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NHL SuperCard Tips, Cheats & Strategies: How to Win More Card Battles

Earlier this week, the 2015-16 NHL season kicked off, and there hasn’t been a better time for 2K Sports to release NHL SuperCard for Android and iOS. Like the company’s previous games WWE SuperCard and MyNBA2K16, this is a card battler rather than an actual sports simulation, and it features active players as well as legends from the past. The mechanics are also similar – you collect cards of different NHL players, with rare ones being stronger than the commons, and challenge other players from all over the world as you boost your win-loss record and collect better, rarer cards. There are several modes that you can choose from, and several ways for you to make your “players” better.

Looking for that edge against your opponents in this brand-new game? Join us as we bring you some useful NHL SuperCard tips, tricks and strategies for success.

1. Player Position Is Important

As we told you in our list of MyNBA2K16 tips and tricks, you should match your players with their preferred position. Doing this means you won’t incur any statistical penalty when playing Quick Games or see your players lose too much energy in Season mode. There is an exception to this rule, though, and that’s when you’ve got more than a few rare cards; even if they play out of position, they could still beat cards of lesser rarity. For instance, Ultra Rares played out of position will still beat out Super Rares in the right position in most cases.

2. If You Don’t Like How The Game Is Going, Quit It

This is a cheat that works on MyNBA2K16, and it does as well on NHL SuperCard. If you’re sure to lose a matchup, you can force-quit the game and restart it, without the game counting against your win-loss record. But once again, there really is no reason for you to do this, as there’s no bonus for undefeated players in Quick Games. But a formidable W-L record, preferably a clean slate with no losses, sure looks good and makes you look like someone to be reckoned with.

3. Try To Win All Matchups

Winning in NHL SuperCard can come in two forms. But what you want to do here is to win all three card matchups, which will give you three card picks instead of the standard two. So how can you have a better chance of winning?

4. Don’t Play The Best Card First

We don’t always recommend playing your best cards first, because there’s a chance your opponent will do the same and beat you in the end. What you can try instead is to play your second-best card, followed by your best card. That way, it won’t hurt as much against you if you lose in the first round, and you’d have a good chance of winning the second.

5. Choose The Right Opponents

You should also choose wisely when picking opponents. Rarity tier matters a lot, same with the number of games they’ve played. With that in mind, pick those players who are in a lower tier than you are, and/or those who haven’t played too many games. Those who have played less games won’t have too many cards, which means only a small chance that they’ve got some rares, or have sufficiently upgraded their players.

6. Prioritize The Goalie Position

Just like in real-life NHL, the goalkeeper is one of the most important, if not the most important member of your team. As goalies get paired with other players in certain occasions, you’ll need a good one to ensure yourself of an impressive W-L record. And that should mean leveling up GKs before others, and play poor GKs with your worst card so that you have a better chance of winning the rest of the matchups.

7. What Should You Do If You’Ve Got Two Identical Player Cards?

If you’ve got two identical players, you can combine them to create a PRO card. Such a card has a better value and better stats, and can be upgraded further than a standard one. But you should only combine two identical cards when both are maxed out. Doing so anytime sooner means you won’t be harnessing their full potential, and it also means you may be facing opponents with maxed-out cards that could easily trump yours. Be patient and don’t jump the gun right away – there is a time and place to combine those identical player cards.

8. Only Train Cards If You’ve Reached The Limit

The limit we’re referring to is the number of cards you can collect – 2K Sports limits this count to a hundred tops. Wait till you’ve collected 100 before you upgrade the cards you have. That gives you a chance to see which cards are the best, therefore the ones that you should upgrade first. And if you find two identical player cards, you can do as we said above and combine them, provided they’ve reached their maximum level.

9. Play In Season Mode

Season Plays are one of the most reliable ways for you to win rare cards or better. Play the game often and make sure your starting players have enough energy; you should also have a good bench so you can shuffle your players around accordingly. Usually, it’s recommended to change players every two to three games, and have six Energy Cards or more at the start of the season. Follow the above suggestions and you’ll have a better chance of winning those rares in Season mode.

10. Better Tier Means Better Rewards

Lastly, you’ll want to pay close attention to your Team Tier, as the higher it is, the better the chances would be of winning better rewards. You should try to keep the meter in the upper side, which would make you one of the most formidable players in your tier. If the meter is in the lower side, that means you’ll likely be facing opponents with better cards, and may end up losing a lot. Just keep improving your deck, training your players, and enhancing them and you’ll see that meter go up before you know it.