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Perfect World: Revolution Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Increase Your Combat Power Fast

Perfect World Games has been providing RPG enthusiasts with quality mobile RPGs since 2015. Perfect World Mobile, Dragonborn Knight, and Ever Adventure are just some of the titles that make up their 8-strong app portfolio. Despite the plethora of other RPGs flooding the mobile gaming market, Perfect World’s games manages to throw in something to the mix to create new and unique experiences for its players across Android and iOS platforms.

Perfect World: Revolution is the company’s latest MMORPG title and is a follow-up to its number 1 title, Perfect World Mobile. Perfect World: Revolution maintains all the elements of the previous installment that fans love and enjoy while providing several new enhancements to ensure a more dynamic gameplay and a more immersive experience for both new and returning players. Perfect World: Revolution is perhaps the only MMORPG presented in a vertical perspective, enabling gameplay that can be played and enjoyed using only one hand.

perfect world revolution guide

There certainly is a lot of information to pick up in Perfect World: Revolution, especially for players completely new and unfamiliar with its vast world. The tutorial is not limited to the first few minutes of your dive as new features and game modes you unlock as you progress always come with a brief guide. Additionally, the auto pathing and auto battle features really make everything convenient, even for total newbies.

Perfect World: Revolution leaves players with an abundance of activities to engage in and a variety of features to explore and manage. Going through each aspect of these activities and features will take you a step closer to growing familiar with each of them and you will always feel progress regardless of what you engage in. If you want nothing short of maximum growth and efficiency, then read on, as our Perfect World: Revolution beginner’s guide features loads of tips and tricks you need to stay ahead of the competition!

1. Choose A Class To Master

No MMORPG is complete without its own mix of different character classes for players to choose from. Perfect World: Revolution provides players a relatively robust assortment of 7 unique character classes and the best part is the promise of making it a lot easier to switch from one class to the next without having to start over. The unique feature of being able to switch between classes is indubitably an excellent feature. It certainly has some advantages as each class has its own distinct strengths and limitations.

Different challenges and different scenarios can make some character classes outperform others and as far as team quests and missions are concerned, a full party having different class of characters are more likely to perform better.

Despite its advantages, there should still be a main class in mind for progression and adventuring, in general. While some players may perform almost equally well using a variety of classes, the more typical scenario is that each one has his or her own play style and preference that is most suitable for one class.

perfect world revolution blademaster class

In relation to class choices, beginners in the MMORPG genre are expected to raise questions as to which from among the available character classes is the best. Considering everything, however, it all boils down to the same answer. There is no such thing as a best class perfect for every player given that each player has their own unique preferences and styles of play.

As such, the best choice for character class depends on the player. More specifically, what strengths and limitations of the class the player can work best with. Of course, it helps to get a good grasp of each character class’ unique traits before choosing which one to go with for the most part of the journey.

Although there are 3 different classes to choose from in Perfect World: Revolution, the only impact they have is that character classes are race specific so it is basically still choosing from among the 7 different classes. For humans, you can either go with a Blademaster or a Wizard. Blademasters are the most basic melee unit comparable to warriors and knights in conventional RPGs.

perfect world revolution wizard class

Although you may expect this class to be tanky by nature, Blademasters are actually build for offense as their stats are veered more towards attack than HP. If you prefer to excel on solo quests and engaging enemies up close, then this is a good pick for you.

Wizards are long range counterparts of Blademasters and have higher damage potential at the cost of having even lower defensive traits. While Blademasters at least have control skills to stop some enemies in their tracks, Wizards go for burst damage with hopes of eliminating threats before they have an opportunity to close in.

For the winged elf race, you can choose the Archer class or the Cleric class. Archers are ranged combat experts just like Wizards but have high mobility as well that effectively increases their survivability. Contrary to conventional attributes, Archers in Perfect World: Revolution exhibit higher than usual HP and can stand more hits than Wizards do.

perfect world revolution archer class

The Cleric is the only healer available in the world of Perfect World: Revolution. In addition to providing HP restoration to herself and her allies, Clerics also provide a variety of helpful buffs that can boost the performance of her own team. Clerics tend to have high HP amounts, making them survive longer than most classes. As one of the most coveted member of any party, the main downside to clerics is their low damage output making it more challenging for them to pursue solo quests.

