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Need for Speed No Limits Guide & Cheats: 4 Tips Every Player Should Know

Electronic Arts’ Need for Speed No Limits is the well-known game maker’s mobile entry in the iconic Need for Speed series, and as we said in our first set of tips, the game does come with a lot of features found on previous NFS titles for PC and console. You’ll get to collect cars, upgrade them, and keep winning races with the right strategy, the right upgrades, and the right opponents. And yes, it can be quite a tall order to have some success in the races early on in the game, even if you’ve played several Need for Speed titles on your desktop, laptop, or gaming console.

Fortunately, we’ve seen the need – not for speed, but for more Need for Speed No Limits tips and tricks. Follow these tips as well as the ones we shared last time and you may be smoking the competition before you knows it.

1. Upgrade Your Starter Car

Just as EA does in some other mobile titles, Need for Speed No Limits will kick things off for you with a starter vehicle. That’s the Subaru BRZ, which doesn’t really sound like an intimidating ride, and even in your class, it’s pretty much in the bottom of the barrel, easily outdone by the Ford Fiesta, Toyota 86,and Volkswagen Golf GTI. Make sure you upgrade the BRZ as you’ll be using this car for quite some time.

2. Be Smart When Upgrading And Managing Your Parts

When time comes for you to upgrade your cars, you shouldn’t upgrade parts arbitrarily. You need to do some cherry-picking here, and only upgrade the parts that you need to beat more opponents. And you also should save your currencies – your cash and your gold – as well as your visual points, using them mainly for more impactful parts later in the game. Also take note that you can upgrade common parts twice, uncommon parts thrice, and so on based on the rarity of the parts, and that you can transfer parts from car to car, as long as they’re compatible.

3. Save On Gold For More Gas

Gas is your energy limitation in Need for Speed No Limits, and once you’re out of gas, you’ll need to wait before your tank fills up again. This would happen when you level up, for the most part. But if you’ve been wise in saving your gold, which is the game’s premium currency, you can fill up your tank in case of emergencies – just don’t spend too much of your gold on gas, as there are far more important things you can use it for.

4. Differentiating The Crates

We’ve already covered crates in our first series of Need for Speed No Limits tips and tricks, but to properly explain what you can expect, the Classic Crates are the ones you shouldn’t look forward to too much. You get them every ten minutes, and typically you’ll be getting some common or uncommon parts, or car blueprints; once in a while, though, you’ll win a rare part or two. The Premium Crates, on the other hand, come once in a while as free rewards, and can be purchased with your gold; these contain uncommon and rare parts, plus significantly more blueprints than what you can expect from the Classic Crates.