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Flippy Wheels Cheats & Survival Guide: 5 Awesome Tips for Completing More Levels

Does that title sound familiar? If it does, then it is not to be confused with the real McCoy, Jim Bonacci’s browser-turned-iOS game Happy Wheels. This Totty Games title is available for Android and iOS, and it features the same premise – you’re controlling an inept, ill-prepared racer and maneuvering him in a virtual obstacle course of death traps. We’re talking land mines, darts, arrows, spikes, wrecking balls (Miley Cyrus not included), and more implements of destruction that could end your character’s run in the most gruesome of manners. Think of this game (and Happy Wheels) as the Simpsons’ Itchy and Scratchy meets racing and puzzle gaming.

Unlike Happy Wheels, there is no story in Flippy Wheels, just a slew of user-created levels you can choose from. And there are no leaderboards either as of this moment, nor rewards for beating your best time in a level. While these created levels are indeed quite difficult to play, we’ve got a Flippy Wheels cheats and survival guide that could help you complete more levels.

1. Don’t Roll On Your Head Too Often

Though, moving past some obstacles would require you to flip your character on his head, you shouldn’t do this too often. He may survive after losing a limb or two, but if you flip around too often, you won’t just end up breaking his neck; you’ll also end up beheading him, thus ending the run.

As a bonus tip, you’ll still be credited with finishing the level if your character gets beheaded AFTER you make it to the finish line.

2. Choose The Cyclist Unless Specified

Most of the user-created levels in Flippy Wheels can be played using any of the three characters – the cyclist, the scooter guy, and the wheelchair guy. Based on our experience, using the wheelchair guy is absolutely hellish, but most levels are doable when using the cyclist.

3. Gravity Kills

One of the obstacles (or aids, however you prefer to look at it) in Flippy Wheels is the fan, which would allow your character to float upwards, thus allowing him to reach an elevated platform. Now you won’t always be able to reach that platform on the first try, but you also wouldn’t want to have your character flipping around in mid-air too often. If that happens, he may lose a limb, or even lose his head, all because of gravity!

4. Angle Your Vehicle Towards The Spikes

Spikes are among the nastiest obstacles you’ll have to deal with in the game; unlike darts and arrows, they’ll kill you instantly if your character lands on them. Instead, try angling your vehicle – the bicycle, the scooter, or the wheelchair – towards the spikes and have the vehicle go straight through the spikes without flipping or rolling.

5. Some Levels Have More Than One Solution

It’s a misnomer to call Flippy Wheels a racing game – we’d say it’s more like a puzzle game, where reaching the finish line can be achieved by moving your character/vehicle in a certain way, and with the right timing. Be patient when dealing with the levels, and also take note that some levels have multiple solutions or multiple finish lines.