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OK KO! Lakewood Plaza Turbo Tips, Tricks & Guide to Defeat Lord Boxman

OK KO! Lakewood Plaza Turbo is a new game from Turner Broadcasting System, and it is an official Cartoon Network product for the iPhone and iPad. You will be fighting off the evil Lord Boxman, who will do anything to destroy Lakewood Plaza. And as you seek to save Lakewood Plaza from Lord Boxman, you’ll be learning new fighting moves and special attacks, and using different items to fight him and his minions off. You’ll also get to interact with other Lakewood Plaza mainstays, such as Radicles and Enid, while your mom, Carol, will be the one teaching you your fighting moves. The game also promises hidden secrets that will be uncovered along the way while fighting against Lord Boxman and his robots.

While this game comes to us from a leading television network, it remains comparatively casual to the usual mobile fare we’ve been covering. Still, you’ll face some challenges along the way, and you might not know what to do, especially if you’re new to the game. So join us as we bring you our OK KO! Lakewood Plaza Turbo tips and tricks, which we believe could be pretty useful for beginner players.

1. Keep On Punching For More Coins

Sounds strange, but that’s what you can do in the game if you need more coins because you’ve used them to purchase a few items. That means running around Lakewood Plaza and the forest, and punching any and all items that you see. It may be something as insignificant as a trash can, but it will release coins when you hit it, just like any other item you see. Moving to a new area regenerates the items, which should allow you to effectively farm for coins when you’re all fresh out.

2. Follow The Quests

We probably don’t need to elaborate on this, given how often we offer this advice to players of games that have quests. But if there’s any situation where you don’t know what to do next, you should always do what we do when in doubt – follow the quests. Quests also earn you new objects and heart pieces; the former would help in reopening the strip mall, while the latter allows you to take more damage

3. You Can Cancel Current Quests

Overwhelmed with quests because you’ve got too many to take care of? You can cancel an ongoing quest by pausing the game and clicking on Abort. You’ll normally want to do this later on in the game, when you’ve got more options and may want to continue a certain quest some other time.

4. But What If There Aren’t Any Quests?

You will, at some point, run out of quests to complete for the meantime, but don’t fret if that ever happens. Simply head to the plaza and communicate with your allies. They’ll have some more quests for you, and in most cases, they’ll ask you to bring back a certain object, or objects. Doing so will reopen their store, and as you keep on doing that, you’ll come closer to reopening Lakewood Plaza’s entire strip mall.

5. About Learning New Moves And Using New Items

Go to the KO menu and you’ll be given an overview of the different types of attacks that are available to you. As for items, you can go to the items menu to see what’s available to use. Lastly, the map menu will tell you just where you are exactly in the in-game world, and probably where to go to next if you’re not sure where.

And this is the end of our quick guide for OK KO! Lakewood Plaza Turbo. In case you know other tips and tricks for the game, that we haven’t included in this guide, don’t hesitate to share them with us!