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Pocket City 2 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Build a Prosperous City

Pocket City 2 is the new and improved sequel to the beloved city-building simulation game Pocket City. Developed by Codebrew Games Inc., it was released on April 8, 2023, and adopted many aspects of the original game that made it fun like customizing your city, triggering events, and completing quests. One of the biggest changes that this sequel brings is its move to 3D. While many games tend to lose their charm once they’ve changed the look and graphics of their games, Pocket City 2 stays true to the overall feel of the original and actually refined it.

pocket city 2 intro

Similar to other city-building simulation games like SimCity BuildIt and Cities: Skylines, you are put in charge of building a city from scratch. But designing the layout is not your only concern. As the newly appointed mayor, your responsibilities range from providing citizens with housing and jobs, keeping crime at bay, hosting block parties, and even shooing away dastardly raccoons. These may all sound like a lot, but this is where we come in! We’ve played the game in length and discovered some tips and tricks that could help you and your city thrive!

pocket city 2 gameplay

1. Play Through the Tutorial City at Least Once

pocket city 2 tutorial city

As a new player, the very first city you’ll end up making is a Tutorial City. This city is different from the usual and has a set location and size. Pocket City 2 has many elements to it and it helps to learn the basics and get used to the game through this city before attempting to play through other modes and difficulties. The tutorial doesn’t simply end in just a few minutes. It lasts for a few levels.

2. Build Your City According to Your Taste

Once you’re done with the Tutorial City, you can choose to create a brand new one without tutorials. Unlike most city-building games, Pocket City 2 allows you to have multiple cities and customize them to your liking. Under the Cities menu, you can find your cities and the options to make a new city or a new sandbox city.

pocket city 2 new city or new sandbox city

When creating a new city, you can choose among 3 sizes: 40×40, 64×64, and 72×72. If you’re unsure of which size to pick, we recommend choosing the smallest size since you can always upscale later in the settings but you can’t decrease the size of the city.

pocket city 2 increase map size

If you don’t want to play in a Tutorial City, make sure to turn tutorials off by toggling the switch next to “Tutorial City.”

pocket city 2 new city

For the difficulty, you can choose between Easy, Hard, and Expert. Easy is perfect for casual players and those who are new to the game as it lets you progress through the game quickly. Hard is for players who want more of a challenge and implements frugal citizens that are hard to attract, rougher terrain to deal with along with higher costs. Expert has the same elements but has lower citizen salary and rewards, limited banks, higher upgrade upkeep costs, no starting perks, and more requirements for mega projects.

If you want an uncomplicated playthrough with all buildings unlocked and the ability to toggle infinite money, disable quests, and set max level, creating a sandbox city would be a better choice for you. It will allow you to get creative with city-building without the constraints of changes.

pocket city 2 sandbox city

Aside from this, you can freely choose between playing vertically or horizontally by just rotating your screen. If you want it to constantly stay in one perspective while you’re playing, just tap the perspective button on the upper left side of your screen until you get the one you prefer.

pocket city 2 perspective

3. Choose Your City Location

pocket city 2 location

If you’re a new player and went through the tutorial, this city’s location will be automatically set for you. However, if you start a new city with “Tutorial City” toggled off, the game randomly generates the location and also randomizes the landforms and water placements in your region. You can continue randomizing this by tapping no when asked if you would like to build your city at the current location.

If you want to choose a particular type of biome, you can tap the upper left button and choose between Plains, Beach, Desert, Island, Mountain, Forest, Farmland, Barren, Ice, and Grasslands. Each Biome has its own mix of resources and some may have more of one type of resource than others.

In Normal Mode, you may find scattered metal (old worn-out car parts), wood (wood planks), and food (pumpkins) that you can collect by tapping on them. Sandbox Mode does not have these collectibles since you’ll have infinite resources.


pocket city 2 plains

The Plains Biome is covered in short grass and abundant in trees that cover about 60% of the map. Water forms like rivers, beaches, and lakes with fish are present for around 10-20% of the map. 1-2 patches of Farmlands are usually present along with an area of ore deposits and 2-4 mountains.


pocket city 2 beach

The Beach Biome is 60-70% sand and 40-30% water. Sand is usually on the upper left side while the water is on the bottom right side. There may sometimes be 1-2 small patches of water on the beach. Palm trees are scattered in clusters and 5-7 tall rocks may be present.


pocket city 2 desert

The Desert Biome is 80-90% sand which is stretched out to the edges. Water is scarce and will be in the form of 1-2 small ponds while Farmlands appear in 1-3 small to medium patches. This biome will also often have 3-4 small clusters of Palm trees and 4-5 tall rocks.


pocket city 2 island

The Island Biome is surrounded by 70-80% water with medium to tiny islands scattered about. These islands will have beaches and sand and will usually have short grass and trees in the middle. It is not uncommon to see 1-square islands here and there. You’ll have to build many bridges to connect buildings to each other.


pocket city 2 mountain

The Mountain Biome is made up of around 80% short grass, 15% water, and 5% beach. Trees are scattered in clusters and don’t occur as much as the plains. There are many mountain landforms and a few waterfalls which may appear in clusters or far apart. Ore deposits are found all over the land and are most distant from each other.


pocket city 2 forest

The Forest Biome consists of short grass that is 80-90% covered in trees. A small patch of this forest is Cherry Blossom Trees. You may find 1-3 mountains and waterfalls among the trees and there will always be a long river that moves from the lower left to the upper right side of the map breaking it in two parts.


pocket city 2 farmland

The Farmland Biome consists of short grass which is 50% covered by trees and has patches of farmland soil and tall grass with flowers. Water appears in the form of 2 small lakes. This biome is the best one to pick if you plan on making a lot of farms.


pocket city 2 barren

The Barren Biome consists of around 80% rough, cracked, and rocky land with ore deposits scattered about and 20% sand or beach. Short grass is only present where the City Hall is spawned. 1-2 rocky mountains may appear along with 2-3 lakes or ponds. While there may not be any grass or green trees, there are clusters of pink Cherry Blossom Trees and Willows that cover 25% of the map.


pocket city 2 ice

The Ice Biome consists of around 80% snow, 1 lake, 1 small beach, and a river that breaks the land into two parts. 8-9 snowy mountains are found scattered around along with a cluster of ore deposits. Snow-covered Pine Trees and dead trees are abundant and take up around 50% of the map.


pocket city 2 grassland

The Grassland Biome consists of around 80% tall grass, 2 lakes surrounded by sand, a river that divides the map, and a cluster of Cherry Blossom Trees.

