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Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide to Become a Legendary Pirate

If you loved the movie then you will definitely love Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War. You will be joining Captain Jack Sparrow in braving the seas, in hopes of becoming the most notorious pirate in the world. The game is a strategy RPG and base management game. You will start out as a newly appointed captain of your very own crew. As you sail along, you will see some familiar characters like Will Turner, Captain Barbarossa, and many more. Fighting against the cruel tides of the ocean will be very hard but with the help of our Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War strategy guide, we will turn you into the strongest pirate there is.

1. Complete Missions

In every game, there will be objectives and goals, or a mission of sorts. An objective is a good way to keep you moving and improving. Make sure to always finish up the main quests. You can see which one to do next at the lower left corner of your screen. Tapping on it will show you exactly what you need to do in order to complete the quest. Doing this will ensure that your pirate base will always be updated with the latest research, ships, and pirates. You will also be rewarded a lot of resources and experience too.

2. Enhance Your Ship

Any pirate that is worth their salt knows that upgrading and powering up your ship is one of the most important tasks to do. When your ships are docked at the base, you can tap on them to see their details. You can also assign pirates and queue up upgrades. Each ship will have four aspects that you will be able to upgrade. The ship’s firepower, rewards, capacity, and armor. It is favorable to upgrade every aspect to its maximum. They are not considered as building construction so you won’t have to worry about taking up queue slots.

3. Always Queue In

Abuse the queue system as it is very useful. Manage the queues properly so you can maximize your output. There are different queues in the game. There are two construction queues, you will be able to view them by the hammers at the top left of the screen. Construction usually takes the longest time to finish so you have to make sure you don’t waste any moment in order to reach your full potential. There is also one training queue available at the pub. You will be able to recruit and train new pirates here. Another one is the weapon queue where you will be able to craft weapons for your pirates. This will be available as soon as you unlock the weapon workshop. The research queue allows you to perform researches that will unlock pirate ships and boosts to some aspects of your base. The ship upgrade queue, already mentioned above enhances your ships. And lastly, the attack ship queue allows you to send out your ships into the sea to attack things like sea monsters for great rewards and bounties.

4. Complete The Daily Quests

Aside from the main quests, there will also be daily quests that you can complete for additional rewards. These quests pretty much function the same as the main quests but they have an interesting feature called the Daily Points. As you do daily quests there will be a bar that fills up. After reaching certain points you will be allowed to open chests. These chests have great stuff in them so make sure you complete them before they expire.

Fighting legends and braving the treacherous sea will be an easy task with the help of our Pirates of the Caribbean: Tides of War strategy guide!