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Dot Empires Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Hints You Need to Know

Dot Empire is an immersive hybrid mobile game developed by Heng Xue that combines strategy and RPG styles. According to the developer, it’s the “best strategy game of 2015” where you can build up your own Town Hall, and expand your kingdom to become the greatest out there. You’ll also need to be on guard for other players while you upgrade your heroes’ active and passive skills. Moreover, there’s a guild system, several dungeons and game modes, and daily and weekly rewards.

In short, this is another one of those games that are similar in nature to Clash of Clans, but ultimately different thanks to a numerous small details that you can find while playing the game. And regardless whether you choose to join the Alliance or the Tribes faction (the two available in the game), we hope this Dot Empire strategy guide will tell you everything you need to know.

1. Always Follow The Path Of The Main Quest

Any time that you’re in doubt of what to do to move forward in the game, hit the Main Quest button on the left side of your screen. This will display your quest progression, which essentially helps you in keeping your base updated. The quests can also ensure that your heroes and troops remain up to speed and ready for any battle that comes your way. But other than that, completing quests also allows you to earn some nice rewards for completion.

2. Take Advantage Of Your Daily Hero Summon

Dot Empires allows you to summon one free hero per day. In order to make sure you don’t miss out on this option, turn on your notifications so that the game will inform you any time you can summon a new hero for free. It’s very important to summon one free hero a day, as you may end up with quite the formidable army. Now you can also summon a hero with your runes, but as it costs about 200 runes per summon, this is something you might not want to do all the time.

3. Go For Three Stars On All Levels

Each level in Dot Empires can be completed with a rating of one to three stars. Obviously, you want to go for three stars whenever possible; this can be done by destroying ALL the buildings and units. While this normally happens in the natural progression of the game, you should also take good care and not allow any hero in your army die in battle.

4. Upgrade The Hero Skills

If your heroes have already been leveled up sufficiently, you can give the event dungeons a go for yourself. Killing enemies would sometimes cause them to drop Skill Experience books. You can then use these books to enhance the skills of your heroes, thus making them significantly more powerful when in the actual player vs player battles.

5. Use Hero Skills When Fully Charged

Pay close attention to the skills of your heroes. If they’re fully charged, then by all means, go ahead and use them. Using your hero skills at the right time could turn the tide in battle, and also allow you to quickly take out an enemy base, leaving no stone unturned if you use those skills the right way.

6. Outfit All Equipment Slots

Your heroes have three equipment slots, namely Weapon, Armor, and Accessory. In as much as possible, have all of those three slots filled, and fill them up with some good equipment. Chapter chests and levels are great sources of new equipment, though you will first want to see what each type of equipment does for your heroes before actually equipping them.

7. Your Troops Are Also Important, So Train Them

While your heroes are your bread and butter, boasting impressive powers that overshadow those of your troops, these heroes cannot do it by themselves. That means you shouldn’t overlook your troops; make sure you have more than enough of them, and that you deploy them the right way. For example, you’ll need your Head Hunters for ranged attacks, while your Guards serve as your tanks, taking in damage so that your heroes don’t bear the brunt of it.