4. Back up Your City

pocket city 2 backup

It is currently not possible to connect an account to the game to back up your city. The only way to have a backup is to upload your city by going to Settings > Save > Upload while your city is currently loaded. While this makes the city publicly available, other players will still need your city ID to actually find and load it.

5. Collaborate With Friends

pocket city 2 collaborate

Building a city doesn’t have to be a solo venture. You can invite up to two friends to join your city as collaborators who can spend money to build, repair, demolish, and buy property. However, in order to keep the collaborative mode active, you need to be online. This is beneficial to any host player since it will make you aware of any changes your collaborators did and you still have control over how long they can work on your city. It is highly recommended to make a manual save before collaborating so that if you are unhappy with any of the changes they make, you can still revert it to an older save.

pocket city 2 join city

When hosting, a Host ID will be given to you and your collaborators must type it along with a password (if you require it) to join as a collaborator. If you want to end the collaboration, all you need to do is to close your game. They won’t be able to get back to your city even if you reopen it since you will need to re-host it. Aside from this, a different Host ID will be given to you each time you host.

6. Balance the Three Zone Types

pocket city 2 zones

In Pocket City 2, there are 3 main Zone Types: Residential Zones, Industrial Zones, and Commercial Zones. Each one serves an important function in your city. Residential Zones provide housing for new citizens, Commercial Zones provide businesses and shops where they can get their daily needs while Industrial Zones provide jobs for them.

At the upper left side of your screen, next to the day count, you’ll see 3 vertical bars of different colors. Green represents Residential Zones, blue represents Commercial Zones, and orange represents Industrial Zones. The higher the colored bars are, the higher the demand for these zones is and you’ll need to build more of them.

The buildings that are constructed on these zones are randomly generated; all you need to do is to select the lots that you want to build them on. As much as possible, try to keep each zone to its own areas. Don’t worry if you made a mistake in placement. You can always move each building to a different location or just demolish them and construct new ones.

pocket city 2 zones 2

If you want to get a clear view of where and how many buildings are in a certain type of zone, tap the icon with 4 squares and tap Zones. This will highlight these buildings according to the color associated with the zone.

7. Supply Your City With Roads, Power and Water

You can’t run a city without Roads, Power, or Water! For every new building or structure you add to your city, these three essentials must be kept up to date with their needs.


pocket city 2 roads

Roads connect buildings and other structures. They are needed for travel and supplying Power and Water to your citizens. Important services like the Fire Department and Police are dependent on it for emergencies.

As your city grows, so does its demand for transportation. It won’t be enough to depend on cars and basic streets to get your citizens to where they need to go. Because of this, you’ll need to utilize the different types of roads and other structures that improve traffic.

Road Types

The different Road types vary in Cost, Capacity, Environment, and Walkability. Ideally, you’d want to stick to cheaper roads when you are just starting. But once you get your city going and you get a constant stream of money flowing, you’ll need to start investing in better ones that complement the area. Roads with high Capacity will be able to withstand traffic better and can handle multiple cars with minimal damage. Roads with high Environment are great for the ecosystem. Roads with high Walkability are great for locations that hold events like the Farmer’s Market.

ImageRoad TypeLevel RequirementCostCapacityEnvironmentWalkability
pocket city 2 streetStreetn/a$10050%50%50%
pocket city 2 high densityHigh Densityn/a$200100%10%10%
pocket city 2 dirtDirtn/a$1030%70%10%
pocket city 2 pedestrianPedestriann/a$5040%100%100%
pocket city 2 boardwalkBoardwalkn/a$5040%100%100%
pocket city 2 light railLight Rail18$200100%80%10%
pocket city 2 train railTrain Rail38$50
pocket city 2 high railHigh Rail40$200
pocket city 2 subwaySubway75$2,000

When it comes to Zones, you can have up to two rows of lots assigned to 1 row of road as shown below. This lets you use up more space for zones and buildings and use less of it on roads but still have the necessary connections.

pocket city 2 roads zones

Roads can also be built on the water to form bridges once you unlock “All Bridges” in Research. This is useful for connecting islands. This is vastly different from actual Bridges found under the Traffic section of Buildings.

pocket city 2 roads bridges


pocket city 2 power

Every city needs electricity to carry out their daily functions and activities. Power Plants can provide each building power, even if they are very far away as long as there is a road connecting them from each other. However, each Power Plant has a limit to how many buildings it can supply power to so it is important to build more Power Plants as your city grows. You’ll be able to tell which buildings are not being supplied power if they are darkened and have a red lightning icon on them.

pocket city 2 red icon

To build Power Plants, tap Build > Power > Choose a Power Plant. Below are the types of Power Plants you can build in the game:

BuildingCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionDescription
Power Plant$10,000NoneNoneNoneYesProvides a small amount of power.
Hydro Power Plant$20,000Level 20Placed on water, touching land on both sides.NoneNoProvides a large amount of power.
Power Plant Large$30,000Level 28None$250YesProvides a large amount of power.
Fusion Power Plant$30,000Level 85None$1,000NoProvides an extremely large amount of power.
Wind Power Plant$30,000Research: Green EnergyNone$1,000NoProvides a large amount of power.
Solar Power Plant$30,000Research: Green EnergyNone$1,000NoProvides a very large amount of power.
Waste Power Plant$50,000Defeat Autumn Oaks in a City CompetitionNone$500YesProvides a very large amount of power. Generates power from waste and disposes 25,000 kg of waste daily.


pocket city 2 water

Water is another resource that every city should have. It’s used in day-to-day life for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and so on. Like how power is distributed with Power Plants, water is distributed by Water Towers through roads and the proximity of the buildings does not matter. Near or far, as long as it’s connected by road, they will get supplied. However, just like Power Plants, there is a limit to how many buildings these Water Towers can supply and you will need to increase them as your city grows in size. To figure out which buildings are not supplied with water, look out for ones that are darkened and have a red water droplet icon on them.

pocket city 2 red icon

To build Water Towers, tap Build > Water > Choose a Water Tower. Below are the types of Water Towers you can build in the game:

BuildingCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionDescription
Water Tower$10,000NoneNoneNoneNoProvides a small amount of water.
Water Tower Large$30,000Level 16None$250NoProvides a large amount of water.

8. Keep Your Citizens Happy

pocket city 2 happiness

Your citizen’s happiness is what will keep them from moving to another city and what will influence more people to move in. There are 9 essential needs listed on the Metrics tab that affect this: Recreation, Health, Environment, Traffic Efficiency, Fire Safety, Crime Safety, Trash Management, Sewage Management, and Tax Satisfaction. For the sake of brevity, we’ve put Environment, Trash Management, and Sewage Management underneath Health since they are interconnected with each other.


pocket city 2 ferris wheel

Your citizens will need something to do on their days off work. People are more likely to visit, stay in the city, or move in if there are many recreational facilities or sites that they can visit. This need is affected by these factors:

Citizens Entertained

To get 100% on this factor, the number next to this must be equal to the number of citizens your city has. If you manage to get 100% on the last two factors, this one will max out.

Recreational Variety

To max this out, you’ll need to build many recreational facilities and sites until you get to 100%. It doesn’t matter how big or small these structures are, they will add up.


This refers to buildings under the Recreation Tab that improves Community. Since only a handful of them do, we’ve put them in a table below for your reference:

StructureBuilding RequirementsLocation RequirementsCostDaily Maintenance CostsRecreation PointsCommunity Points
Community CenterLevel 23. Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/a$20,000n/a600 Citizens2,500 Citizens
Forest LodgeLevel 47. Uses Roads.Must be placed next to three forest zones.$40,000n/a2,400 Citizens2,500 Citizens
Concert HallLevel 98. Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/a$100,000n/a12,250 Citizens5,000 Citizens
Event CenterDefeat Merry Smokes in a City Competition. Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/a$100,000$50010,000 Citizens12,500 Citizens
Large GazeboDefeat Sevenwaters in a City Competition. Uses Roadsn/a$20,000$25010,000 Citizens12,500 Citizens

Take note that the more citizens you have, the more recreational structures you’ll need to construct.


pocket city 2 hospital

Health is a very important need that must never be overlooked. Environment and Trash Management, two other needs in this list, must be taken care of before this need is fully satisfied. Your citizens’ health is affected by several factors:

Medical Treatment Capacity

This refers to the ratio between how many hospitals your city has, how many patients they can admit or treat, and how often citizens get ill. As long as you have enough hospitals, this would be easy to 100%. While there are two building options to choose from, Hospitals are always preferred over Community Health Centers. As soon as you unlock Hospitals and have enough money, replace your Community Health Centers.

BuildingCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionUpgradeableDescription
Community Health Center$5,000Uses Water, Power and Roads.None$250NoNoProvides local health coverage. Treats 10 patients per day.
Hospital$20,000Level 13, Uses Water, Power and Roads.None$500NoYesProvides local health coverage. Treats 50 patients per day.

Health Coverage

This refers to how much of your city can have easy access to Hospitals or Health Centers. Tap the icon with 4 squares and tap Health to see your city’s health coverage. Make sure that every inch of your city is covered in green to get 100% Health Coverage.


This is the trickier one to get to 100% since it has many sub-factors that affect it. It will only effectively reach 100% when you get to the higher levels and unlock more eco-friendly structures. The best thing you can do to improve at the start is to make sure that Industrial Zones and other structures that produce pollution are as far away from Residential Zones as possible. Below are the sub-factors that will influence the percentage for Environment:

Industrial Pollution

This refers to pollution produced by Industrial Zones. A building that can help with this is the Carbon Capture Plant. However, this may take a while to unlock.

Water Pollution

This refers to pollution produced by water waste in your city.

Vehicle Pollution

This refers to pollution produced by vehicles.


This refers to the state of your city’s ecosystem.

Trash Management

This refers to how well you dispose of the trash in your city. You’ll need to have an adequate amount of buildings and structures that can clear them. The structures for Trash Management are connected to other buildings through roads and do not need to be near buildings to reach them. Below are the sub-factors that will influence the percentage of Trash Management:

  • Trash Production
  • Landfill Usage
  • Trash Overflow

Sewage Management

This refers to how well you dispose of the water waste in your city. You’ll need to create sewage drains to clear out water waste and dispose of them in an isolated area of water. Just like Trash Management, the structures for Water Waste Management are connected to other buildings through roads and do not need to be near buildings to reach them. Below are the sub-factors that will influence the percentage of Water Waste Management:

  • Sewage Produced
  • Sewage Drained
  • Sewage Overflow

To help improve the environment in your city, you can construct the following buildings and structures:

BuildingCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionDescription
Landfill$5,000Uses Roads.n/an/aYesHolds up to 30,000 kg of waste. Cannot be demolished.
Waste Incinerator$15,000Level 21. Uses Roads.n/an/aYesDisposes of 15,000 kg of waste daily.
Recycling Center$250,000Level 76. Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/a$10,000NoDisposes 150,000 kg of waste daily.
Carbon Capture Plant$65,000Research: Carbon Capture Plant. Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/a$500NoEliminates pollution from nearby buildings.
Waste Power Plant$50,000Defeat Autumn Oaks in a City Competition.n/a$500YesGenerates power from waste. Provides a very large amount of power. Disposes of 25,000 kg of waste daily.
Sewage Drain$1,000NoneNext to water.NoneYesDisposes of 300 kgal of sewage and pollutes nearby water.
Sewage Lagoon$5,000NoneNone$500NoDisposes of 300 kgal of sewage.
Water Treatment Plant$150,000Level 34Next to water.$1,000NoDisposes of 1500 kgal of sewage.

To check where and how much pollution there is in your city, tap the icon with four squares on the upper right side of your screen and tap Environment.

pocket city 2 pollution


This refers to how difficult or easy it is to travel from place to place. As long as you have enough roads that connect to all buildings and structures that need it, this will be maxed at 100%.

Residential Pollution

This is the one item on the list that you should strive to keep at 0%. This refers to how much pollution the Residential Zone gets. As long as you keep Industrial Zones and other structures that emit pollution, you won’t have to worry about this. Having a Carbon Capture Plant may also help with this.

Traffic Efficiency

pocket city 2 traffic

Your citizens’ ability to go from one point to another can be a big factor in whether or not they stay or leave your city. If they cannot get to work on time or if ambulances weren’t able to arrive in an emergency, then their livelihood and safety will be at risk. While traffic is an inevitable problem in every city, it can be handled by building structures that can improve it. Below is a list of these structures and their functions. You can find these structures by tapping Build > Buildings > Traffic.

StructureCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionDescription
Traffic Light$1,000n/aMust be placed at a road intersection. Uses Roads.n/an/aReduces nearby traffic. The cheapest and easiest fix to a busy intersection.
Bus Depot$20,000Level 12Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/an/aDispatch buses to bus stops.
Bus Stop$2,500Level 12. A Bus Depot must be built beforehand.Must placed at a non-intersection road.$50n/aReduces nearby traffic.
Light Rail Stop$5,000Level 18. Build at least two stops connected by a Light Rail road.Must be placed next to a Light Rail.$50n/aProduces trams and reduces nearby traffic.
Snowplow Depot$20,000Level 25Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/an/aClears snow for 1,000 roads during winter.
Bridge$10,000Level 29Must be placed on water. Different from the bridges that were created when placing roads on water. Uses Water, Power and Roads.n/an/aImproves nearby traffic. 4 visual styles available. 2 Lots long.
Parking Garage$10,000Level 32Uses Roads.n/an/aReduces nearby traffic.
High Rail Station$5,000Level 40. Build at least two stations connected by a High Rail.Must be placed next to a High Rail.$50n/aProduces trains and reduces nearby traffic.
Airport$100,000Level 56Uses Water, Power and Roads.$500n/aSlighty improves traffic. Increases maximum daily tourists by 1,000.
Commuter Train Station$100,000Level 65Must be placed next to a Train Rail that reaches the edge of the map. Uses Water, Power and Roads.$10,000n/aAllows citizens to commute. Increases housing by 10,000 for each map edge connected. Only one can be made.
Subway Station$15,000Level 75Must be placed next to a Subway Rail.$250n/aProduces subway train and reduces nearby traffic. Build at least two stations connected by subway tunnels.
EV Factory$100,000n/aUses Water, Power and Roads.$500n/aImproves traffic and environment. Create electric vehicles. Only one can be made.
Hover Car Factory$1,000,000Level 95. Requires EV Factory.n/a$500n/aImproves traffic. Creates hover cars. Only one can be made.

You can view how heavy the traffic is per road by tapping the icon with 4 squares and tapping Traffic. This will highlight the roads with green, yellow, orange, and red colors. Red signifies the heaviest traffic while green signifies the lightest one.

pocket city 2 traffic roads

You can view the Subways by tapping the icon with 4 squares and tapping Subway. This will show what the subways look like underground.

pocket city 2 subway

Fire Safety

pocket city 2 fire station

Fire can start from anywhere, especially in households, offices, and factories that are constantly using electricity and vehicles that are using flammable fuel to run. In case of emergencies and accidents, you’ll want to have Fire Departments all around the city to calm the flames and also calm the anxious citizens that may get affected.

BuildingCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionUpgradeableDescription
Fire Department$15,000Uses Water, Power and Roads.None$500NoYesProvides local fire safety coverage.

You can check if every inch of your city is within reach of your fire departments by tapping the icon with 4 squares and tapping Fire. This will highlight buildings and structures that cannot be reached with red.

pocket city 2 fire

Crime Safety

pocket city 2 police station

Everyone wants to live in a safe area. The way you handle and prevent crime can greatly affect how safe a citizen would feel in your city. There are several factors that can affect this:

Police Coverage

This refers to how much reach the police have to every part of your city. Just like Fire Departments, you’ll need to build as many as needed to make sure you can deploy police officers to the scene of the crime wherever it may be.

BuildingCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionUpgradeableDescription
Police Station$15,000Uses Water, Power and Roads.None$500NoYesImproves nearby crime safety.

To see if there are any areas that are left out, tap the icon with 4 squares and tap Crime. Any area highlighted with red cannot be reached by your Police Stations.

pocket city 2 crime levels


This refers to how many of your citizens have jobs.


