can always strip gears off and transfer it to other generals.

Yet another point of enhancement comes in the form of Promotion. With items you obtain from completing plot quests, you can further boost each of your general’s stats. As later on you may constantly need loads of each of these items, you can click on the promotion icon that has yet to be activated and click on the lacking material to identify the story chapter where you can farm it from.

Evolution is perhaps one of the more difficult ways for you to enhance your generals, most especially the rare ones. With this mechanic, you need to consume a copy of the general you want to upgrade to raise his star rank and his skill levels. If it’s already that hard to obtain a red-colored general, imagine how you can obtain 7 more to fully evolve that general. At some point therefore, some blue rarity generals may even surpass the BR of your Orange ones if you have multiple copies of them in your inventory.

Perhaps one of the strongest luck-based boost is the Bond which activates when you unlock a specific general to whom your character has a bond with. As this may be very difficult to pursue, you need to take note of the generals you need to unlock for your main team and try to acquire them from the multiple means of obtaining additional generals.

Considering the gacha mechanics in play, it may happen that you still need to get better generals than the ones you have for you to want to enhance each and every member of your main strike force. As such you may want to look into various means of acquiring better generals.

Basically, you can summon additional generals through the Tavern in your city. You can get Green to Purple generals by spending copper coins up to 10 times a day and you can spend gold for a chance to obtain Orange ones. If you have a plethora of copper coins to spare, feel free to purchase 10 regular Banquet Summons. For the more expensive one, you may want to earn enough to buy 10 times first as this method will save you more gold. Once you finish a chapter in Plot on normal mode, you will unlock Elite Mode for that particular chapter. In each stage of Elite Mode, you can gain Goodwill or shards of some difficult to acquire generals. As you will never have enough stamina to farm all the Elite Mode stages, you may want to focus on getting the goodwill of generals you have or want on your team. Lastly, you can purchase bulks of general goodwills from the market at the cost of pledges. You can acquire more pledges through various events, city raids, and ousting (discarding) generals you no longer need.

4. Join An Army (Guild)

As a staple game mechanic on every MMO strategy game, guild systems play a vital role to each and every player’s survival and success in the game. In New Romance of the Three Kingdoms, guilds are called army and you should eagerly find, apply for, and join one as soon as you can. Perhaps the most basic advantages of joining an army is the boost you get out of constructions and upgrades you do in your city. As every bit of development you do takes time to finish, having several helping hands to reduce the completion time of projects lead to a much faster city growth and progress. Likewise, you should also keep an eye out on co-army members who need help with their cities as well.

new romance of the three kingdoms strategy

You should also contribute donations to boost the growth of the army as these will later on be helpful to you not just in the salary you obtain daily and the fame you get which can be used to purchase guild exclusive items at the army shop as later on, the army’s level will help you in becoming stronger as it occupies more cities in the field.

5. Check Events For Freebies And Great Buys

new romance of the three kingdoms events

On top of the contents of the Event Icon on the right hand side of the screen, there are various limited events you should check for freebies you can collect as well as items you may want to buy with premium currency. As you will naturally be able complete some of these events, carefully checking others which you can still complete may get you much needed resources and items to further boost your city’s development and your army’s growth. Be sure to aim for achieving all objectives in the 7-Day Gold Bonanza which means you may need to spend a little bit of time and effort on your first seven days to grab those rewards. While other events may not necessarily give you free items, there are discounted purchases as well that may be otherwise very difficult to obtain through other means.

6. Check Your Bag For Items You May Want To Use

It may be a little difficult to notice but there is actually a Bag Icon on the bottom of your screen which leads to the inventory of items you have gathered from quests and rewards. There will hardly be any notification whatsoever on it so be sure to occasionally check what you have as there may be some items best used sooner than later.

new romance of the three kingdoms items

For one, if you really want to push your progress early on, and you shouldn’t hesitate to use Buns and Marching Orders early on to be able to go on more story quests and rebel hunts if you have more time. You can also use Construction and Recruitment Speedups to raise your city’s level faster if you want. What’s important here of course is understanding that you would only do these things if you have more playing time in the day and you don’t have stamina or similar resources to do much anymore.

7. Prepare Well Before You Launch An Attack

Like in most online strategy games, in New Romance of the Three Kingdoms, you simply shouldn’t attack another player just because you feel like it without considering the aftermath and its many possible effects on your army and your city. For one, you will have an invulnerability shield for the first 48 hours of gameplay and it will instantly be removed once you take any kind of action against any other player, so even using Detect to spy on the enemy city’s army and resources will do just that.

Once you take a look outside your city, be sure to explore a bit on the immediate surroundings as you may be targeted by a stronger opponent as well as soon as your shield run out. Depending on the number of prey and potential predators around you, you may want to relocate to another area in the map, preferably somewhere close to where your army is.

new romance of the three kingdoms tricks

Again, being in an army provides more advantages than you can initially appreciate. As battles begin to happen around you from one player against the next or even from an army against another, being entirely on your own once you are vulnerable makes it almost impossible to survive an assault. With the army at your side, you can launch attacks in unison and team up to defeat even much stronger opponents and on the other hand, you can also help one another out if someone from the group is being the a target of an attack. Also, since you won’t be always online at least you have some people to watch over your city while you are away, much like your next-door neighbors in real life.

Another thing you should look into is the potential allies of the city you wish to attack. You may be targeting a city with defenses weaker than your troops but then there may be neighboring allies waiting to cast vengeance on anyone who attacks their buddy. One thing to keep in mind as well is that just because a city’s level is lower than yours doesn’t necessarily mean that he has weaker troops and generals and vice versa. So be sure to always use Detect to verify if your target is indeed someone you can defeat.

And that wraps up our New Romance of the Three Kingdoms beginner’s guide. With overflowing information and loads of contents we discussed, we hope you were able to pick up the gist of the tips and strategies we discussed here. With some time, patience, and dedication you can easily blaze through upgrades and enhancements to become stronger than most players around you in the field (with some luck too). In any case, following our New Romance of the Three Kingdoms tips, cheats and strategies will most likely lead to a safer journey through the perilous areas and battles within the game. If you feel that we missed out on anything, feel free to let us know and send us a message through our comment section just below!