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Peter Panic Cheats, Tips & Guide: 6 Tricks and Walkthrough for the First Three Stages

Adult Swim’s latest mobile title Peter Panic has just been released for iOS, and the company claims that this game is a “fully original mobile musical.” You’ll be playing a series of exciting mini-games, dealing with “incredible” Broadway talent and original songs to match, and bring theater back to your hometown as you play as the titular Peter, a young director with that noble dream in mind. And what of Broadway talent will you be dealing with? Adult Swim claims this game features Broadway talent from musicals such as Hair, The Little Mermaid, Motown, On Your Feet, and more.

In terms of mechanics, Peter Panic is all about mini-games; you’ll be playing “dozens” of mini-games as you “convince the local weirdos to join the cause” and seek to return theater to your town. This is a free title that already comes with a number of features, but if you upgrade it at a price, you’ll be able to save your progress. So with that into consideration, this initial Peter Panic strategy guide will combine tips and expectations for the free version, and a walkthrough of the first three stages’ mini-games and boss battles.

1. Fast Forward And Skip Are Your Best Friends

You may realize that you need a do-over because you weren’t able to do a couple things right. If that’s the case, you can make use of the fast forward and skip buttons to avoid having to watch the rather long cutscenes all over again.

2. Free Players Cannot Save Their Games In The Truest Sense

Okay, so this isn’t really as much of a tip or a workaround as it is a consolation for those who don’t want to pay the $2.99 for the premium version that lets you save games. We’ve tried this ourselves, and so have a few others, but as it turns out, there’s no way to circumvent the limitation of not being able to save your progress if you play for free.

You really have to keep playing the game continuously if you want to complete it; leaving the game open for too long will NOT “save” the game, as Peter Panic actually resets after about 30 minutes of inactivity. Or, you can play for about an hour or so, leave the game inactive for about 20 minutes tops, return to the game, and repeat till you’re done.

3. More Consolation – The Developers Have Cutscenes Too

One perk of the free version is that it comes with developer cutscenes that appear at random. You’ll see animated versions of Peter Panic’s makers, and they’ll be encouraging you to pay the $2.99 so you can save your game, albeit in an amusing, rather than annoying fashion. Your mileage may vary when it comes to this, but we personally find those cutscenes worth watching, and you may want to check them out before you pay for the game.

4. How To Solve The Peanut Factory

Now that we’re done explaining about what to expect and what not to expect from the free version, let’s get to some walkthroughs for the mini-games for Peter Panic’s first three sets. First, let’s start with the Peanut Factory.

The one thing you want to avoid here is the peanut cannons, and avoiding them is fairly easy; you just have to avoid cannons that are turning red. Drag the box so you can catch the falling vases, and always make sure your finger is in some sort of motion. When the packing foam stops in the center, tap on your screen to stamp, but be careful not to stamp down on those fragile vases. As for the bar that fills up, wait until it’s filled up completely, which would be when you’ll be seeing a green thumbs-up sign. Tap so you can dispense the packing peanut mold. For the sorting part of the Peanut Factory, drag papers with green top marks to the IN pile, and papers with red marks to the OUT pile. For packing, wait till the boxes are close to the tube, and quickly tap on the red button to drop the packing peanuts inside.

This level comes with a boss in the form of a demon, and you’ll need to feed it the right amount of food. You want to keep the meter on the left side within the green zone, which means you’re feeding it an optimum amount of peanuts.

5. How To Solve The Museum

The Peanut Factory ended with a “feed” action, and the Museum conversely starts with one. Tap buttons to replace food whenever a slot’s food has been eaten and the “FILL” sign is lit up. Sort the colored fish by placing them in their matching tanks; you’ll know what to do by looking at the icons written on the tubes. Here, you have a bit of luxury to take it a bit slower ensure you’re making the right move. Tap on the people in the seats so that they can leave. Tap on GO so your robot advances one step, and wait till the lasers are deactivated before moving in to steal. Drag logs into the matching shredders for the “mulch” part. And right before the boss stage, slide the red blocks in such a way that the rocket ships have some openings ahead of them.

The boss part of this level will require you to summon the monster by tapping on the candle. There’s really nothing much to this, just as long as you’re tapping as quick as possible so you can complete three sets, with each succeeding set coming with more candles.

6. How To Solve The Game Dev Studio

This stage starts off with a mini-game of Flappy Bird, which goes just like the classic game does; tap to move your bird, make sure it doesn’t hit the pipes. Tap on Pay More so you can buy more lives for the fruit puzzle game. Tap on the tiny monsters to kill them, but do so prudently so you don’t run out of ammo. Also avoid getting hit more than thrice, as each hit from a monster costs 30 percent damage. For “live,” drag the paddle found at the bottom and keep at least one ball in play. “Jump” will have you avoiding obstacles and stomping on enemies just like Super Mario does. Combine two shapes so you can come up with the exact same shape in the middle. This may be a bit tricky, so look around carefully and use context clues to combine the right shapes.

Lastly, the boss fight against the big slime can be won by tapping the Attack button quickly till the word “ATTACKING” appears underneath the slime. Make liberal use of the Defend button, as that allows you to avoid the slime’s attacks by dodging.

And this makes our Peter Panic game guide complete. We hope you’ve enjoyed our guide, and learned some tips and tricks to succeed in the game.