This refers to how much you’ve invested in your city’s Education. As long as you’ve covered all levels (Elementary, Secondary, Post-Secondary, and Lifelong Education) and constructed buildings for them, you’ll be able to take care of this factor. You may need to put points into researching Education for a higher percentage.


This refers to how many community buildings you have versus the number of citizens living in your city. You’ll need to balance it out to get the percentage to 100%.

Tax Satisfaction

pocket city 2 tax

This refers to how happy your citizens are with the tax percentage you assigned. Since taxes will be your main source of cash at the start, you’ll need to strike a balance between your citizen’s happiness and the cash you need to run the city smoothly.

Each of the zones in your city provides a different type of tax. Residential Zones pay Property Taxes, Industrial Zones pay Income Taxes while Commercial Zones pay Sales Taxes. If you go to your City Hall, you can go to Taxes > Cash and adjust how much tax you want to collect from each zone. As you move the percentages of these taxes, the Tax Satisfaction of your citizens will change. We recommend keeping this above 50%. Once you’re making lots of money from just tourism, selling resources at the Shipping Dock and other sources, you’ll be able to afford to get this to 100% and abolish taxes entirely.

9. Participate in Events

Events liven up your city and can also earn you cash and experience points. There are four types of Events in the game that you can hold and participate in: Recreational Events, Disasters, City Competitions, and Minigames.

Recreational Events

pocket city 2 events

Recreational Events create a sense of community in your city. The success of the event is hugely dependent on the time it is held, the weather on that day, and the amount of pollution in the area. Some of these events are held for free for the first time and must be paid for on the succeeding times. You cannot hold more than 1 event at once.

ImagesEventCostRequirementsIdeal Start Time
pocket city 2 farmer's marketFarmer’s Market$20,000 and 50 Food Productsn/aBetween 6am to 4pm
pocket city 2 block partyBlock Party$16,000 and 50 WoodLevel 8Between 3pm to 11pm
pocket city 2 house partyHouse Party$19,000 and 25 Food ProductsLevel 15Between 3pm to 11pm
pocket city 2 paradeParade$24,000 and 50 MetalLevel 28Between 1pm to 11pm
pocket city 2 fireworksFireworks$28,000 and 50 WoodLevel 38Between 7pm to 12am
pocket city 2 marathonMarathon$32,000 and 50 Consumer GoodsLevel 48Between 1pm to 11pm
pocket city 2 ice festivalIce Festival$35,000Level 56Between 3pm to 11pm
pocket city 2 stadium concertStadium Concert$45,000 and 50 MetalLevel 80Between 4pm to 12am


pocket city 2 disasters

Disasters may be the last on your list for a good time. It destroys buildings and structures which will cost money to repair or rebuild. However, in Pocket City 2, these Disasters actually bring some benefits to your city. Research Points can be gained whenever buildings are destroyed, and these points are used for innovating aspects of your city and the way it works. At the upper right side of the Disasters window, you can turn on a toggle that will create Random Disasters which will also generate $3,000 of income per day.

ImagesEventRequirementsResearch Points Earned
pocket city 2 tornadoTornadon/a2
pocket city 2 volcanoVolcanoLevel 203
pocket city 2 floodFloodLevel 303
pocket city 2 thunder stormThunder StormLevel 455
pocket city 2 earthquakeEarthquakeLevel 604
pocket city 2 meteor strikeMeteor StrikeLevel 805
pocket city 2 kaijuKaijuLevel 100 and Build: Monolith???

Of all the disasters listed, Kaiju is the most difficult one to unlock because it involves building a Monolith. Monoliths are only unlocked after reaching 100 in Expert difficulty with a population of 50,000.

After a disaster, you can go to the Reports tab under Disasters to see the damage. You can tap “Repair All” to get your city back to its original glory. While it’s easy to repair it with one push of a button, sometimes you may forget or not notice that something must be repaired if you’ve left the game open and if you’re busy doing something else. If that is the case, we recommend investing in Public Works buildings that can automatically repair these for you.

BuildingCostBuild RequirementLocation RequirementDaily Operational CostCreates PollutionUpgradeableDescription
Public Works$65,000Level 27, Uses Water, Power and Roads.NoneNoneNoNoAutomatically repair nearby roads and buildings.

City Competitions

pocket city 2 city competitions

Bring out your competitive side with City Competitions! This event pits you against a city based on certain metrics. Unfortunately, there is currently no way to hold a City Competition against another player at the time of writing the article.

MayorCityMetrics involved
pocket city 2 wonderpark cityWonderpark CityPopulation, Recreation, Daily Tourists, Sales Tax, Environment
pocket city 2 moneyhillMoneyhillPopulation, Income, Happiness, Sales Tax, Crime Safety
pocket city 2 commute townCommute TownPopulation, Traffic, Commute Capacity, Income, Sales Tax
pocket city 2 autumn oaksAutumn OaksPopulation, Fire Safety, Crime Safety, Income, Happiness
pocket city 2 merry smokesMerry SmokesPopulation, Traffic, Commute Capacity, Income, Daily Tourists
pocket city 2 cove albionCove AlbionPopulation, Recreation, Health, Income, Crime Safety
pocket city 2 evangeline islandsEvangeline IslandsIncome, Environment, Health, Fire Safety, Daily Tourists
pocket city 2 sevenwatersSevenwatersRecreation, Employment, Crime Safety, Income, Education
pocket city 2 galorandinGalorandinPopulation, Employment, Health, Income, Education
pocket city 2 dream cityDream CityPopulation, Daily Tourists, Health, Employment, Traffic


pocket city 2 minigames

Bored of running the city all day long? Try out some Minigames! These are tasks you can do with your avatar and some can earn some extra cash and experience points. Some of them will require you to build certain buildings before they can be unlocked.

