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Need for Speed No Limits Tips & Tricks: How to Unlock All Cars

We’ve already given you some general tips and tricks in our last Need for Speed No Limits (iOS, Android) strategy guide, but there’s more to the game than just following our general tips to win races and unlock more cars than you normally would. You may, after all, want to unlock all the cars, and that’s something anyone would be proud of if they’re able to pull off. There are some honest ways to do it, one that doesn’t involve the use of any hacks that may end up compromising both your game and your device. Our list of Need for Speed No Limits tips and tricks are just what you need to follow if you want to unlock all the cars without having to resort to any funny business.

1. Buy Them With Real Money

Well, we don’t normally suggest to gamers that they should pay real cash at any in-app store; if you can do it for free, then why not? But if you have some spare cash on you, and sometimes you just might, then it wouldn’t hurt to buy a blueprint or two from the in-app store. Of course, the best time to do this is when a car is available at a discounted price as part of a limited time offer.

2. Unlock The Crates

As you play Need for Speed No Limits and complete (and win) more races, you’ll get some free crates along the way. Sometimes, and we repeat sometimes, they may contain some blueprints inside, all free of charge. The more blueprints you find in these crates, and the more crates you open, the faster you’ll be able to complete your car collection.

3. Complete Special Events

If you’re able to complete a Special Event, you’ll be rewarded with a new car, or maybe given some freebies that will help you in unlocking more vehicles – and that’s not as bad a consolation as you may think.

4. Go Shopping In The Black Market

The Black Market is a great place to buy blueprints, and you can either spend real money or NFS No Limits’ premium currency. Pricing is quite competitive, and you’ll have a better chance of scoring a sweet deal if you play the game regularly every day.

5. Tap On The Cars You Want While At The Garage

When you’re at the garage, you can tap on any car that you haven’t unlocked yet, as that would tell you everything you need to do and where you need to go to find the blueprints. And that’s where one of the tips we told you in our first NFS No Limits strategy guide would come in – that tip where we told you to keep replaying specific stages. Just grind those stages as often as possible and you’ll get all the blueprints you need to unlock the car. It may seem tedious at times, but if you’re patient enough, you can eventually unlock all the cars in Need for Speed No Limits.


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How to trade your cars that you don't need


Saturday 3rd of December 2016

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