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Juggernaut Champions Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Tap Your Way to Victory

Juggernaut Champions is an Android and iOS game that’s just arrived for both systems, courtesy of In this game, you’ve been attacked by boarback raiders, towering samurai, and ninjas who have snakes for arms. With that state of emergency established, you will be controlling the titular Juggernaut Champions and assembling them, building a team of heroes, leveling them up, and having those heroes blast away at hordes of monsters. Now, this isn’t your typical, standard RPG title, despite the name of the game. Instead, this is a clicker RPG, where a single tap with your finger is enough to defeat the monsters. You’ll have to tap as quickly as possible, combine spells, and take part in PvP tournaments, seeking to reach the top of the rankings.

How can you tap your way to victory, regardless of which mode you want to play? How can you manage your heroes, and combine those spells in the right way? We’ve got answers for you, and we shall be focusing on some of the simpler questions in this game. So read on, and follow our Juggernaut Champions strategy guide, which we’ve created with the first-time player in mind.

1. Space Out Your Fingers

One of the quirks of this game is that it cannot read multiple taps as well as other clicker games could. So while it is still a good idea for you to use as many fingers as possible, you should space those fingers out by a short distance. Keep on tapping, tap as quickly as possible, so that way you can maximize your tap damage and use your special attack more frequently. But be careful not to get your fingers too close to each other, because once again, those taps won’t be read properly.

2. How To Manage Your Upgrades Properly

You’ll be doing a lot of hero upgrading in this game, but you will get to a point where you’ve upgraded Hanna far enough, but don’t get too much improvement. If that happens, take note of the amount of DPS that can be earned per currency spent, and upgrade the hero that gives you the best bang for your buck in this area. Unless you’re looking at a significant multiplier for the next bonus skill, you should be taking this metric into account, as it could help your DPS improve exponentially.

3. About The Rebirth Mechanic

The Rebirth option will become available at level 60, and will become available again at level 61, 62, 63, and so on. This is, as you may have guessed, Juggernaut Heroes’ answer to the prestiging mechanic, which allows you to start your game from scratch, but with extra perks that could help you progress faster. For each level that you move forward on, you’ll earn one extra Mana point. That means you should play as long as possible without Rebirthing if you’ve got an Artefact that requires a ton of Mana.

4. How To Spend Your Gems

Gems are the game’s premium currency, and we would recommend spending your gems on expediting the chests. Each time you open a chest with weapons, that’s going to give you a permanent DPS multiplier, and the faster you earn it, the faster you can make progress in the game. Chests may also include gold and crowns, and you will typically get a substantial amount of gold, with the amount increasing if you’ve got a higher DPS. Spend whatever you have before buying a chest, and you’ll be richly rewarded in the end.

5. Slow Your Tapping Down When Against A Cache Of Gold

In such a situation, you’ll want to keep those taps nice and slow, because killing a Cache of Gold and still tapping afterwards may have you clicking away from one of the chests that get dropped. So what should you do instead? Ease up on the tapping when you kill the Cache, tap the chest that appears, and earn your reward by watching an ad video. Once you’ve completed the video, which usually lasts no more than 30 seconds, you may earn attack crowns, defense crowns, gold, or gems – either way, you get something useful.

These would be our tips and tricks for Juggernaut Champions. If you know other hints for the game, feel free to drop us a line. Also, if you want to check out our collection of tips and tricks for other games, such as Jungle Clash or Evolution: Heroes of Utopia, then be sure to click here!