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Pirate Ship Shooting Race Guide: 13 Tips & Tricks to Become a Fearless Pirate

Pirate Ship Shooting Race is a new mobile game from Tiny Lab Productions, putting you in the shoes of a fearless pirate captain in a quest of traversing dangerous seas, battling various foes, and collecting your own pirate treasure. The game is very interesting, filled with various enemies. You’ll battle giant octopuses, angry monkeys, huge birds, as well as mad seagulls. There aren’t many levels, but all levels are pretty long and filled with challenges. You’ll avoid mines launched from an angry volcano, run from a nasty fish, avoid monkeys throwing explosive bananas, and giant birds who somehow managed to get a hold on cannons.

Although, Pirate Ship Shooting Race may seem easy once you start playing it, the game soon starts revealing more and more challenges, with levels becoming tougher and tougher to beat, sometimes even making you losing many lives before successfully beating some tricky level. No worries, though, since we played the game, managed to beat it, and decided to gather all helpful tips we discovered, collected them all and made this guide. If you have troubles while playing Pirate Ship Shooting Race read our guide and you’ll become a proper pirate, not afraid of a restless sea. Stay with us and discover what you can do in order to successfully beat Pirate Ship Shooting Race.

1. Sale Slow And Steady

You can just tap on the gas icon and go slipstreaming, but that will just make you activate numerous mines, filling every level. They are everywhere and since ships aren’t able to stop right away, you’ll and up losing a life and starting the level from beginning.

Slow and steady pacing is the key to success; just travel at a relatively moderate pace, this will enable you to stop before hitting and activating a mine, allowing you to destroy it with your cannon before it becomes a hazard. Switching to a sixth gear is okay during levels where you are being chased, during slow parts where there aren’t any mines needing to be destroyed, and while you’re trying to avoid monkeys and birds and their weapons of destruction (bananas and cannonballs).

2. Collect Daily Prizes

Pirate Ship Shooting Race offer players daily prizes, all you have to do is to enter the game every day. You don’t even have to play it; just launch it, collect your prize and exit. Easy as pie! Getting daily prizes will help you in unlocking all ships (there are just four of them, a bit strange since Tiny Lab Productions always give us numerous vehicles to unlock in all of their games).

3. Watch Ads, Double The Prizes

As is the case with almost all games coming from Tiny Lab Productions, Pirate Ship Shooting Race allows you to watch an ad in order to double your coin prize after you beat a level. Since latter levels can give you more than 150 coins, watching an ad can really help you in collecting enough coins in order to unlock every ship the game has to offer. The offer won’t come after every level, but it is frequent enough to enable you collecting lots of coins in just one day, enough to unlock three ships available for purchase.

4. Watch Out For Mines

Mines are your greatest enemies in Pirate Ship Shooting Race, especially for those who like to sail the seas with a full set of sails. The easiest way of avoiding them is to come near a mine, and then just shot it with the cannon. One shot is more than enough since mines aren’t very tough. If you touch a mine with your ship, you’ll lose one bar of health; while this may seem like nothing, there are dozens of mines in every level so it is better to just sail at a moderate pace, and destroy each mine instead hitting it.

5. Shoot The Seagulls

There are two seagull types in Pirate Ship Shooting Race. The first type carries med kits and should be shot while above you, or after the bird passes over your ship so you can collect a med kit a seagull drops when shot.

The second type is way more dangerous. It carries bombs, dropping them at you when over your ship or dropping them in front of you making you hit them. The best strategy of battling bomb-carrying seagulls is to stop as soon as you spot them, so you can aim more precise. Then, as soon as the bird’s over your head, shoot it. a cannonball shot from your ship will destroy both the bird and its explosive payload with just one (precise) shot.

6. Most Obstacles Are Destructible

Unlike many games made by Tiny Lab Productions, Pirate Ship Shooting Race is filled with destructible obstacles. Almost every obstacle you encounter can be destroyed, with just a couple of cannonballs. Some are tougher, some not so much, but almost any rock, shipwreck, crate, or some other obstacle type can be disintegrated with your cannon.

At times, you’ll encounter an obstacle that can only be destroyed by an enemy (like in the level where numerous bombs are being launched from a volcano mountain from the shore). If you find such an obstacle, just try making enemies hit them instead of you.

7. Shipwrecks Can’t Harm Your Ship, Shoot Them To Get Chests Filled With Coins

Unlike mines, shipwrecks are harmless. They will sink to the bottom of the sea with just a few cannonballs launched from your ship’s cannon. You don’t have to destroy them, since they can be traversed; but, if you terminate them, sending them to the bottom of the sea, most shipwrecks will drop a crate filled with coins (along with an occasional med kit), so it’s better to destroy them (after all, your ammunition can’t be depleted) that sailing past them. More coins are always welcome, right?

8. Firing Your Ship’s Cannon Allows You To Go Reverse

Since Pirate Ship Shooting Race doesn’t have a key for traveling in the opposite direction, you have to find different means of going reverse. While this may seem unimportant, it can happen easily for coin chest to go underwater and appear behind your ship, or for a seagull to drop a med kit behind you. If you experience a situation like those two, it’s best to just aim right in front of you and start firing your cannon like crazy. It will make your ship to travel reverse (and at a pretty fast pace) allowing you to collect any stray chest or med kit.

9. Your Ship Can Go Underwater

Don’t afraid if some enemy sends your ship below the sea. If your health isn’t depleted you’ll just go underwater for a couple of seconds, just to emerge on the surface a couple of seconds later.

10. Some Enemies Will Launch Cannonball At You, Destroy Them Before They Hit Your Ship

Both giant birds and angry monkeys are equipped with cannons (not always, but you’ll encounter them occasionally). Since enemies armed with cannons usually have lots of health, having to be hit for at least three to four times before they die, cannonballs launched by them can damage your ship pretty badly. In order to fight them off easily it’s best to wait for them to activate a cannon and launch a cannonball, then quickly hit the cannonball and destroy it, after which you can hit an enemy a couple of times before it reloads the cannon. Pretty easy to pull off, just remember, patience is the key.

11. Watch Out For Swimming And Underwater Enemies

At times, your ship will be faced against swimming monkeys, birds and albatrosses. Watch out for them since they are pretty quick and will reach the ship in no time. It’s best to just keep your distance from them and slowly damage them with cannonballs. Also, at couple of times, there will be giant underwater monsters lurking below the surface. Just shot them before they hit your ship and you’ll be fine.

12. Forget About Slow Sailing When Being Chased By Enemies

Some levels feature giant enemies chasing you from the beginning to the end, similar to the old arcade video games. When playing such a level, forget about going slow and steady. Just push the gas icon and hold it until the end of a level. This is crucial because when enemies reach you, you’ll start losing health at a rapid rate, dying in a matter of seconds. So remember, slow and steady is the key for success, unless being chased by a giant fish.

13. There Are Four Ships In Total, And They Differ Only In Appearance

Unlike most Tiny Lab Productions games, Pirate Ship Shooting Race isn’t filled with tons of unlockable vehicles. There are only four ships in total, one of them being available from the start. Since coins are pretty easy to earn, you’ll unlock them all after just around an hour of play time. So, don’t worry about having a weak ship, they are all the same! Just pick the prettiest (after you unlock all four) and start filling your pockets with coins!

Okay, we’ve come to the end of our exclusive Pirate Ship Shooting Races guide. We hope you’ve found at least a couple of tips that will prove helpful in your exciting adventure. Check out our other guides and happy gaming!