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Playdigious to Launch ‘Dead Cells’ on iOS and Android This Summer

Playdigious has just officially announced that Dead Cells will be coming to the mobile platform. The game will first be released on iOS this summer, followed by Android a little later on. Dead Cells is a multi-award winning and critically acclaimed action platformer with rogue-like elements that was previously released on PC and consoles.

dead cells mobile

Dead Cells follows the story of a failed alchemy experiment who is trying to escape from his cell. He must go through numerous obstacles and kill powerful monsters in order to go free. Every time the main character dies, he returns to his cell, and must begin his journey all over again. This is partly the reason why the game is so challenging. Players will undoubtedly die multiple times, and their progress will depend on how they learn to adapt.

The game is a 2D side-scroller with a nonlinear progression. Players may choose to take different paths each time they die. The mobile port’s controls have been optimized for the mobile platform, with the added option to change button positions and size. There is also an auto-hit mode for players who feel like playing at a more relaxed pace. Players who prefer to play with a better grip will be glad to know that Dead Cells is also compatible with MFi controllers.

There has been no official announcement regarding Dead Cells’ release date for iOS and Android. When it is released in the Apple App Store, however, it will be a premium game and will cost $9.99. For more information on the game, be sure to visit the official website.