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Amateur Surgeon 4 Walkthrough Levels 1-12

Adult Swim’s brand new game Amateur Surgeon 4 allows you to practice amateur surgery, with some partners helping you out, on more than 100 patients. Each surgery would require you to use certain tools and treat the patients in a certain way, and as you complete more and more operations, things will get harder and harder, with the timer playing a role as you’re supposed to be working under time pressure. Surgery, after all, is serious business, and can often be life-saving!

Of course, you shouldn’t be going for mere life-saving in this game – you should be working toward earning three stars in all of the levels. Our previous strategy guides gave you some general tips for earning three stars, and then talked about the various items you should be using in your operations, i.e. your tools. Right now, in this Amateur Surgeon 4 walkthrough, we’ll be going through the first 12 patients/levels in the game, and telling you what exactly to do.

Patient #1 – Jack Ratchett

Start with the lighter; you’ll need this to cauterize his wounds. Move on next to the gel, which you will use to heal the wounds, and the pizza cutter for cutting in. Use the stapler on the big cuts – remember to tap thrice – and cauterize the cuts with the lighter. Use the gel once again to heal the cuts. Use the tongs to remove the rocks, and the pizza cutter to cut again afterwards. Remove the rocks, staple big cuts, cauterize, use gel. Staple, cauterize, and heal incisions, and you’re good to go with the first level.

Patient #2 – Barbara Ho-Tep

Use the pizza cutter to cut the bandages along the dotted lines, then remove with tongs. Cauterize with lighter and use gel on the three cuts, as well as the burns. Cut an incision into her belly, and cut the bandages and remove with tongs once you’re inside. Use the red syringe (the plain old “syringe”) so you can suck the fluid out. Staple wound and cauterize it, then apply gel once you’re out again. Remove embalming fluid, staple, then cauterize, and gel on the cuts. Cut into her heart, and pull out the coin with tongs. Use syringe to remove embalming fluid, then apply gel on the two incisions.

Patient #3 – Filthy Nowe

Cut into the machine, and allow Barbara’s Beetle to do most of the cleaning. Use the vacuum to clean up whatever wasn’t taken care of. Staple, cauterize, apply gel on the cuts. Repeat this process once out to the surface, then cut in again with the pizza cutter. Vacuum out the gunk, and pull the gold coin out with your tongs. Staple, cauterize, apply gel on the cuts, and don’t miss out on the cut in the background. Use the tongs to place the soda can right between the two metal lines. Use the lighter and the gel to secure the soda can. Apply gel on the cut, use the brick with the tongs so you can break the glass. Use the tongs again to pull the broken glass and brick away. Place the organ where it should be, and match the electrodes by color. Use the battery to charge the organ. Place in the glass panel with tongs.

Patient #4 – Dr. Bleed

Yes, this is where you’ll be operating on Dr. Bleed himself. Create an incision with the cutter, and once inside, match the ribs by using the tongs. You may want to use your index finger, and not your thumb, in order for you to see the ribs. Take note that this is quite a sensitive operation. Once you’ve matched the ribs, perform the old staple/cauterize/gel procedure on the incision. You might have to replay this level in particular so you can do it faster and get the required three stars. Remember, though, that you’ll be using the tongs to remove a coin from an incision toward the end of your replay. Don’t panic when you see the red blobs; use the vacuum to deal with those blobs, then staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the cuts.

Patient #5 – Tommy Gracefuls

Use the tongs to carefully (emphasis on this word) remove the glass shards, and vacuum out the drops of blood. Staple the larger cuts, cauterize them with lighter, and heal them with gel/ointment. Create an incision with the pizza cutter, then repeat all those steps. Use the green syringe/injector to raise his heart rate. Cauterize and heal with gel once at the skin staple. Replaying this level will allow you to use the tongs to pull out a diamond.

Patient #6 – Roadkill Cletus

Use the tongs to pull out the thorns, and seal all the cuts. Vacuum out the blood. Cut inside and repeat the process once inside. Cut inside a second time and pull out the diamond and thorns. Again, you’ll want to vacuum the blood from his wounds, and use the injector when possible. Cut in for a third time, and repeat the same process. Take note of the cut in the background, and deal with it accordingly. Once you’ve closed the incision, you’re good to go.

Patient #7 – Insurance-Fraud Claude

Remove the nails with the tongs. Staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the wound, and use gel on the other cuts. Use the scanner, which will point you to the middle-right portion of his chest. Cut in that area and remove the nail, and vacuum blood from the nail hole, using the injector when needed. Create an incision and follow the dotted line, then pull out the coin. Staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the wounds, and vacuum the blood spatters. Use the scanner a second time, as this will now point you to the bottom right of his lung. Cut in, remove the nail, vacuum the blood, and treat the cut. Scan the lower left lung and repeat the process, doing the same for the upper left and upper right corners of the lung. Close the incision found at the end.

Patient #8 – Trent Coat

This is a long one, so read on and be patient. Use the tongs to pull the bullet out. Staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the cuts, vacuum the blood. Cut twice into the chest, first over his right nipple and then halfway in between both nipples, using the scanner to show you where exactly you should be using the pizza cutter.

Once there, take care of the bullets and the cuts with the necessary tools. Use two injectors before you cut in again to ensure a stable heartbeat. Create an incision. Once you’re inside, take care once again of the bullets and the cuts. Cut in at the lower part of the intestine, followed by the center right and center left of his liver. Remove the bullets, treat the cuts, and suck out the spatters with the vacuum. Cut in once again, staple, and heal the cuts. Create an incision in the middle of both kidneys, use the tongs to pull out the bullets, and handle the cuts and blood spatters. Complete the operation by closing the last incision.

Patient #9 – Junkyard Guts

Create an incision, and once you’ve gone inside, use the chainsaw to slowly cut along the dotted lines; just make sure you’re not cutting too slowly. Pull away the rib cage with the tongs, clean the blood spatters, and cut in a second time. Treat the cuts, then remove all of the objects from the next series of cuts, particularly the magnet. Staple along the magnet’s outline to close that cut, then cauterize and add gel. Follow the usual procedure when treating the other cuts. Put the rib cage back together by using your tongs. Use the lighter to weld the rib cage, and apply gel. Close the incision.

Patient #10 – “Lumbar” Jack Piles

Cut inside, use the standard red syringe to suck out the poison, staple, cauterize, and apply gel on the incision. Repeat this process. Cut in a third time, and once you do, use the syringe to suck out the poison, use the tongs to remove the splinters, then vacuum up the blood. Staple, cauterize, and add gel as you normally would do on the cuts. Close the final incision.

Patient #11 – Eddy The Dog

Create an incision and use the lighter to burn the tracking devices, and use the vacuum to put out the fire. Staple, cauterize, and add gel to heal the wounds. Repeat this process for the second incision. Cut along the dotted lines of the collar with the chainsaw, vacuum the blood, and place the pieces of the collar into the tray, using your tongs.

Patient #12 – Meatsack Jack

Cut inside, then cut out the left kidney by using the chainsaw. Cut around the kidney first, and cut it into three pieces once you see the dotted lines in the middle. Pull each of the pieces out with the tongs. Place the new kidney in with the tongs, and use your lighter and the ointment to keep the kidney in place. Vacuum the blood. Use your stapler to close the incision, then use your lighter and the gel. Cut in for a second time, remove the lungs, and replace them, starting with the left, then moving on to the right, following the same steps you used with the kidney. Staple up the second incision.

Need more hints for the game? Check out our next walkthrough covering Amateur Surgeon 4 levels 13-30.


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