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Pixel Drifters Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Drifting is a cool way to make sharp turns by making the end of a car slide at a wide angle. This is exactly what you will need to do to succeed in Pixel Drifters. Available on iOS, this game lets you control a small pixel car through an obstacle course. You will need to keep on driving and collecting coins for as long as you can without crashing into any of the obstacles. Hitting any of the obstacles even once will automatically end your run. There are also missions that you need to complete in exchange for some nifty rewards. Make sure you check out our Pixel Drifters tips and tricks so you can prepare for the long drive.

1. Controlling Your Car

The cars in the game can be a little tricky to drive. There is a lag when it comes to turning and the lag differs from car to car. When you unlock a new car, make sure you practice driving it around a bit first in order to get used to its lag. It can get frustrating at first and you will feel like the controls are sluggish but that’s really just how the game works. After a bit of practice, you will eventually master how to control your car properly.

2. Avoid Crashing Into Things

You are driving through an obstacle course and there will be a lot of different things on the map. Not everything on the map is deadly but it can be hard to distinguish which ones are safe. There are two ways to go about this. The first way is to play it safe and just steer clear of everything that is not a coin. The other way is to crash into everything until you have a good idea of which ones actually kill you. Either way, the goal is to eventually avoid everything that kills you.

3. Completing Objectives

There are different levels in the game and each one will require you to complete a set of objectives before you can move on the next. The objectives vary depending on the level but the most common one is to collect a certain number of coins. This is one of the easiest objectives since there are a lot of coins scattered throughout the map and you will just need to keep driving around. Other objectives include scoring a certain number of points, scaring off some birds, and a lot of other things. The good news is that you get to keep your coins regardless of whether or not you were able to complete a level.

4. Unlocking Additional Cars

There are dozens of cars to unlock in the game, and there are several ways to unlock them. The first one is to pay for them with real money. If you want to hold on to your cash, though, you can also unlock them by spending coins. The price of each car in terms of coins can be pretty steep and it may take you a while to gather enough. It’s a good thing there’s a third option which lets you get cars through the lucky draw. You don’t get to choose which car you will get but with a bit of luck, you might get the one you want.

It’s time to burn tires in Pixel Drifters! Just follow the tips and tricks we gave you and you’ll surely beat those high scores in no time!