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Cat Runner Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Earn Coins Faster and Unlock New Characters

Mobile game developer Ivy, which started being active on the Google Play Store just in 2017, has launched several successful titles that earned millions of downloads as well as landed on top 100 lists in more than 10 countries worldwide. With popular games like Street Racing 3D, Galaxy Sky Shooting, and Jewel Crush, Ivy has continued to captivate players of all ages with Cat Runner, one of its first releases on Android. Although endless runner games have flooded the mobile gaming market, the unique twists and mechanics surrounding the home decorating feature of Cat Runner makes the game more than any other endless runner game. If you’re into endless runner games, home decorations, or both and enjoy having different characters to play as you break records and reach new lengths, then be sure to give Cat Runner a try.

You start off as a happy cat who wants to be reunited with his childhood buddies as he moves into a new city and tries to make a new home for himself. As you move in to a seemingly dilapidated apartment, you need to start fixing stuff to make it all look good as new and with every bit of repair and decoration costing money; you need to run around town to gather coins that you will use to make repairs to your new home. As you fix every corner and every bit of furniture in your apartment one room after another, you get reunited with a buddy that can help you in earning more coins. You can also use earned coins for boosting each character’s stats or even purchase some characters.

While it does take some good reflexes to get far on each run, there’s practically unlimited continues for as long as you are willing to watch some quick video ads. As you fix more and more parts of the apartment, you get multiplier bonuses which make earning coins a lot easier but then repair costs grow too. Just the same, progress is relatively fast even for the most casual of gamers and switching from running to home remodelling takes all the endless runner genre monotony away as you unlock more rooms and more characters in the game.

Cat Runner provides a hands-on tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know while running as well as the things you need to do when it comes to decorating. Like any conventional endless runner games, it follows the left and right swipe to switch lanes coupled with jumping and sliding. It’s a pretty simple interface that even new mobile gamers will grow accustomed to in a matter of minutes and you can practically manage the runs on one hand.

Don’t let the animation style and cute kiddie characters fool you though, as the stages comparatively become more challenging than most endless runners the farther you go. As there are tons of characters to unlock on top of all the room fixing and decorating, you can follow our Cat Runner guide, including tips, cheats and strategies, and discover the most efficient ways of earning and spending currencies to progress faster in the game.

1. Prioritize Room Upgrades For Character Unlocks

As doing runs one after another may become quite addictive considering that you may possibly beat your former high score with every succeeding run on the first few attempts, you should save all that running for later when doing so can earn you so much more points. Considering that each item in the room that you fix and decorate results in an increased multiplier that directly helps you obtain more points and be a step closer to unlocking a new character, what you would want to do is to spend your coins primarily for those repairs and go back to running once you need more coins for other repairs.

Following this method is the most efficient way of earning coins as well as hoarding points as running with a higher multiplier will take less times as many runs than when you start running continuously with a lower multiplier. With regard to earning more coins, which is the more important aspect especially for beginners, unlocking characters that have much better starting stats is the best way to go. As such, you should always take note of how much the next repair cost amounts to and how many coins you need so you will immediately know when you need to stop running again.

cat runner cheats

Once you complete all the repairs and decorations in one room, you can move on to the next one and each completed room unlocks a new character with much better stats. Although every character does not have any advantage from the get-go, the difference in effectiveness lies when they acquire power-ups while running since stats extend the effective time of power-ups which ultimately leads to gaining more coins and garnering higher scores.

Perhaps the more challenging part of doing repairs and decorations happen when the costs amount to diamonds which are more difficult to earn. In any case, if you are situated as such, you can always continue doing runs to earn more coins to unlock one of the special characters and earn diamonds too.

2. Look Far Ahead When You Run

It’s a common strategy in endless runner games to keep your eyes ahead as far as you can see instead of actually watching your running character. As the game requires quick and skilful maneuvers most of the time, keeping your eyes ahead and knowing what’s coming can give you a little more time to decide which lane to go or whether to jump or slide. Doing so while not looking directly at your character may become a bit of a challenge for beginners, but anyone can get used to it in just a short span of time.

