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Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Cheats & Strategy Guide: 9 Fantastic Tips You Need to Know

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is the long-awaited Android and iOS port of the popular Nintendo 3DS game, and in here, you “solve puzzles to battle Pokemon,” lining up three or more Pokemon in vertical or horizontal rows. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this is a Match 3 game that brings the Pokemon franchise to the casual gaming crowd, though there’s more to matching three or more of the same. The game promises a chance for you to battle, collect, and level up your Pokemon, which does help differentiate this title from others in the extremely popular Match 3 puzzle genre of gaming.

Chances are you’re familiar with how vintage Match 3 gaming mechanics work, but in case you aren’t, we have a new Pokemon Shuffle Mobile cheats and strategy guide for you that should help you get a good start to playing this game. These tips, however, aren’t just limited to new players, as advanced players can also refer to these tips to jog their memory about the fundamentals, or even pick up a few new techniques to help them in the later levels.

1. Optimize Your Team First

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile is indeed a different kind of beast from the average Match 3 game, and one of these key differences is the option for you to optimize your team. Make sure you optimize your team before battling other Pokemon, as this would fill your four slots with the best characters for the task at hand. For example, you’ll have more Fire Pokemon in your team if you’re battling a Grass Pokemon.

2. Be Familiar With The Ability Of Each Pokemon

All Pokemon have their own unique skills, including a passive ability that could be activated if you’re able to do a certain thing. One example of these passive skills would be the Power of Four, which allows you to do significantly more damage with that Pokemon, if you’re able to create a match of four. Still, you shouldn’t ignore your Pokemon’s active abilities as well; the passive abilities are the secret weapon, but the active abilities are the ones you may be using most of the time.

3. Finish Puzzles With As Few Moves As Possible

This is a classic tip that holds true in most Match 3 titles. If you’re able to defeat a Pokemon with a good number of left over moves, you’ll earn more points, which is a given. You will, however, also have a better chance at capturing Pokemon. There are no time limits in this game, and that should allow you to focus on playing as efficiently as possible, meaning minimizing your moves for more points and higher capture chances.

4. Take Your Time

Expounding on what we said earlier, it is really important to make the most out of the time allowed you in this game. And that’s all the time in the world; like many other Match 3 games, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile doesn’t have any time limits. Use the time you have to formulate a sound battle strategy, look for openings to create combos, and be sure you’re using the best Pokemon or attack possible when fighting an enemy Pokemon.

5. Match Optimized Pokemon As Much As You Could

If you’re able to hit an enemy Pokemon with an attack that matches its weakness, that would deal out double the damage. You wouldn’t need to worry about this much if you use the Optimize function, but just as a reminder, try your best to match these optimized Pokemon as often as possible. The more advantageous Pokemon you have on your team, the better, as that’s going to allow for greater damage in the long run.

6. Match More Than Three

Last, but not the least, you’ll want to match more than three pieces as often as possible – stringing together combos, in other words. With each combo you add to the string, you’ll add to your damage multiplier, and that could significantly dent the enemy Pokemon’s HP.

7. Don’t Just Evolve, Mega Evolve

You may have some Pokemon that are able to Mega Evolve, and if you do, you’ll want to match that Pokemon as often as possible so they can, for starters, be able to evolve. A Pokemon that is Mega Evolved would have some special abilities that could turn the tide in battle and puzzle solving. One example is the first of these Mega Pokemon – Mega Audino – matching this character would allow you to match all surrounding Pokemon.

Feel free to play around with this mechanic as often as you want – this means experimenting with all the available Mega Stones so you can see what your Pokemon can do once they have been Mega Evolved.

8. Head To The 3DS To Get A Code

If you own a Nintendo 3DS and had previously played Pokemon Shuffle on the device, you should definitely return to the game on the 3DS. Doing so will allow you to get a code, which could then be redeemed in Pokemon Mobile Shuffle. That’s going to get you a Lucarionite, allowing the Pokemon Lucario to Mega Evolve. It’s also a good idea to do this regularly, because you never know when the makers of the 3DS game will release more goodies for those currently playing Pokemon Shuffle Mobile on their Android or iOS phones or tablets.

9. Play The Event Levels

Now, we’re really getting advanced here, because when you’ve got Mega Audino, that’s the only time you’ll get access to the event levels. Event levels change from time to time, but these would also be your best chance to capture some of the rarest Pokemon out there. You’ll have to make sure, however, that you’re ready for these events, as the Pokemon up for grabs are traditionally quite powerful and very, very difficult to defeat. Check your team to see if it’s got a type advantage over the Pokemon you’re trying to catch in the event level.