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Circle Rush 2016 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a Super High Score

Overcooked Games’ Circle Rush, which is known as Circle Rush 2016 on the App Store, is a new mobile game that again focuses on the casual and simple side of arcade gaming. It’s a game where the only goal is to beat your high score (or somebody else’s high score – it may be your friends or other players) and the mechanics are painfully simple. It’s all a matter of controlling the ball by tapping on the screen, avoiding the red balls, and once again, beating your score, your friends’ scores, or the scores of other people on the Game Center or Google Play leaderboards. The game also hints at a “challenge” for those who can score more than 10 points in their first game.

Is this is a simple game to learn? It certainly is. But is it easy to score high in this game and beat personal records or those of others? Most people will say it isn’t. We can, at the very least, make this easier for you to do through our list of Circle Rush 2016 tips and tricks.

1. Take Your Time

This may sound like a counterintuitive tip for a game where you need to act fast in order to get a high score. But taking your time to fire off the best shot possible will work to your advantage in Circle Rush. Rushing your shot will have you smashing right into a circle and ending your game. Still, you shouldn’t take too much time, as you’re essentially racing against the walls around the circle you’re in.

2. What To Do When Both Circles Are Spinning?

If you see that your circle and the one ahead of you are simultaneously spinning, it becomes important to time things properly so you can get your ball through the pink area on the two circles. This may be hard to do at first, but pay attention to the circle the ball currently is in; keep your eye off the circle and you might end your game sooner than expected. And if you don’t focus on the circle your ball is headed to, you’ll also be in for a quick endgame and presumably a low score too.

3. What To Do When The Next Circle Isn’t Spinning?

Then again, the usual scenario would be that the circle ahead of you wouldn’t be spinning at all. When dealing with such situations, you don’t need to line up anything, save for the circle where your ball currently is. And if you encounter circles where the area is completely pink, you can pass anywhere through the circle just like that.

4. Play Without Ads

Playing with your Internet turned on means that you’ll be playing with ads, which could really throw you off your focus at times. You can either pay a dollar to play the game 100 percent ad-free, which would be the recommended option – hey, it’s just a dollar! But you can also play the game without any Wi-Fi or cellular data connection and eliminate all those distractions; we would recommend, though, playing with Internet when you’re practicing, as game developers do need to make some money.

These would be our list of Circle Rush 2016 tips, tricks and cheats to get a high score. If you happen to know other tricks for the game, be sure to let us know!