The untamed race sports 3 classes to choose from: Assassins, Vulpines, and Barbarians. Assassins also excel in close range combat and are more straightforward to utilize than Blademasters. Assassins likewise excel in solo quests and can stand on their own very well but may not always be a priority choice for party memberships in team challenges.

perfect world revolution assassin class

Vulpines are likewise an important class to keep in parties. Vulpines are decent when it comes to dealing damage but their core value rests on their ability to impose negative status effects on enemies. Vulpines can also be built to survive well enough and will find it easier to accomplish solo quests than Wizards.

perfect world revolution vulpine class

Last, but not the least, are the Barbarians who are also an important party member to keep an eye on. Barbarians are sturdy melee units that serve as the tank for the party.

perfect world revolution barbarian class

Though Barbarians lag behind in terms of offense compared to Blademasters and Assassins, their high defense and HP attributes make them very difficult to kill and will always be at the front lines of team missions.

2. Prioritize Progression Through The Main Quests

Perfect World: Revolution provides a huge open world for its virtual inhabitants to explore and revel in and while the allure of discovering something new is hard to ignore, the equally colossal quest line must be adhered to as much as possible. Perfect World: Revolution has an established story that new and returning players can learn more about for a deeper appreciation of the game’s lore and its characters’ backgrounds. Beyond all that, however, the main quest line is the equivalent of a campaign or story mode in other adventures, serving as the main game mode that covers all of the basics and prepares adventurers for the rest of the challenges.

One of the most important elements in MMORPGs is EXP, which is earned for your character to reach new levels and grow stronger. Although every battle you engage in and every monster you kill gives you some EXP, the bigger chunks of it are primarily obtained from completing quest objectives.

Perfect World: Revolution makes it simple and convenient for players with varying levels of expertise to pursue available quests. As soon as you dive into the game, you can tap on the quest objective at the left side of your screen and your character will automatically move towards its completion.

Clicking on a quest objective will always take you where you need to be. Whether it is an NPC or object you need to interact with, or if the objective involves eliminating a certain number of monsters, there will hardly be any effort to accomplish the task at hand especially in the early hours of your journey.

perfect world revolution main quest

In addition to EXP, you can expect that each feat you accomplish will be rewarded with the basic resources and items you need to strengthen your character. Perfect World: Revolution provides players with a wide range of character upgrade and enhancement features and you can expect every bit of it to rely on specific resources. Although there are other sources for most of what you need, pushing forward with quests gives you all the basic needs and you will discover that you can never have too many of any resource.

Despite EXP and other items being important resources you will have a constant need for, the most important reason for you to prioritize progressing through the main quest is because reaching certain milestones on it serves as your key towards unlocking other features and dungeons.

Each feature you unlock can contribute towards raising your character’s combat power or CP and additional game modes provide more opportunities to earn additional resources. With both these considerations in mind, it is recommended to unlock as many of these extras as soon as possible.

There are no energy systems to limit just how much time you can spend traversing the realms of Perfect World: Revolution. If any, the only restrictions that would hinder your progress in the campaign are minimum level requirements and enemies that are very difficult to beat considering your current strength.

These are basically the only reasons for you to set aside pursuing a main quest objective. In any case, partaking in other game modes at this point will help you break the progress barrier. If not, there are still other means to grind and get more powerful.

3. Perform Upgrades And Enhancements On Your Gears

It is certainly an understatement to say that Perfect World: Revolution provides players an abundance of means to raise their character’s CP. Levelling your character up always results in higher CP but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Most especially on the early part of your adventure, you will experience a regular increase in your character’s CP as you unlock new features one by one and proceed to initiate various enhancements and upgrades across different aspects of your character.

 One of the most important processes you need to regularly tend to relates to the equipment you have on your character and their enhancements. There are plenty of gears and gear types to find and switching to better pieces of equipment has never been easier.

New and better equipment will always flash on your screen the moment you receive them. If you click on them within the period of time they pop up on your screen then your character will instantly equip them. If not, then you can manually equip them on your inventory, which you can access through the bag icon at the lower left side of your screen.

perfect world revolution refine

You will naturally expect that better sets of gears will always come later but you do not necessarily have to wait to grow stronger with the current set you have. Unlike traditional MMORPGs where prudence in utilizing resources is a must relative to enhancing gears you will likely replace as you make progress, Perfect World: Revolution lets you keep all the enhancement to pass on to newer gears you equip. With this in mind, you should have no hesitation to invest in upgrades as much as you can.

Perfect World: Revolution’s menu button is the cross on the lower left side of the screen. You can tap on it and choose enhance to be taken to the equipment enhancement window. Refining stands as the most basic way to up the stat bonuses of each gear. You need mirage stones for each refinement and it is a guaranteed success up to +3.