pocket city 2 free roamFree Roamn/aWalk around and explore the city.
pocket city 2 free driveFree Driven/aDrive around the city in your car.
pocket city 2 rideshare driverRideshare Drivern/aDrive citizens to their destination as fast as you can before the time runs out.
pocket city 2 street raceStreet RaceLevel 15Compete against 3 NPC drivers to get to the finish line.
pocket city 2 kid escapeKid EscapeLevel 22 and Build: Elementary SchoolLook for children who escaped from school and bring them back. Use a Glider to help you find them quickly.
pocket city 2 basketball challengeBasketball ChallengeLevel 25 and Build: Basketball CourtShoot some hoops in this basketball challenge!
pocket city 2 undercover challengeUndercover PoliceLevel 30Go undercover and arrest some baddies!
pocket city 2 fire responderFire ResponderLevel 35 and Build: Fire Department Level 2Fly a fire responder helicopter to put out fires in your city.
pocket city 2 renovation demolitionRenovation DemolitionLevel 42Demolish buildings by driving a bulldozer before the time runs out.
pocket city 2 startup companyStartup CompanyLevel 45Help run a startup company by completing their project and maintaining their reputation in this turn-based business sim!
pocket city 2 laser tagLaser TagLevel 55 and Build: Retro ArcadeCompete against NPCs in this battle royale type third person shooter! Pick up laser gun power ups to improve fire rate.
pocket city 2 stunt planeStunt PlaneLevel 60 and Build: AirportFly a plane through targets before the time runs out.
pocket city 2 dirt bike challengeDirt Bike ChallengeLevel 74 and Build: Motocross CourseRide a motorbike on a course and reach targets before the time runs out.

10. Use Different Sources of Income

pocket city 2 income

As mayor of your city, you’ll need to have a steady source of income to keep things afloat. There are 6 main elements that affect your income: Sales, Income Tax, Property Tax, Tourism, Upkeep, and Others.


Income collected from Sales is affected by several factors:

  • Sales Tax Rate or the amount of money taxed from Commercial Zones. This can be set in the City Hall under the Cash tab.
  • Disposable Income Per Citizen which is based on Average Daily Income, Household Property Tax, and Household Income Tax.
  • Citizen Spend Rate or how much money your citizens normally spend on average.
  • What goods and services are in demand and are available.

Income Tax

Income collected from Income Tax is affected by several factors:

  • Income Tax Rate or the amount of money taxed from Industrial Zones. This can be set in the City Hall under the Cash tab.
  • The daily Total Citizen Income, Citizen Tax Credits, and Average Citizen Salary.
  • The rate of employment which is affected by the number of jobs provided, working citizens, and industrial jobs gained from High School education.

Property Tax

Income collected from Property Tax is affected by several factors:

  • Property Tax Rate or the amount of money taxed from Commercial Zones. This can be set in the City Hall under the Cash tab.
  • Total City Property Value based on everything you’ve built.
  • Tourism
  • Income collected from Tourism is affected by several factors:
  • The number of daily tourists and the capacity your city can handle per day.
  • The income of your tourists.


Another aspect that should not be ignored is your city’s Upkeep. While it is not a source of income, it does affect it. Upkeep is the cost to maintain your city. The factors that contribute to this are:

  • Special Buildings like Light Rail Stops, Landfills, Fire Departments, and many others.
  • Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Zones.
  • Roads, traffic-reducing improvements, and structures like streetlights and the current population of your city.

Other Income

Other Income refers to installations like Billboards or cash from Random Disaster Fund that are automatically earned daily.

Aside from these 6 elements, one more item that does not get mentioned in the Metrics tab but is a very good source of cash is the Shipping Dock.

Shipping Dock

pocket city 2 shipping dock

The Shipping Dock is placed by a river or ocean and can increase daily shipping capacity by 1000 for each one that is constructed. Only 2 can be constructed per map. Here, you can buy resources you need or sell the ones that you have a surplus of. Since you are a busy mayor and you may not have time to drop by to sell resources all the time, you can use this building’s Auto-Sell function which automatically sells extra resources by the end of each day.

To keep them from selling too many, you can set the number of resources you want to keep per type. Once you have this setup, you’ll have an extra source of income. This is especially beneficial to you if you have multiple buildings that manufacture or collect resources.

pocket city 2 auto sell

If you feel the amount of income you’re getting is still not enough, you’ll need to look into researching ways to innovate your city.

11. Research Improvements for Your City

Innovations in science and technology are paramount to the advancement of your city. It can reduce costs, increase profits, unlock structures, introduce more jobs, products, and services, and improve all-around quality of life. To do this, you’ll need to collect resources, and most important of all, Research Points. These can be obtained from Educator Ethan’s quests, Disaster quests, textbooks from gifts, or by roaming your city. They will usually appear inside buildings in the form of a sparkling notepad.

You can spend your Research Points and resources on 7 different departments: Construction, Finance, Utilities, Recreation, Population, Education, and Health or Safety.


pocket city 2 improved machineryImproved MachineryReduce cost of zones by 15%.3 Research Points
pocket city 2 material improvementsMaterial ImprovementsReduce cost of buildings by 15%.3 Research Points, 150 Metal, Research: Improved Machinery
pocket city 2 recycle materialsRecycle MaterialsRefund 100% of zones and buildings cost when demolishing.3 Research Points, 150 Metal, Research: Material Improvements
pocket city 2 all bridgesAll BridgesAll road types can be built over water.1 Research Point, 500 Wood, Research: Improved Machinery
pocket city 2 quality roadsQuality RoadsRoads no longer become damaged over time.3 Research Points, 1,000 Ores, Research: All Bridges
pocket city 2 improved project planningImproved Project PlanningReduce cost of zone upgrades by 50%.8 Research Points, 1,000 Wood, Research: Improved Machinery
pocket city 2 auto upgradesAuto UpgradesRandomly upgrades zones over time.5 Research Points, 200 Rare Ore, Research: Improved Project Planning


