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Pick The Gold (Voodoo) Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Find More Treasures

When you have a lot of time to burn, there is no better way to do it than to dig for gold. Pick The Gold is Voodoo’s latest idle game for Android and iOS devices where you get to drill into the ground in search of silver, gold, sapphire, emeralds, and diamonds. The rarer the minerals you find, the more money you make. You can then use the money you earn to upgrade your equipment. Keep upgrading your drilling equipment in order to dig deeper into the ground.

Anyone who knows anything about mining, it is that you find better treasure the further down you go. That’s what you are after. Go to the deepest depths of the earth to find the greatest treasures and make a ton of money! If you hit a bump in your journey to the center of the earth, don’t worry. Let’s go and check out our Pick The Gold cheats, tips and tricks to help you out!

1. Balance Your Upgrades

There are three available upgrades in the game but only two will actually help with your digging career. The first one is your equipment’s oil capacity. Oil is your fuel, so the more you have, the longer your machine will be able to drill. The second upgrade is the pipe which determines how far your machine can dig. If you focus on just one of the two, you will be wasting your investment. Having excess oil will just mean your machine will start digging another hole once it reaches the maximum pipe length. Upgrading just your pipe length, on the other hand, means the machine will stop digging altogether once it runs out of oil. Try to keep the two upgrades even in order to maximize your progress.

2. Watch A Lot Of Ads For Rewards

pick the gold voodoo cheats

As you dig in the ground, you will often encounter ad offers that will ask you to watch an advertisement video in exchange for some sort of reward. A lot of these offers will give you a free upgrade, so make sure you take advantage of those as much as you can. One trick you can abuse here is if the ad offer stays on the screen even after you watch the video. You can keep accepting the offer repeatedly, allowing you to get a lot of free upgrades in one sitting. Just make sure you are connected to the internet when playing. Otherwise, the ad offers will not work.

3. Abuse The Best Spot Bonus

When you reach a new depth, you will receive a best spot bonus. Getting this bonus three times in a row will prompt another bonus that will double your earnings for the current run. At the end of your run, you will be given an option to watch another video advertisement. Agreeing to do so will double all your earnings for that run. That means you will effectively quadruple your earnings in a single run by taking advantage of the best spot and ad offer bonuses. As with the previous tip, make sure you are connected to the internet before you aim for your third best spot or you will end up wasting the opportunity.

4. Break Through The Rocks

After digging for some time, you will eventually reach a new level. This level will be marked by rocks that you will need to break through. Once you do, you will earn huge bonuses for breaking through the layers below the rocks. Before you go through these layers, make sure you have a lot of oil. You should then upgrade your pipe a lot to ensure you will have enough length to reach further down below the rocks. This will help you maximize your earnings for the new level.

Drilling for treasure is easy, especially when you remember everything you learned from our list of Pick The Gold cheats, tips and tricks! If you have anything to add, please let us know below in the comment area!