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Faily Tumbler Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Faily Tumbler is the latest of a series of comical endless runner games from Spunge Games made exclusively for iOS. This time around you get to control Phil Faily as he navigates daily life in prehistoric times. Your goal is to successfully hunt for eggs as a caveman who decides the best way to do so is to roll down a mountain. You will need to survive several different obstacles including lava, water, and cliffs. Tumble for your life as red hot lava flows down from a volcano, eager to incinerate you as soon as you slow down enough for it to catch up. Make sure that does not happen by depending on our Faily Tumbler strategy guide to help you!

1. Keep Rolling

Since this is an endless runner game, there will be no end to the map no matter how far you get. So just keep rolling and tumbling down the mountain, avoiding as many obstacles as you can. Obstacles to watch out for include lava, bottomless pits, rocks, spikes, and more. Don’t trust anything you see and just avoid all obstacles at all costs. Just tap left or right in order to avoid them all, make sure to not trust anything you see on the screen.

2. Take Advantage Of Power Ups

When you have an endless stream of deadly lava chasing you, every bit of help is important. That is why you should always pick up power ups whenever you can. There are two types of power up that spawns during your run. The first one is the glider which allows you to fly over obstacles for a short period of time. Be careful when your glide is about to end as you might end up hitting an obstacle by mistake. The second power up is the shield. It protects you for a short period of time as well be destroying any obstacle that blocks your way.

3. Only The Sky Is Safe

There are a lot of things trying to kill you in this game. The only place where you are safe is the sky. This means you should try to stay up in the air whenever you can. This can be done by getting launched in the air in through the map or by using the glider. Taking advantage of every opportunity to get airborne will help make your run longer.

4. Follow The Icons

Tumbling down the side of an erupting volcano can get frantic so it’s a good thing the game helps remind you of your initial goal which is to collect eggs and other stuff. The game places icons throughout the map that indicate which path you should take if you want to grab some stuff. These icons will lead you to eggs and power ups. Just go to the icon of what you want to pick up and tumble away.

5. Hatching Eggs

Before this whole fiasco with the lava chasing you began, your initial goal was to collect eggs. That is why it is important that you put those eggs to good use as soon as you get them. Hatch your eggs whenever you can because they give you prizes such as coins and items. Keep in mind that eggs hatch at different times so you may need to wait for some of them to hatch.

Running away from lava isn’t exactly a walk in the park but with our Faily Tumbler strategy guide, you can learn to roll with it.