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FR Legends Cheats: 5 Tips & Tricks to Win More Drift Battles

FR Legends is a new racing game for Android and iOS devices that focuses on drifting more than anything else. Players can fully customize their cars in order to create the ultimate racing vehicle. You can swap out engines, upgrade your turbo kit, and even go for wide-body customs. The choice is yours. Once you are done customizing your car, it is time to put your driving skills to the test.

The game lets you have tandem drift battles with AI drivers. It is not just about going as fast as you can. You need to be able to guide your car properly as it drifts on its sides. Turning is not an option as you will be losing precious time with every failed drift. The winner will be declared based on a unique scoring system that is based on real drifting competition rules. If you are struggling to win your drift battles, then check out our FR Legends cheats, tips and tricks for some much-needed help!

1. Test Your Car

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When you start out, it might look like the game is rigged against you because you can’t seem to earn any decent points. As we mentioned above, FR Legends is all about drifting, not just driving. Make sure you test your car and work out the kinks before you aim for better scores. Your goal is to be able to drift as smoothly as possible. That means you need to hit all the clipping points without having to steer frantically or slowing down. A successful drift also means you never let off the gas. Once you have mastered drifting smoothly in your custom car, the points will start rolling in.

2. Focus On Engine Upgrades

There are a lot of flashy customizations available in FR Legends, and it is easy to get carried away when you’re building your car. Try to resist the urge to splurge on cosmetic options before you have a decent car put together. Engine upgrades will play a huge role in your success. That means you will be able to win all the money you need for cosmetic upgrades later on. Upgrading power will allow you to drift smoothly at a steeper angle. Better engines also have higher horsepower. Finally, ECU gives you the best deals for adding even more horsepower. Prioritize upgrading these in order to reach your full racing potential as soon as possible.

3. Take Care Of Your Car

The game has a damage mechanic that punishes reckless drivers for crashing during battles. This is another reason to test drive your cars before entering the actual competition. Hitting obstacles and smashing into walls will damage your car. You will then have to spend more money to repair the damages. You can prevent this from happening by driving in practice stages until you can confidently handle your car.

4. Grab Extra Sets Of Tires

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Even if your car does not get damaged in practice stages, the tires will still wear out. That means you will be in danger of losing battles if you use the same tires in competitions as you did in practice stages. The best thing to do is to get some used tires to practice with. You can then switch to your stock or street tires when you enter the competitions, so you will have the best grip and reliability. Don’t worry because the switch from used tires to better ones will not negatively impact handling.

5. Experiment With Configurations

FR Legends also lets you change camber and track width options. There is no best configuration for these two because it all depends on your play style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the settings on these until you find a good match. There are a lot of possible combinations, so keep going through them then test it out in practice stages. The game starts you off with no camber and normal track as the stock configuration. Try tweaking one option at a time to see the difference it makes in your driving.

Drifting is both requires skill and knowledge. Remember everything you learned from the FR Legends tips and tricks above to ensure you are equipped with both! IF you know additional tips or tricks, please let us know below in the comments