Beyond that, refinement failures can lead to a downgrade. Be sure to slide over to see the other pieces of gears you can refine. With limitations on resources, it is best to choose from among your equipment which one to prioritize for refinement. Note that each piece of gear associates itself with specific stats and some stats are definitely more important for your character based on your chosen class.

Next to refining is engraving and it is a process that further increases the stat boosts that your equipment provides. Engraving costs charms and silver coins. At certain engraving level milestones, you can further increase the stat bonuses of equipment through enchanting. Enchantment bonuses are random and are independent of one another. This option will come at a much later time in your adventure.

perfect world revolution soulstone

Each piece of gear can be customized to some extent and this is done through Perfect World: Revolution through its Soulstone feature. Gears have 3 available slots that you can latch Soulstones on. Althoughg the same type of Soulstones can be fitted on most slots, some of the slots allow a choice between different varieties of Soulstones. 3 similar Soulstones can be combined to create a higher level one and you will constantly find yourself merging them together to essentially upgrade the Soulstones on your gears.

While most types of equipment can be obtained as is, there are 2 types that you need to forge all on your own. Accessories and R4 equipment are crafted through the enhancement window as well. Various materials are necessary before you can initiate crafting and for crafting accessories, a Forger’s Stone can be used as an optional ingredient to increase the rate of securing a rare equipment.

4. Progress Through Cultivation Stages And Increase Skill Levels

Perfect World: Revolution not only provides each character with plenty of skills to utilize in combat but also provides means to further raise the potency of each one. Even if your character’s level is high enough and your gears are at a decent enough level of enhancement, you will still find difficulty completing some quests if the skills you use are below par. Upgrading skills is as important as the other enhancement activities and just like gears, it is best to raise their levels at the soonest possible time.

perfect world revolution skill upgrade

There is nothing too tedious about raising skill levels per se and as soon as it becomes available via the skill menu, there is an auto enhancement button to up each skill quickly and conveniently. What is important for you to consider, relative to skill levels, are level caps based on your progression through the cultivation stages.

We mentioned earlier that the most important set of quests to pursue are the main quests as those quests enable you to unlock various game modes and feature on top of the usual quest rewards. If nothing else, Cultivation Quests are potentially the next most important set of quests as having an increased cap for existing skill levels as well as unlocking new skills are based on the progress you make on these quests.

perfect world revolution cultivation quests

Cultivation quests are not as quick and easy as main quests and may even require you to seek help from other players. Chances are that you may find your character getting knocked out in combat within these quests, but there really is no harm in pushing for each quest’s completion.

Once you have completed the required cultivation quest, be sure to check the cultivation window via the menu on the lower left side of your screen to perform some upgrades. Relative to this, the Cultivation icon at the upper right side of the screen takes you to the cultivation run event, which grants you rewards for milestones reached relative to your cultivation stage. It is best to claim all rewards sooner than later.

5. Join A Guild And Add Friends

MMORPGs, by design, is focused largely on the multiplayer aspect of adventure more than the single player content. Of course, there is nothing to prevent any player from pursuing as many single player quests as much as they want but the end result will certainly stunt their character’s growth and progression.

You can expect Perfect World: Revolution to be equally committed to providing an expansive multiplayer experience and the starting single player quests are, in some ways, preparatory stages for when you take on the real challenges of the adventure.

perfect world revolution guild members

As you begin your journey in Perfect World: Revolution, you will constantly be able to see a lot of other players around you. Like all other MMORPGs, it would be great if you have some friends in real life to join you on your virtual adventure but if not, then there are thrills as well in trying to make new friends online. There are plenty of game modes that let you team up with random players and once the quest has ended, there will always be an option to send one another friend requests.

Beyond making friends with loads of random players, Perfect World: Revolution also has an engaging guild system that not only helps players find more friends they can consistently go on quests with, but also cooperate with in pursuit of each member’s and the guild’s goals.

If you are not yet familiar with the idea of guilds, clans, alliances, or other player groups in an online game, you can consider it as a sort of club where each member helps one another and work towards a common goal.

You can access the guild feature via the main menu icon at the lower left side of the screen. Although you have an option to start your very own guild, it is best for beginners to understand well the workings of a guild, most especially the tasks and responsibilities on the shoulders of the guild leader. For starters, it is best to join an existing guild and an active one at that. There is a quick join button feature as well allowing you to instantly join any guild.

perfect world revolution guild activity

There are numerous benefits to gain from being a member of a guild. You can check each of these benefits under the benefits tab of the guild page. There are extra quests and additional content you can only access by being a guild member.