Your goal for each run is to naturally grab as many coins as you can to pay for those much needed repairs, but if the path with more coins becomes a little too challenging, remember that staying running can eventually earn you more coins. Beyond coins, power-ups an diamonds are also important and you must exert effort to nab them when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

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There’s actually not that much pressure to have exceptionally great skills in doing actual runs. Unlike in most endless runner games where reviving your character from a fall or knock-out requires using coins or other currencies and resources, Cat Runner gives you an option to watch short video ads to revive your character. Although there are unlimited number of times you can watch ads for free revives, you should still polish up on your dodging and evasion skills as the longer each run goes, the more difficult it becomes and relying on revives may very well put you down faster and faster as you go further.

3. Always Try To Go Back To The Middle Lane

From the starting line of each run, you will always have a good, semi-clear path towards nabbing coins easy, and will typically be able to freely choose two lanes that are passable. A little later on, though, you will encounter instances where only one lane can be passable and switching lanes will have to happen a lot faster and a lot more often.

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What would make the run more difficult is when the clear lane is on the left and then suddenly shifts to the right. Although the controls in Cat Runner are responsive enough and you may have fast enough reflexes, this becomes a lot more challenging the more often it happens and the longer you run.

As such, if there are no coins or diamonds or power-ups to be gained from either left or right lane anyway, you might as well swipe back to the middle lane whenever you can. If you make this a habit, most especially if you can do this quickly after nabbing something from either lanes on the side, then being at the middle lane gives you faster acces to either lane in the event that one of them becomes the only passable lane.

4. Upgrade Character Stats When It’s Free

Upgrading your character’s stats in Cat Runner is important since it extends the effective time of power-ups in the game. As you primarily need to save your coins and diamonds for doing repairs and unlocking other characters with much better starting stats, you might as well save for those things first. Fortunately enough, you can also occasionally do upgrades for free if you watch some video ads to save you the cost of the upgrades. Over time, costs may become free as well so don’t waste away coins, more so diamonds, on stat upgrades especially for the earlier characters.

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Although characters that you need to unlock by spending coins or diamonds may take a long while for you to obtain, these characters start up with much better starting stats than most free characters can even hope to possibly achieve so a huge amount of patience and control is somewhat required for you to hold on to your currencies and save them for later.

5. Accomplish Milestones For Diamonds

There’s a fair chance to nab a few diamonds with each run and then there are also opportunities to acquire more from daily login rewards but completing milestones can further boost the rate of speed at which you earn diamonds. You can see the list of objectives by tapping on the Home Icon at the upper left of your screen and then the Achievement (Trophy) Icon. While a lot of the achievements listed may require some time and some mad skills to achieve, some are rather easy to attain.

cat runner achievements

Scroll through the list of tasks to accomplish and try to focus on one goal at a time. Reaching a certain amount of points in one run definitely only requires patience with ads and some time since you can always revive for free and continue on earning points. If you have unlocked some rooms and have done a lot of repairs before you aim for these types of achievements, it will be a lot easier. Perhaps the most challenging set of achievements you have to face relate to winning athletics races as it involves competing with random players online and winning against random opponents can be a real challenge.

6. Claim All Other Available Rewards To Boost Earnings

On top of everything we have mentioned above, there are still numerous rewards and freebies you can nab to boost earning coins and diamonds while playing Cat Runner. There’s a box icon on the left side of the screen that can reward you with coins and diamonds. On the upper right side of your screen, there are rewards you can claim from time to time as well as 8 chances daily to watch videos for an easy 500 coins each.

As fully concentrating on every run may tire you out. You can actually just intentionally lose early on a round and watch a short video ad for a quick and easy 500 coins as well. It may actually be a real challenge to get more than that on a regular run without getting K.O.’ed along the way so if you really want to earn coins faster, you might as well dedicate some time to rest your hand and just take a fast dive in some runs.

cat runner rewards

Lastly on the upper left Home Icon where you have to sign in daily for some rewards, be sure to choose to watch those short video ads to instantly double the rewards that you will receive most especially if the login rewards are diamonds or the day 7 Super Box.

And this ends our compilation of Cat Runner tips, cheats and strategies. We hope you learned a lot from the tips and strategies we shared in the article and that you enjoyed reading it as well. While there seem to be regular updates on the game we are certain that there will be more to come to this game but as far as strategies and coin earning and farming goes, following the above-mentioned guide will most likely still work for new updates. If there are tips and strategies that you have discovered which you feel should form part of our Cat Runner guide, be sure to let us know through the comment section below!