pocket city 2 bank incomeBank IncomeEach bank earns $100 per day.5 Research Points
pocket city 2 small business incomeSmall Business IncomeEarn an additional $10 per day for each commercial zone.5 Research Points, Research: Bank Income
pocket city 2 big business incomeBig Business IncomeEarn an additional $10 per day for each upgraded commercial zone.5 Research Points, Research: Small Business Income
pocket city 2 bank investmentsBank InvestmentsIncrease Investment Bank earnings by 0.50% per day and maximum daily cap by 50%.5 Research Points, 2 Intellectual Properties, Research: Bank Income
pocket city 2 logistics improvementsLogistics ImprovementsIncrease goods and services provided in commercial zones by 50%.5 Research Points
pocket city 2 diversity & inclusivity training Diversity & Inclusivity TrainingCitizens spend 20% more at commercial zones. Increase community by 25%.5 Research Points, Research: Logistics Improvements
pocket city 2 retail promotionsRetail PromotionsPromotions randomly occur in commercial zones to temporarily boost sales income by 50%.5 Research Points, 500 Consumer Goods, Research: Diversity & Inclusivity Training
pocket city 2 foreign relationsForeign RelationsImprove prices for buying and selling resources at the Shipping Dock.10 Research Points, Research: Logistics Improvements
pocket city 2 global trade dealsGlobal Trade DealsIncrease maximum buildable Shipping Docks by 1 for every 10 city levels10 Research Points, 250 Rare Ores, Research: Foreign Relations
pocket city 2 four day work weekFour Day Work WeekIncreased Jobs Provided by 15%.3 Research Points
pocket city 2 hiring bonusHiring BonusIncrease Jobs Provided by 200%.20 Research Points, 10 Intellectual Properties, Research: Four Day Work Week
pocket city 2 mega project employmentMega Project EmploymentIncrease Jobs Provided by 10,000 for each Mega Projects.24 Research Points, 5 Intellectual Properties, Research: Hiring Bonus
pocket city 2 remote workRemote WorkImprove traffic by 5%.5 Research Points, Research: Remote Work


pocket city 2 green energyGreen EnergyUnlocks the following buildings: Wind Power Plant, Solar Power Plant.8 Research Points
pocket city 2 carbon capture plantCarbon Capture PlantUnlocks Carbon Capture Plant.5 Research Points, 1 Intellectual Property
pocket city 2 ev developmentEV DevelopmentUnlocks EV Factory and Hover Car Factory5 Research Points, 50 Electronic Components, Research: Green Energy
pocket city 2 landfill parkLandfill ParkAllows player to build Large Parks on top of landfills.2 Research Points, 500 Wood
pocket city 2 waste shippingWaste ShippingShipping Docks dispose of waste.10 Research Points, Research: Landfill Park
pocket city 2 water treatment sanition pumpWater Treatment Sanitation PumpAllows Water Treatment Plant to supply water.15 Research Points, 50 Electronic Components, Research: Waste Shipping


pocket city 2 neon cityNeon CityColorful lights increase tourism by 25%.5 Research Points, 250 Metal
pocket city 2 recreation noveltyRecreation NoveltyTemporarily boost recreation rating after building new recreation buildings.3 Research Points
pocket city 2 entrance feesEntrance FeesEarn $1 for every 4 citizens entertained by a recreational building.5 Research Points, 1 Intellectual Property, Research: Recreation Novelty
pocket city 2 landmark noveltyLandmark NoveltyTemporarily boost tourism income after building new landmarks.5 Research Points
pocket city 2 social media attractionSocial Media AttractionTemporarily boost attraction after starting an event.5 Research Points, Research: Landmark Novelty
pocket city 2 daily fireworksDaily FireworksAutomatically starts fireworks each night at the Town Hall for free.3 Research Points, 10 Electronic Components, Research: Social Media Attraction
pocket city 2 sightseeingSightseeingLandmarks no longer require road access.8 Research Points, 500 Consumer Goods, Research: Landmark Novelty


pocket city 2 relocation incentivesRelocation IncentivesIncrease population growth by 100 per day3 Research Points
pocket city 2 skilled realtorsSkilled RealtorsIncrease population growth by 10 per day for each relationship level with Ruby (Realtor).5 Research Points, 100 Consumer Goods, Research: Relocation Incentives
pocket city 2 daycare programsDaycare ProgramsIncrease birth rate by 5% of population.3 Research Points, 50 Consumer Goods
pocket city 2 motivated friendsMotivated FriendsCertain high relationships will increase an associated stat up to 20%.15 Research Points


pocket city 2 curriculum improvementsCurriculum ImprovementsImprove Elementary School effectiveness by 50%.2 Research Points
pocket city 2 quantum computingQuantum ComputingIf a University exists, earn 1 Intellectual Property per day.15 Research Points, Research: Curriculum Improvements
pocket city 2 youth programsYouth ProgramsIncrease High School Education by 15%. Improve crime state by 5%.5 Research Points, 250 Wood
pocket city 2 space miningSpace MiningSpace Centers earn Rare Ore.10 Research Points, 3 Intellectual Properties

Health or Safety

pocket city 2 mental health awarenessMental Health AwarenessImprove health by 5%.3 Research Points
pocket city 2 universal healthcareUniversal HealthcareImprove health by 25%.15 Research Points
pocket city 2 advanced medical technologyAdvanced Medical TechnologyImprove health by 1% for each relationship level with Eddie (Engineer), up to 30%.10 Research Points, 50 Electronic Components
pocket city 2 crime hotlineCrime HotlinePolice respond faster to crimes.1 Research Point
pocket city 2 community mentoringCommunity MentoringImprove crime safety by 5%.3 Research Points
pocket city 2 conflict resolution trainingConflict Resolution TrainingImprove crime safety by 1% for each relationship level with Officer Olivia, up to 20%.5 Research Points, 1 Intellectual Property

12. Take Out a Loan if Needed

pocket city 2 bank

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to. You made investments that did not bear fruit, you bought expansions too early, or maybe constructed the wrong buildings by mistake and had to rebuild things. Because of this, you may find yourself short on cash. This is especially common for people who may be trying out the more difficult levels for the first time.