Be sure to stay as active as possible within the guild as participation in any guild activity or event earns contributions needed to perform some upgrades on the guild. These upgrades naturally benefit every guild member, which is why it is always important to consider being in a guild as active and as dedicated as you are.

6. Do Not Rely On Auto Mode

Modern day RPGs on mobile are typically veered towards convenience for the players, especially considering the beginners in the genre. Easy enhancements and upgrades, notification markers on icons, and auto modes are just examples of these advancements and from among them, the auto mode is perhaps the top pick in terms of easing down a game’s navigation and control challenges.

Despite the convenience that auto pathing and auto battle provides, especially for beginners, we can only recommend it on easy challenges. Auto navigation is certainly something to appreciate for its convenience but as far as auto battle is concerned, it can cause more harm than help in some instances.

perfect world revolution auto mode

As a beginner, it is only natural to feel some difficulty in mastering any character’s movements and skills. To top that off, skill combinations, timing, precision, as well as defensive or evasive maneuvers all contribute towards being efficient in combat. It is easy to feel ill-equipped early on but even as a beginner, you should be confident enough and know that manual controls are always better than auto mode, most especially for important battles.

For one, auto mode in combat is all aggressive offense and none of the defense. Even if you did not pay attention to the red markers on the ground during the tutorial, it is relatively easy to surmise that these are areas where the enemy’s attack will hit. Auto mode ignores all of these red marks and will continue to pour on the assault, leaving your character open to all damage and a quick way to get knocked out.

Another point of consideration is how auto mode utilizes available skills. Auto mode will use whichever skill is available, devoid of any timing or strategy. While this tactic, or lack thereof, may work on easy battles, it will not stand a chance against tough enemy bosses, most especially in team co-op game modes.

7. Expend Attempts On Available Events

The additional game modes or dungeons in Perfect World: Revolution all fall within the events. Although you can earn valuable items and resources as you pursue the completion of quests, most especially main ones, events often provide specific resources that are not as easy to obtain anywhere else.

Events basically form part of what you should establish as a daily routine if you fully immerse yourself in Perfect World: Revolution. Each of the mechanics are simple enough, and the challenge level can be dependent on a lot of factors and not exclusively pinned on your character’s battle rating or BR.

perfect world revolution event

You can check for available events via its icon at the upper right side of the screen. The event or main events, rather, are equivalent to daily dungeons in other games. The first tab sums up all events and you can check on the next 3 tabs to prioritize what you need the most over others.

Although it may take some time to accomplish each one, it is best to make all runs as much as possible for the instant and additional rewards. Event accomplishments daily earn you activity points that unlock additional rewards at the bottom of the page.

There are plenty of challenges lined up for more experienced players starting with guild dungeons that unlock once you reach level 50. These dungeons require you to be in a team and are expectedly much tougher than the ones you partake in as a solo adventurer.

perfect world revolution auto combat

You can go through cultivation runs twice per day. You can repeat challenging a conquered level if you are not yet strong enough for the next one. Be sure to take note of the recommended BR at the upper right side of the page.

Lastly, you can earn prestige and merit through an easy idle combat of sorts hunting monsters in different regions. This is perhaps the least challenge to worry about and can easily be done all on your own but having a party for this tremendously helps.

8. Pursue Accomplishment Of Achievement Objectives

In addition to the numerous rewards you earn instantly with every enemy you eliminate as well as the rewards for completing quests and events, Perfect World: Revolution further provides you additional means to earn even more rewards. Perfect World: Revolution has an achievement system that records milestones you have reached as you progress in your adventure and grants you rewards for practically every aspect of your progression.

perfect world revolution achievement

Chances are that you will accomplish a lot of achievement objectives without even knowing each one specifically. For efficiency, however, it is best to review the actual list of achievement objectives and let them serve as your guide towards progression. You can view achievement objectives via the main menu at the lower left side of the screen.

Perfect World: Revolution certainly holds more in store for players but for now, this is where we conclude our Perfect World: Revolution beginner’s guide. We certainly hope that the simple tips and strategies we mentioned in our guide will cause for a more efficient performance on your adventures moving forward. If you have already started your journey in Perfect World: Revolution and want to share some of your personal discoveries, do not hesitate to let us know about them in the comment area!