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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword Tips, Cheats & Guide to Lead Your Kingdom to Victory

The Excalibur is probably one of the most popular fictional swords in the world. Follow the story and experience the adventure revolving around this sword in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. This iOS-exclusive game is based on the film of the same name. It allows you to control Arthur as he trains in order to successfully wield Excalibur. The game prides itself in its fluid combat system that is optimized for touch controls. Relive one of the most epic tales in history and lead your kingdom to victory. Make sure to check out our King Arthur: Legend of the Sword tips and tricks to help you in your adventures.

1. Start With Story Mode

The game has a story mode that will walk you through most of the things you need to learn to be able to play properly. Of course, playing through the story and learning about King Arthur is already reason enough to play this mode. Start out with this mode if you want to make sure you have a good grasp of the game’s mechanics before battling in PVP. There are multiple levels in story mode, each with its own objective for you to complete. You only need to complete the main objective in order to finish a level, but there are incentives to completing minor objectives as well.

2. Fighting Your Enemies

If you are itching to get into a fight, just make sure you know how to do it first. There are two types of attacks in the game. The first one is a light attack and it can be performed by swiping horizontally. The second one is a heavy attack and it can be done by swiping vertically. Use a balanced mix of the two types to keep your enemies guessing. Just make sure you are careful in using the heavy attack as it will leave you vulnerable if you miss.

3. Defending Yourself

There are different ways to defend in this game. One way is to block your opponent’s attack. A block is easy enough to execute but there is a down side to it. Blocking can be interrupted and you will still receive damage whenever you block. You will not survive if you just keep blocking attacks. Another way is to dodge but it is definitely a tricky move to pull off. You will need to be quick and you will have to time your dodges at the right time for them to be effective.

4. Countering Your Opponent

Once you are good at dodging attacks, you will be able to perform counter attacks. This is a good way to dish out damage without receiving any damage in return. Just swipe on your opponent at the exact moment that they are about to attack. Make sure you stay on your toes and watch out for any opportunity to hit back at your opponent. You can also attack right after an enemy misses. Punish them dearly for every missed attack.

Prove that you have what it takes to be the master of Excalibur by following the King Arthur: Legend of the Sword tips and tricks listed above!