Most people would probably start over but if you’re one of those stubborn players who want to see things through and not give up on your current city, you could get some cash from the Bank. And no, we don’t mean stealing from the bank or embezzling it like a corrupt mayor would (it doesn’t seem to be an option that the game allows at this time). You could take out a reasonable loan from them and pay it back daily with interest.

pocket city 2 borrow

All you need to do is tap on the Bank building and tap View Loans or go to the City Hall building and tap Taxes. Under the Cash tab, you’ll find a section for Bank Loans. It will tell you how much money is available for a loan, the daily interest rate, the current loan, and the daily interest.

Tap on the button Borrow $100,000 (or whatever amount is available) to take out a loan. They will then charge you per day with interest. It is also possible to pay back the loan in advance once you have the money. If you want to borrow more money, you’ll need to build more banks. Each bank you have in your city will increase your maximum loan by $100,000.

pocket city 2 pay

13. Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

In Pocket City 2, you can create an avatar that represents yourself as the mayor. But this avatar isn’t just for show. You can drag and drop your avatar to any spot in the city and use it to roam freely and interact with items, events, and your citizens. See a crime down the street? Drag and drop your avatar and report it yourself. See some raccoons making a mess with the trash bins? Shoo them away.

pocket city 2 avatar creation

Free roam is also a good way to find valuable items like Fragile Crates and Research Points. You can enter buildings, ride cars, and even use various tools. Avatar tools include a Fishing Rod for fishing, an Axe for chopping trees, a Pickaxe for harvesting ore, a Hammer for repairing roads, and a Glider for gliding across the city. However, you won’t have these tools from the get-go. You’ll have to obtain them as rewards from quests or from Fragile Boxes you can find hidden in the city.

pocket city 2 chopping

Aside from exploration, it is even possible to buy a house in your city from one of the Residential Zones and decorate it to your taste. All you have to do is tap your chosen house and buy it once you have enough money. Alongside having a space where you can freely express your creativity with interior design, you can use your house to throw House Party events that can increase your relationship with a random set of NPCs that you’ve already met.

pocket city 2 home

If roaming around or decorating houses isn’t your thing, you can also use your avatar to “borrow” cars or vehicles you see you find on the street. If the vehicle you found turned out to be one of the rare cars of the game, it will be unlocked in your collection. Driving a car in Pocket City 2 feels similar to games like GTA or Saints Row where the minute you enter the vehicle, music will start playing and you can even switch stations by tapping the music icon on the upper left side of your screen.

You can also use nitro to momentarily accelerate your car. There is also an option to ride the car in 1st person view. The main difference between this game and the games we previously mentioned is the fact that there will be no cops chasing you if you decide to mess up your city by ramming your car all over the place.

pocket city 2 car

If you find something interesting or memorable that’s worth taking a picture of while roaming, you can use Photo Mode to adjust the Time of Day, Bloom, Vignette, Image Pixelation, and Character Rotation. When you’re ready to take your picture, you can tap Hide UI to clear up the screen and give you a better view.

pocket city 2 photo mode

14. Increase Relationship Level with Citizens

pocket city 2 relationships

As a mayor, it is important to get to know your citizens and develop a good relationship with them. You can visit them at their place of work, give them gifts that you acquired from rewards or purchased from commercial zones, or invite them to a house party.

Taking up their quests will also greatly boost their fondness for you. Every 5 relationship levels, they will give you a gift in return. Some of these citizens will even unlock a special building once your relationship level with them reaches 50. Below are the citizens you can impress and create lasting friendships with:

ImageNameOccupationLocationFavorite GiftUnlocked Building at level 50
pocket city 2 annaAnnaCity AdvisorTown HallChicken NuggetsMayor’s Mansion
pocket city 2 officer oliviaOfficer OliviaPolice CaptainPolice StationDonuts
pocket city 2 chief franklinChief FranklinFire ChiefFire DepartmentHamburgerSteel Tower
pocket city 2 barbaraBarbaraBank DirectorBankLobsterFinancial Tower
pocket city 2 shawnathanShawnathanOutdoorsPasta
pocket city 2 Small Business OwnersOutdoorsCommerce Tower
pocket city 2 ethanEthanEducatorElementary School, UniversityOmeletteTechnology Tower
pocket city 2 doctor deniseDoctor DeniseMDHospitalSalad
pocket city 2 charlesCharlesContractorWoodworking FactoryGiant Beaver
pocket city 2 ranger patrickRanger PatrickParks & RecreationOutdoorsHot DogGiant Racoon
pocket city 2 meganMeganTransportation ManagerShipping Dock, Cargo Train StationDumplings
pocket city 2 vivianVivianVeterinarianAnimal ShelterNoodlesRidable Panda
pocket city 2 rubyRubyRealtorOutdoorsRoast DuckCircus
pocket city 2 CitizensOutdoorsGiant Goose
pocket city 2 eddieEddieEngineerOutdoorsFries
pocket city 2 WorkersOutdoorsEmployment Center
pocket city 2 outro

And this marks the end of our Beginner’s Guide to Pocket City 2! We hope that our research into the game has proved fruitful to help you improve your city and develop strategies that will allow you to excel efficiently. Are there any tips and tricks that we did not cover that you know about? Are there any mobile games you’d like us to cover? Let us know in the comment section below!