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One More Jump Tips, Tricks & Cheats: 5 Hints Every Player Should Know

SMG Studio has released a new title for all the mobile gamers out there called One More Jump. The game is all about jumping between platforms using power ups, patience and skill. This is an arcade platformer, which comes with 60+ hand crafted levels, with new levels being added each month. The game features a daily endless mode, and you can customize your character with unlockable themes and avatars.

Now that you know what to expect from the game, here’s how you can improve your score and compete for daily leaderboard glory! Join us as we now bring you our list of One More Jump tips, tricks and hints, all of them designed to help you have more success in the game.

1. The Choice Is Yours – Focus On The Goal Or Start With The Gems

Whichever you prefer, it is doable in any case. You can either start out by focusing on your goal, or wait it out, get all of the three gems per level, then focus on the goal afterwards. And if you prefer the second method, it’s fairly easy to pull it off. Just leap over the goal and time it in such a way that you land on the platform on the opposite side. And as you try to collect the gems, tweak things around and change your jump’s timing so you have a better chance at getting the gems. You can then go back to your goal and shoot for it once you’ve collected all three gems in the level.

2. Watch Videos To Get More Gems

While it’s a good idea to try the second method above if you’re loading up on gems, you can also earn more by going to the character select screen, hitting on “Earn,” and watching an ad video. Watch that video – these usually last no more than 30 seconds – and once you’re done, you will be rewarded with five gems. Keep on watching as many videos as needed to collect more gems; as it seems, the game keeps on serving up video offers, with no limit.

3. Challenges Can Be Played In Any Order

One More Jump’s challenges are not laid out in a linear fashion. That means you can play them in any order, and not necessarily stage 2 after stage 1, stage 3 after stage 2, and so on. Of course, you’ll need to have an entire challenge pack unlocked, but if you do, you can skip from one challenge to the next. Take advantage of this by trying the harder challenges early on so you can get some good practice. Or try playing the challenges in reverse order, starting with the hardest, then ending up with the easiest.

4. Unlock Endless Mode, Here’s How

Unlocking endless mode is one of the key objectives you’ll have in the game, and you can do this by completing the game’s first 12 challenges. With that, you will unlock both endless mode, as well as a fresh set of challenges for you to try out. In endless mode, the stage layout will always be the same, with a new stage created once the next day starts. You can view your score and compare it to the rest of the world by checking Game Center (for iPhone and iPad gamers), which has separate leaderboards per level for the past two weeks you have played.

5. Flip Your Phone’s Orientation If Portrait Mode Is Too Hard

By default, all of the levels are played in portrait mode. But you can put your phone in landscape mode instead, thus allowing you to view your character jumping vertically, and not horizontally. That works for those who prefer the jumping actions to look more natural, but we recommend trying both orientations and sticking to the one that suits you the best. Who knows? Portrait mode just might be right up your alley after all.

These would be our tips and tricks for SMG Studio’s arcade platformer, One More Jump. If you know other hints for the game, that we haven’t mentioned in this guide, please let us know in the comment section!