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Pocket Summoner: Origin Tips, Tricks & Guide to Become a Powerful Summoner

Pocket Summoner: Origin is the prequel to Pocket Summoner: Episode 1, and a new App Store release for fans of role-playing games everywhere. This is an anime-influenced RPG where you “adventure the world and capture various spirits as your guards,” with each of the guards having their own unique skills and abilities. The game’s features include real-time “command based” battles, city-building elements that include researching technologies, and the ability to capture and train your spirits. There are also quests and boss fights aplenty, and more than enough chances to improve your reputation.

RPGs are always a bit tougher to learn than the average mobile game. So with that in mind, we thought we’d allow you to ease in a bit and get your feet wet the right way with these Pocket Summoner: Origin tips and tricks. Whether you played the first game or didn’t, we hope this serves as a good introduction to this interesting, freshly-released prequel.

1. You Can Use One Monster Per Battle

This is arguably the most frustrating part of the game, and you’ll notice it straight away when you fight your first battle. You’re only allowed to use one monster per battle, and if he dies, you lose the round, even if you’ve got other monsters in reserve, alive and kicking and ready to fight.

2. Scout The Enemy Monsters Properly

Given what we told you in the first tip, it’s definitely imperative that you scout the enemy and make sure you know what you’re up against. Remember the monster types that are strong or weak against others, and use what you know in this area to field the right monster in a battle. Once again, one-and-done is the name of the game in Pocket Summoner: Origin.

3. Speed Kills (The Enemy)

This isn’t the type of game that will give you the luxury of taking your time. The faster you tap to attack your enemy, the less time they’ll have to recover from their boo-boos, for lack of a better term. Be especially aware of the blue bar underneath your health, as that’s the cool down time following an attack. The moment the blue bar is full, start tapping; you might even have to tap before it fills to be on the safe side.

4. Level Up Your Characters

Pay attention here, because things might get a bit confusing. After each battle, you’ll earn mana points, and that’s what you’ll use to level up your characters. However, you can only level up a character to your current player level at the moment. So if you’re in need of increasing your player level to ensure your characters are caught up, the best thing to do is to keep on grinding – replaying old levels till you’ve got enough mana to level up your characters a little more. Also, make sure to enchant your spirits with fruit and vegetables – this can be done only once per level, though.

5. Basic Tips For Base Building

There’s a city building element to this game, and to keep things as simple as possible, what you need to focus on here are resources. Have a miner and lumber mill (people, not buildings, that is) and talk to them regularly as they gather stone and wood, respectively. You’ll also need a rune stone to allow you to complete quests and earn some gold.