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KSI Unleashed Tips, Cheats & Guide: How to Complete More Levels

KSI Unleashed is an immersive new mobile game by Good Catch that allows you to play as the rapper KSI, also known as the YouTuber called KSIOlajideBT. KSI is billed as the “one man who can save the day” in a world that’s filled with evil Illuminati minions, epic battles, and deadly battles. You can collect hundreds of different weapons, ranging from the Rubber Duck to the Princess Sparkle Purge Stick, go through 20 levels in the game’s story mode, and take part in “intense” boss fight, doing so in the inimitable KSI Style. There’s also a Fever Mode-equivalent in here called Beast Mode, which allows you to crush the enemies, save the world, and get free chicken.

By all accounts, this is a fun and wacky game that isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. But you may also be taking it seriously enough that you’re actively chasing for those high scores or trying to complete more levels. If that’s the case, then we recommend you to check out our KSI Unleashed tips and tricks below. They’re there to help you save the world from the Illuminati, so read on!

1. What’s The Deal With The Chicken?

You may have noticed the use of the term “chicken” in the game overview above. Chicken happens to be the game’s energy unit, and you can use one chicken per playthrough of a level. If you end up losing all of your chicken, you won’t be able to play for the next couple hours, and we know that that isn’t a very kosher situation for many players, even if the chicken/lives/energy does replenish in time.

2. Use The Time Lapse Cheat For More Chicken

We don’t mention the time lapse cheat too often, as a lot of games and game makers appear to be cracking down on this workaround. But at the moment, you can use the time lapse cheat in KSI Unleashed. Simply go to your phone or tablet’s settings, and set your time ahead by approximately ten minutes per chicken. Once you’ve done the time lapse, you can go back to the game and play with all of your chickens available for you to use.

3. Don’t Use Your Weapons Unless Necessary

As the weapons in the game only last for so long, you shouldn’t use them to polish off enemies, or use them in a situation that is otherwise winnable without the weapons. Melee weapons, for instance, are best saved for faster hitting characters, including the more difficult bosses to beat in the game. You also have the projectiles, which should only be fired when you’re up against other projectile shooters.

4. You Can Skip Missions By Watching Videos

The game comes with a lot of missions that can allow you to earn extra currency once you complete them. But all you have to do is to watch a video if you want to skip those missions — in fact, ALL of the missions in question can be skipped by watching a video. Hit the forward arrow button in order to skip, and launch the video – wait about 30 seconds or so for the video to complete, and you will be earning 100 units of currency automatically, with no effort aside from hitting the skip button.

5. How To Defeat Hordes Of Enemies

Having difficulty dealing with those huge crowds of Illuminati minions? You can take care of them by circling around them, luring them to follow your lead. Once you’ve lured the enemies and crowded them all together in one bunch, attack them in such a way that you’re able to hit all of them at the same time. That’s where you can string together combo attacks simultaneously, so that way, no one survives and you don’t have to worry about remaining minions sneaking up on you.

6. Redeem More Bonuses Through Mega Deals

If you want more currency and more weapons, it’s as simple as going to the weapon shop and hitting the Mega Deals button. That will allow you to watch more ad videos, and this time, you can earn more than 100 units of currency by watching similarly short ads. Liking the game on Facebook and following it on Twitter can also help you add to your currency totals. Additionally, you can use Mega Deals to claim free, non-monetary gifts.

As for using the currency, we would advise you to use it on buying weapon boxes – that will allow you to unlock more weapons, and with more weapons comes more potential success against the enemy.