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Tiny Sheep (Teeny Sheep) Cheats, Tips & Tricks: How to Make Money Quickly

Tiny Sheep (titled as Teeny Sheep on iOS) is both an idle clicker and a tycoon game from Mindstorm Studios. This mobile title combines two of the most popular game mechanics to create a unique and highly addictive experience. The goal is to make as much money as you can by cloning sheep and selling their wool. You will be able to expand and upgrade your farm as you make more money. It starts out pretty easily but things can get frantic as your farm grows, and you will need to balance between managing your farm and producing sheep. It’s a good thing you can rely on our Tiny Sheep ultimate strategy guide for some much-needed help!

1. Learn The Basics

The game is all about making money from sheep cloning. You just need to tap on the Sheep bar in order to clone sheep. The faster you tap, the more sheep you get. The sheep are then led to the shearing centers by Scruffy the dog. The sheep’s wool will be collected at the shearing centers and will be delivered to the shipping depot where it will be shipped for sales. Every point of the whole process can be upgrade in order to make them more efficient.

2. Buy Hold To Clone Upgrade

If you have played any mobile clicker games before, you should know that you will get sore fingers after some time. The game gives you an option to pick a free premium upgrade, and it would be wise to pick the Hold to Clone since producing sheep will be your bread and butter. This will allow you to just press and hold in order to continuously clone sheep. Not only is this less straining for your fingers, it is also more efficient since it produces a steady flow of sheep for as long as you are holding your finger on the screen.

3. Spend The Golden Wool Wisely

Golden Wool is the premium currency in this game and there are several different ways to spend it. It is pretty hard to earn it unless you want to spend real cash so make sure you spend it wisely. The smart investment is to use it on Premium Researches since these are permanent upgrades that will serve you well throughout the game. There are three Premium Researches that you should prioritize. The first one, as mentioned above, is the Hold to Clone upgrade. The second one is Fudge Profits Report since it will help you upgrade to a different farm faster. Lastly, upgrade the Mega Spirit Wool if you can collect enough Golden Wool to do so. It may not seem like much but after Prestige, the profit increase will be exponential.

4. Tap On Storks

Once in a while, you will be seeing a stork or two flying over your farm with a package. Tapping on them will make them drop the package they are carrying. Don’t worry because they’re not carrying babies. What they are carrying are rewards. Upon dropping on the ground, the packages will turn into a random amount of money or Golden Wool. This is a good way to get some free Golden Wool so try to catch as many storks as you can. Even the cash they drop can amount to millions so it’s always a good thing to tap on them whenever you see them.

5. Upgrade To A New Farm

Once your current farm reaches a certain value, you will be given an option to upgrade to a new farm which produces a better, and more expensive, type of wool. This means the new farm will have the potential to earn even more money. Generally speaking, you would want to upgrade as soon as it becomes available because your current farm’s earning will tend to plateau at a certain point.

The only exception to this rule is if you have an active goal that can be achieved faster with your current farm. Upgrading to a new farm will mean you will start from scratch, with zero upgrades, and zero cash. So, if your active goal is to earn a certain amount, or produce a certain number of sheep, you should finish that first with your current farm before upgrading. Otherwise, you will have to wait until you have upgraded your new farm before you can complete your active goal. These goals give you rewards so you want to complete them as quickly as possible in order to get started on a new one.

6. Watch The Ads To Get A Boost In Profit

If you go to the Boosts menu, you will see different productivity boosts that will help you earn more. All of these boosts cost Golden Wool but are not worth buying because they are temporary. You will be throwing your premium currency if you purchase these. What you should do instead is to go for the option to watch an ad in exchange for a boost in profit. This is the only thing worthwhile in the Boosts menu so take advantage of it. Another thing you should go for is the random events that will pop up on the upper right side of your screen. A play icon will appear once in a while which will give you the option to watch an ad in exchange for a lot of money. Grab this as it usually offers a few million in exchange for watching a 30-second ad.

7. Upgrade Your Silos

As soon as you get a new farm, you should prioritize building a second silo. It doesn’t cost much so you should be able to do this after just a few minutes. The silos will allow you to earn money when you are offline but it only for an hour per silo. This means you will need to log back in after two hours to refill the silos if you want to continue earning. You can only build up to two silos on a standard permit. You will need to buy a permit if you want to build more silos but that will cost you real cash.

Clone sheep and expand your wool empire with the help of our Tiny Sheep ultimate strategy guide! Additionally, if you know other hints for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment area!

Andy Smith

Saturday 18th of September 2021

Does anybody know how to get ads back? When I go for a boost, it tells me 'ads not available'. Also, I have come to the end of Goals. I don't believe 'new goals coming soon'.

Is Mindstorm still developing it? Forum pages on their site have dissappeared.