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The .io genre has definitely kept a good hold of the gaming market with its tested and proven formula that attracts and retains fans of all shapes and sizes. DigiArt, the developer behind unique mobile games such as Ball vs Hole, Fall Ball: Addictive Falling, and Super Brains: Draw it, recently released exclusively for iOS devices. Much like any other .io game, offers quick and easy access, very quick and fun matches, as well as addictive and highly competitive gameplay where everyone can practically just jump in and enjoy. Though there are several .io games available on various web pages as well as on mobile devices, the simple and unique fun that offers can get you hooked into it and keep you coming back for more. If you are looking for quick fun matches that you can enjoy on your own or with some friends, then is definitely a game worth checking out.

In, you initially take control of a generic-looking character and thrown into a small battle royal arena against other online players following simple rules: every person for himself, and last man standing wins. You walk around and try to grab an opponent and throw them out but at the same time, also watch your back as others will also want to do the same to you. To win means to be the last person standing and each win will unlock a new character for you to play as. Characters are much like skins and don’t really offer any added boosts whatsoever. It simply adds uniqueness and some are pretty funny to look at and play as. lets you dive in on the action quickly and throws you into the ring without much tutorial but considering the game’s simplicity, there isn’t really much need for one Controls are as easy as quick swipes and quick taps and if the characters’ movements seem laggy or sloppy, it’s how they were designed for the added hilarity. There really isn’t much to discuss as far as advanced strategies and tactics are concerned. However, we will provide you some basic tips, cheats strategies that you can definitely use to earn more wins as you topple every opponent out of the ring one match after another. So without further ado, let’s move on to our tips, cheats and strategies!

1. Find The Best Method To Move Your Character Effectively

All characters in the ring are constantly moving and there are different ways for you to influence how your character moves. You can swipe in the general direction you want your character to go to, you can tap and hold the screen of your device and navigate as if there is a virtual directional pad, or you can make quick taps to adjust and switch directions as needed.

Swiping may take a lot less effort as far as movement is concerned but may require more effort if you want more mobility. It may also become a challenge when your personal space becomes a little too crowded as you may switch from swiping and tapping to hit, grab, lift, and throw an opponent off the ring. This style practically suits you if you prefer being a little less agile and want to concentrate on smash-tapping in an encounter. cheats

Tapping and holding an area of the screen where you move one finger around requires you to use two hands for the quick taps. It’s an agile enough play style but may be a little more difficult to master as the ring practically covers the whole screen and your tap and hold finger may block your view of some opponents.

Lastly, quick tapping all the way may be easy and you can play it effectively enough with one hand. This method offers the best mobility as you can switch directions more freely. The difficulty lies when you tap too much and throw the opponent way ahead of time and miss your mark.

In any case, there will certainly be a control method that suits your preferences and play style so it’s good to give each a try and find out for yourself which one works best for you.

2. Identifying Predators And Prey

It’s a pretty chaotic rumble but once the match starts, you can take a quick observation of the players around you and determine which ones seem to know what they are doing and which ones seem to move randomly. Most especially, keep an eye out for players moving towards you. The best thing to do is to avoid direct confrontation and target those players who seem the most vulnerable while being outside of an arm’s length from those following you. As players grow bigger and stronger whenever they eliminate another player, be sure you are big enough to take on your target. tips

It’s okay to play more defensively during the first few seconds and then approach more strategically as the number of players dwindles. If it’s down to you and another strong opponent, that’s where you exhaust strategies and mad tapping skills to be the last man standing. For starters, don’t be predictable and run in different directions away and launch a surprise attack when least expected. Contending with a bigger opponent will be tough but there will always be a possible chance to win the match.

3. Being Hit And Grabbed Isn’t The End Of It

You might start to panic when you see your character being lifted off the ground and be seemingly on its way outside the ring. You can still recover from this though by quickly tapping on the screen and be back on your feet again to re-join the skirmish. You can even use this to your advantage and quickly smack and lift an unsuspecting opponent nearby. From a defensive standpoint, though, you may want to keep a close eye on that guy who attempted to throw you out and plan on exacting vengeance by taking him out by surprise. guide

On the other hand, you should also avoid letting the opponents you lift escape your grasp. Each attempt to grab, therefore, should be made at a spot where you can quickly throw them out of the ring without putting yourself in imminent danger as well. You should always assume that everyone can escape your lift quickly and throw them out before they even have time to struggle. If you are too far from the edge to be certain that you can successfully throw them out, then take a couple of steps before you do. Just the same, be sure to always watch your back as some opponents way grab you almost as instantly as you attempt to throw another player out.

4. There’s No Need To Be At The Edge Of The Ring

You may initially think that you need to be at the edge of the arena to successfully throw another player out of it but even at the start of the match, you can be several steps away from the edge to successfully toss someone off bounds. It may take a little practice and calculation but once you get a hold of it you will be able to instantly identify whenever you are at a good enough spot to make a successful ring out. Keep in mind as well that each growth in size results in an increased throw distance so if you have a lot of successful kills in a match, you may soon reach a point where you can just toss someone out from practically the center of the arena. tricks

As arenas are randomly generated as well, be sure to take not of some unique shapes making some sides or corners be a lot shorter than others from the center. Likewise, you also have to master directional controls before actually throwing as its impact would be based on which direction you will be throwing depending on the circumstances.

Defensively, there’s really no point in hanging around the edges of any arena unless you are certain that you cannot be struck and picked up by any opponent. As bad as it may sound, if you do get picked up near the edge of an arena, it’s practically game over for you. More strategically therefore stay a little close to the center when you feel that you may be grabbed soon and move outwards a bit if you are on the offensive.

5. Hang On The Edges

Holding on to dear life at the edge of the arena is not an option open to everyone thrown out of the playing field. You can only hang on the rails or edges if you were thrown on it or around an arm’s reach to it. In any case, if you failed to escape a grapple and are currently flying off to the edges of the ring, you can smash tap and if you are considerably close to the edge, you will successfully cling on. Quickly tap the screen successively to hoist yourself back into the ring and back into battle.

Like failed throw attempts, this is also what you would want to avoid if you are the one who threw someone off but nicked distance calculation just a bit and wound up with a now vengeful opponent who may be seeking vengeance. Like any throw-related strategy, calculations are important so try as much as possible to be on the right spot to make successful escape-free throws on the offensive, and be on the area where you have ample time to escape when you are grabbed far from the edge of the ring.

And this wraps up our tips, cheats and strategies. We hope you’ve enjoyed this set of tips and if you know any other hints, that we haven’t mentioned in the article, feel free to let us know in the comment area below!